The Castle Project


Eagle-Research, in cooperation with Being Unlimited , are in the initial concept stage of creating a world class energy center. The idea for the facility has percolated, separately, in each of the founders heart’s for many years. Now, with the power of their joint enthusiasm The Castle has begun to take shape.

THE VISION . . . a work in progress
We imagine a facility that will, as its primary focus, promote principle-centred living within the framework of interdependence of all life on Earth. People will come from all over the world to explore and experience and hone their personal genius. Sculptors; inventors; musicians; healers; architects; fitness experts; culinary artists; writers; designers; engineers; horticulturists; painters; feng shui practitioners; blacksmiths; animators; colour therapists; yoga masters; philosophers . . . will grace The Castle’s presence. Together, each will contribute to process-oriented, solution-driven answers to the world’s most complex problems and, have a great time doing it.

Mentoring programs; public workshops in wishful inking (yes ‘inking), ethical economics, prosperity programming, Self-development, peaceful conflict resolution . . . ; community outreach projects; and roundtable think tanks will round out and ground the creative energy into practical applications.

We can imagine that from where some people sit (on their ‘buts’) that the seeds of our dream sound unrealistically utopian. On the contrary, we are setting out to do what any awakening being does – when it intends to act as if what it does, makes a difference. Ghandi’s words illustrate well: Be the change you want to see the world.

We intend nonprofit, higher education, spiritual status.

At this time, we anticipate a 12 day series of opening events to take place in the autumn of the year of opening.

THE WISH LIST . . . in the making (for starters; random order)
• huge libraries • music rooms • creative spaces • composting toiletrs • fully equipped tinkering spaces • state-of-the-art computer center • 12 room bed & breakfast • outbuildings constructed of various materials to experiment with the viability of ecologically harmonious energy technologies • medicinal gardens • saunas, hot tubs and whirl pools • scientific labs • fully equipped workout facilities • games rooms, tennis/badminton courts, go-cart tracks . . . • quiet rooms • organic vegetable gardens and fruit trees . . .

The name that we choose will reflect just the right energy mix including: energy • creativity • progress • cooperation • balance • openness • abundance • ethics • acceptance • gladness • interdependence • wonder • inspiration • leadership • . . . Finding just the right word to portray just the right energy will be an adventure, to be sure.

NOTE: All the above information is subject to change. Nothing is ‘written in stone’. We’ll keep you informed as time allows.