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Below, you will find a list of ‘commercial’ electrolyzers that you can compare with those you can build yourself from my plans in Brown’s Gas Book 2 and it’s associated online Resources. 

Building to my specifications will result in an electrolyzer, such as the ER50, that will exceed the efficiency and user-friendlyness of any known ‘commercial’ machine AND you’ll have a functional, long lasting machine at a fraction of the cost.  My electrolyzer designs have several advantages/features that most of the commercial ones don’t:

1. Longevity of business:  My electrolyzers have been used by people since 1995.  I’ve seen a lot of electrolyzer manufacturers come and go. Since I tell people how to build their own, there is no chance I’ll be going out of business for decades to come.
2. Durability:  No commercial electrolyzer can beat the durability of my designs.  I remember a brand new China built machine that I helped a customer set up and test.  It lasted 20 minutes and the circuit board fried (it also had lots of material quality issues, leaks and a couple of serious safety issues).  
My simple electrolyzer designs and power supplies are lasting decades
3. Transparency:  Since my electrolyzers can be built out of transparent PVC, you’ll be able to see and demonstrate the BG being formed.  Also, I’m not holding back information you need to know, so there’s another kind of transparency.
4. DIY training:  Since you build your own machine, you know exactly how it goes together and how to fix it if anything goes wrong.  You become your own trained technician.
5. Technical help and Resources: I’m available if you need me, after you’ve reviewed the copious FAQ, Blogs and other Resources we have in place to help you. 
6. Technology upgrades:  As new information becomes available, we make sure (through the eNews and online Resources) that our customers know about it.
7. Efficiency: No known commercial electrolyzer can match our Faraday or Wattage efficiencies.  We show you how to achieve near 100% efficiencies.
8. Quiet operation:  Our electrolyzers have no cooling fans or inductive transformers, so they are virtually silent in operation.  You’ll know how big an advantage this is once you’ve been in a room with a noisy, inefficient machine.
9. Size and weight to gas production ratio:  Our electrolyzer designs are lightweight and small with huge gas production capability.
10. Easy maintenance and repair: We design our electrolyzers to be nearly maintenance free and with easily replaced components.
11. Low cost: Our electrolyzer designs are flexible enough to take advantage of surplus components and we tell you where to get the surplus parts, so you can build your own for a lot less money than buying a commercial machine.
12. Low Tech: Our electrolyzer designs are simple to understand and build.  They do not require exotic skills and tools.  Anyone with basic handyman skills and tools can build them. 
13. Local manufacture:  No matter where you are in the world, you can build your own electrolyzer from our plans, using local resources.  No need to order machines, parts and components from halfway around the world… and try to get technical help from people who don’t speak your language. 
14. Custom design: Since you are building your own machine, you can customize it to fit your local power input (optimizing efficiency) and application needs (add or subtract features that make the machine work best for you). 
15. Reliable: Our designs just work.  You won’t be spending your time fixing them.
16. Safe: We design in safety that some commercial units haven’t even thought of… For example we design all of our sensors to be failsafe OFF, so if any are disconnected the machine stops operating.  As logical as this sounds, it isn’t common; like one China built machine I tested that, when the pressure sensor was disconnected, would continue to build pressure until it burst or exploded.  
We do everything we can to make our designs failsafe!

17. Money Making Opportunity: since we design our machines to be home-built, using components that can easily be acquired, you can start your own electrolyzer manufacturing business.

Another reason I list these sources of commercial electrolyzers, is because some of them have ‘components’ that you may wish to buy (separately from their electrolyzer) like bubblers, igniters, torch stands, torch handles and torch tips (although I tell you how to build all of these too).

I discovered these commercial electrolyzers during a websearch (Jan, 2013).  
I’d be happy to add more if you find any and let me know.  
Some data is missing because some companies weren’t advertising gas production rates and pricing and I haven’t bothered to contact them.  
If you find them out, let me know and I’ll update this page.

Mini (< 500 L/h) electrolyzers

Arizona HydroGen Mfg. Inc., several models (click)
If you choose to buy a commercial machine or components, 
this company is my recommedation.
Arizona Hydrogen sells several versions of electrolyzers.  Has Torch Hand-piece, with built in (replaceable) flashback arrester that you can buy separately from the water torch.  Also have a gas dryer system that eliminates water moisture from the gas; this is extremely important for welding, to prevent a ‘sputtering’ flame and for backfire prevention.  Also have a ‘flameless’ torch, which can be very handy, as anyone who has needed one knows! 

Spirig, several models (click)
Very pricy but what you want if you are serious about quality. They have EXCELLENT robotic technology for using BG in assembly lines.

HydroFlux BT700 (click) (click) ?L/h $1250

Water Welder FFW-270 (click) ?L/h $?

SRA H2O Welder 250 (click) 45 L/h $1495
SRA H2O Welder 350 (click) 80 L/h $2395

SARL BRYZEL, several models (click) ?L/h $?

Siam Waterflame, several models (click) (click) ?L/h $?

Waxco MF- 250 (click) ?L/h $?

Lavoisier 300-A (click) 300 L/h $1695 

From China (the oriental countries are into Brown’s Gas in a big way)

BT-350SFP-350W (click) 80 L/h $550
FP-103A-500W (click) 100 L/h $712
FP-101-800W (click) 200 L/h $1443
OH-100 (click) 100 L/h $480
Welder-305T (click)  300 L/h $?
Water Welder (click) 200 L/h $680 
Ningbo Eabon (click) ?L/h $?
CHANGZHOU Villa HY400 (click) ?L/h $?
Your Energy 103-B (click) ?L/h $?

Large (> 500 L/h) Brown’s Gas electrolyzers

YQY-220/1000 (click) (click) 2000 L/h $3000 (looks like built from BG Book 2)

BEST Korea, several models (click)

Epoch, several models (click) (click)

Some of the electrolyzers that are not currently selling. 
but you may be able to find them on eBay or such:

Krohn Fluxed Flame A300 and A400 (aka H24-80 Fluxed Flame Torch) 
Aqua Torch 2800 
Raytech Microflame 200

Denny Klien’s machines H2O 2000 (click) (click) (click)

Further Research for this page:




Alternative Water Welder (not Brown’s Gas)
ecowelder multiplaz 3500 (click) (click)

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EA-H160 Operation Instructions

Here is a quick and dirty AquaCure Machine startup, operation and drain video:

Here is the initial AquaCure Operation Manual (version 170815) note that it is out of date…

I’m behind on my video instructions.
Lye mixing can be seen in the first part of this video (of my ER50 electrolyzer).

NOTE:  NO CITRIC ACID ANYMORE!  FAQ here… Mix electrolyte solutions with ONLY lye.

I note a couple of MAJOR LACKS in the AquaCure model H160 Instruction Manual.

I did not include ‘technical help’ contact information or a troubleshooting checklist/chart.

If you are having issues with your AquaCure, please try emailing me FIRST.  I don’t yet have a team (athough I intend to) to handle technical questions so I’m doing it all myself.  eMail is MUCH MORE efficient (because I can give you instructions in writing) and allows pictures to be sent back and forth. 

I do NOT put my email out in the public because I’m already slammed with at least 500 spam a day and it making the email public makes it much it worse. So please don’t ‘share’ it.

If we need to talk on the telephone or Skype (I prefer Skype because we can video and I can SEE your issues) then we will do that after initial eMail contact.  I will give the appropriate phone number to whomever needs it.

In the meantime, I’m working on the troubleshooting checklist and upgrading the videos.

Note: the bubbler bottles are NOT dishwasher friendly (they’ll melt).  Wash by hand ONLY.

Benign Electrolyte:
MIxing 1 ounce of citric acid and 1 ounce of lye in a quart (about 1 liter) of water makes a very benign electrolyte solution.  A 4% lye solution is considered benign.

Note that you CAN put as much as 4 ounces of lye in the AquaCure without damage to the machine but we do NOT recommend this except in special circumstanses.

One of the reasons we use such a lean electrolyte (catalyst) mixture is to limit the gas production of the AquaCure to a range safe for most people to breathe.  

HydrOxy is EXPLOSIVE when pure and still explosive if the hydrogen (in air) exceeds 4%.  So (for absolute safety) when you breathe in the HydrOxy, you want to be sure the hydrogen content is less than 4%.  I give some math on how to calculate this on my protocols page:

So, if you use a more concentrated catalyst solution, you’ll have the ability to make MORE gas with the AquaCure, which is good if using in a bath or bubbling water for fish, or enhancing water for plants, or welding/slodering, etc. But not for breathing.

Personally, I breathe a 9% mixture of hydrogen because I operate in a static free environment and do not think there’ll ever be a spark up in my nose (I use ONLY nose cannulas, NOT a mask).  

If you are producing too much gas for breathing, you CAN simply attach the torch and use it’s adjustment valve to lower the gas exiting the AquaCure.  Thus the gas output of the AquaCure can be regulated to any volume.

Pure water does not conduct electricity (it is a dielectric)
Electrolyzers (water splitting machines) require a catalyst in the water to allow the electricity (that splits the water) to flow.

The catalyst stays in the electrolyzer (or at least it is supposed to) so all you need to add, after the first charge of catalyst, is pure water.  Do NOT keep adding catalyst when you refill your machine (unless for some reason, you’ve lost your catalyst).

Lye (aka NaOH or Sodium Hydroxide) is our choice of electrolyte catalyst

You’ll hear ‘experts’ say that KOH is more efficient than NaOH.  In theory that is true.  In practice it depends on MANY factors.  My electrolyzers are optimized to use NaOH (Lye).  
DO NOT put KOH in the AquaCure! 

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How I Use Browns Gas For Health Enhancement

I cannot give any specific medicinal advise or I’d be ‘practicing’ medicine without a license. 

I’m reporting personal, empirical and anecdotal evidence. 

The protocols I outline here are my own, that I use myself.  If you use them as a guide to make your own protocols, experiment at your own risk.  See more disclaimer at bottom.

There are a lot of ‘Brown’s Gas for Health’ rumors floating around.  I’m trying to confirm them with facts.  So far, this link outlines the best data I can find:

Below are various ways I apply Brown’s Gas (HHO) to myself.NOTE:
When I drink the water and breathe the gas, my body decides where the HydrOxy gas goes to help my body heal.When I apply externally, I decide what gets healed.

Treatment protocol 1 (Drinking the Water): 

To drink nothing but pure distilled water that has been ‘enhanced’ by bubbling Brown’s Gas (BG) through it.  BG adds hydrogen, oxygen and ExW to the water, creating (in my opinion) the most healthful water on the planet.  It goes beyond just hydrogen bubbled water.  It’s been tested by three world renowned water experts that make their living selling healthful water and ALL THREE immediately bought one of my machines after testing the water.

My experiments show that it takes about 10 minutes per liter of water using a BG gas rate of 50 liters per hour to get maximum BG diffusion / absorption into the water. 

The bubbling is MUCH more effective / efficient if you use a fish tank air stone to make lots of small bubbles.

I use pH to detect maximum hydrogen absorption.  pH means ‘potential of hydrogen’ and each of the 14 ‘steps’ is logarithmic, meaning 10 times more hydrogen than the last.  Typically the pH of BG bubbled water reaches just over 8.  Note that you need a meter to read this pH, the pH testing papers are not up to the task.

NOTE: I DON’T CHEAT!  MOST ‘other’ high pH waters have and/or add minerals to achieve higher pH. I achieve high pH by ONLY adding BG (hydrogen) to PURE water.

Alkaline (high pH) water is ONLY healthful if the pH comes from hydrogen.  MOST alkaline minerals are NOT bioassimilable ‘raw’ and some are even poisonous.  For example, you can’t get iron by sucking on nails, you get bioassimilable iron by eating spinach or seaweed.
Many waters sold as ‘alkaline’ are high pH because of minerals added, not because of hydrogen added. 

There are also Oxygen-Reduction Potential (ORP) meters that respond well to BG treated water.  When measuring BG enhanced water, a low ORP is better.  BG bubbled water tests very low (negative) ORP.  

For example, when I test my tap water, it is +650 ORP (very bad).
If I then run the tap water through my under-counter RO system  (removing chlorine and other impurities)  and then through my K8 Kangan (flow through electrolyzer) machine (separating the ‘bad’ ions out of the ‘cleaned’ water), I get 
about 0 ORP (not bad but also not healthful).
Then I bubble with BG to achieve the -250 (very healthful because the ORP is achieved ONLY with H+ ions).

NOTE: I feed my Kangen machine RO water, which Enagic does NOT recommend because they like to use the existing minerals in the water to enhance their pH and ORP levels.  I do not feel that is most healthy.  I remove the minerals to get my pure healthy water.

NOTE: The Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of BG bubbled water is higher (less negative) than some other ways of hydrogenating water, because BG bubbled water is ALSO saturated with oxygen, (which obviously negates ORP).
However, BG bubbled water is ‘healthier’ than water infused ONLY with hydrogen, because of the additional constituents of oxygen, Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) and electrical energy.  
Note that fish can breathe BG bubbled water (high oxygen content) and grow bigger, faster. 

It is IMPORTANT to use pure water in your BG electrolyzer! 
If your water contains chlorine (for example) you will be drinking/breathing chlorine gas (very poisonous).  Other impurities have similar toxic issues.

There are many oxygen therapies and there is now an established belief that oxygenated water is good for human health.  
Certainly, oxygen has been proven to reduce or eliminate some pathogens in water and supplementary oxygen(and/or ozone) therapies help many people.

We are (by weight) mostly oxygen and oxygen is needed by nearly every chemical process in our bodies.  As much as we need it, oxygen is also a poison that can kill us if the mechanisms in our bodies don’t control it.  Free oxygen, known as free radicals, cause huge damage inside our bodies.

Brown’s Gas is a mixture of energized hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor (click).

There’s now a body of scientific evidence that ‘hydrogenated’ water is much more ‘healthful’ than just oxygenated water.  It seems that most of body ills and perhaps even aging are either caused by, predisposed by or exacerbated by a lack of hydrogen in our bodies.  

We are (by volume) mostly made of hydrogen.  62% hydrogen by volume (24% oxygen, 12% carbon, 2% everything else)
Hydrogen is essential in nearly every chemical reaction in our bodies.  It helps maintain cell vitality and absorbs free radicals before they can do more damage.

It has now been scientifically proven that hydrogen SELECTIVELY eliminates free radicals. There are actually ‘good’ free radicals that signal some body processes and the hydrogen (the most effective and efficient ‘bad’ free radical eliminator) does not touch those.

Further, hydrogen has been proven to be an exercise mimic, you get benefits as if you exercised, WITHOUT excercising.  But note, if you DO excercise you also get a great gain.

Most liquids that we drink today, even some water, are acidic and ‘dehydrating’. This causes the body to become chronically ‘dehydrated’.  Dehydration seems to be a cause or a contributing factor for nearly all disease.

Even WATER can be ‘dehydrating’.   WHY and HOW can WATER be dehydrating?
For one example, refer back to the ORP.  
Water with a positive ORP is electron deficient and will SUCK electrons (energy) from your body to neutralize itself (causing aging and de-hydration).
Water with a negative ORP has excess electrons and GIVES the body energy (while neutralizing free radicals), reactivating the body’s regeneration and immune systems.

BG bubbled water seems to ‘hydrate’ the body like nothing else on earth (except breathing BG).  Seeming to enhance all body functions.  
I’ve been drinking BG bubbled water almost exclusively (few other liquids) since July 1, 2004; but my testimonial is ‘questionable’  because I have a ‘vested interest’ (I sell books and kits to help people make BG).  
So I post testimonials of other people (with their permission) who have independently verified the efficacy of BG.

NOTE:  I’ve noticed that when I breathe the BG, I don’t feel thirsty.  
It’s then easy to fall into the trap of drinking too little water.  
PAY ATTENTION to this effect and be sure to regularly drink your BG bubbled water even if you don’t feel thirsty… 
I’ve found the COMBINATION of breathing and drinking to be much more effective than doing either alone (either alone helps, but both help MORE).

Treatment protocol 2 (Topical Application of the Water):  

Topically applied, BG hydrogenated water has been used to promote the fast healing of wounds, infections, wart removal, skin spots removal and even (I’m told by my customers) skin cancer.  

The people reporting this say to keep the area ‘wet’ with the BG bubbled water.  They used cotton balls to hold the water and plastic bottle caps to hold the cotton and to keep the cotton from drying out. Changing the dressings frequently, as intuition guides.

BG Bubbled water is used in Japanese spas (Japanese testimonials). 

Treatment protocol 3 (Breathing the Brown’s Gas): I’m SHOCKED how far the Orient is ahead of us with using BG for Health.  For example: EPOCH ENERGY TECHNOLOGY located in Taiwan, has successfully developed Brown’s Gas for Health businesses. Here’s a video of a walk-in clinic The video is a Taiwan local news interview of EPOCH commercialized products (not in English but you’ll get the idea).  Anyone can step in for a BG treatment, easy as getting a cup of coffee.
In Japan, they are using BG (HHO) in Spas, for beauty and health.  Over the years I’ve breathed BG many times (pure Brown’s Gas is scientifically proven to be absolutely non-toxic) but in the past I recommended not breathing it because its explosive…  The above video reminded me that if you mix the BG with enough air, it becomes NON-explosive!  I feel like an idiot sometimes, not seeing what I SHOULD have known immediately. I didn’t think NOT breathing BG was that big of a deal because BG (particularly the hydrogen) does go through the skin OK, but the lungs are ‘designed’ to get gasses into the blood stream so are the most efficient delivery of BG into the body. You get a LOT more effective treatment using a lot less gas, and I’m all for efficiency! The above videos caused me to totally reverse my recommendation about breathing BG.  
I’ll tell you WHY.

In the past I’ve always said that it’s a bad idea to inhale an explosive gas into your lungs and I still think that’s true, IF the gas is explosive.  
BUT there is a way to breathe BG safely as a NON-explosive gas… by mixing it with air!   If you mix BG with enough air, the volume of hydrogen falls below the lower ignition limit (of 4% by weight) and the BG becomes NON-explosive and you STILL get all the wonderful health effects!  There is no question that, even though BG can enter the body (get into the blood) through the skin, it is MUCH more effective to get into the blood via the lungs.

There are THREE important aspects to consider when breathing Brown’s Gas (aka. BG, HydrOxy or HHO):

First, there MAY be a tiny bit of lye mist in the BG, this can cause a painful kind of pneumonia.  I had it happen to me in my early breathing experiments (1996) where I was breathing the BG directly, not scrubbing it through water. To prevent that, use two bubblers (or you can use oxygen humidifiers) in series so that the BG flows through water twice before you breathe it; to be SURE there is no lye in the BG.  Here’s a quick video showing how to build two bubblers in a few minutes for less than $10.  This is safer than the Epoch method of using only one bubbler (shown in video). NOTE: I’ve now only used one bubbler for months, so my double bubbler recommendation above was being super conservative.  I’d still do it, if I was having a foaming problem (lye infused foam coming out of the machine).  
See ER50 Resources to see how to safely deal with foaming.  The ER50 is an earlier version of BG electrolyzer, before the AquaCure was developed. Water absorbs (scrubs) any residual lye so the BG is fresh and clean.  Change the water in both bubblers (humidifiers) after each hour of electrolyzer use.  I use distilled or deionized water so I won’t be inhaling chlorine and other gasses often found in tap water.  
If using pure water and my electrolyzer isn’t tossing out foam, there’s no reason I couldn’t drink the BG bubbled water (so doing two techniques at one time).  I drink my bubbler water and I give it to our cats (who will choose it over tap water). If your electrolyzer is excessively foaming (which makes it inefficient and can spit out lye with your BG) then you can use this VACUUM technique to suck out the foam. Update Video #1.

Second, ‘new’ oxygen formed in the ER50 is very ‘active’ (high oxidative potential) and feels harsh if I breathe it directly.  Fortunately, bubbling the BG through water ‘smooths out’ that harshness so it’s literally BETTER than a breath of fresh air!

Third, to be SURE that the BG is NON-explosive, don’t use too much!
I don’t want to exceed the explosive limit for hydrogen (hydrogen will NOT explode if there is only a little in the air).
MORE IS NOT BETTER.  Once your blood is saturated with hydrogen, you will be breathing out as much hydrogen as you are breathing in, so there is literally NO REASON to breathe a mixture that has so much hydrogen that it is potentially explosive.

To find out how much BG is safe, let’s do some quick math
(you can skip this for now if you wish, I know most people don’t like math): If I breathe (normal adult resting) 5 liters/minute of air = 300 liters/hour and hydrogen lower combustion limit is 4% and BG is 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen… (300 L/h * 0.04 = 12 L/h)  (12000 mL/60 per minute = 200 mL/m)  
I take away the oxygen from the calculation to find how much hydrogen I can breathe safely.  200/(2/3) = 300 mL/m of hydrogen

So I can have up to 300 milliliters/minute (18 liters/hour) of BG and still be in the safe (non-combustible) zone.  

So I adjust the capacitance of the ER50 to limit the gas production.  At 120 VAC, 60 Hz and with 80 uF of capacitance, the ER50 produces 50 liters/hour of BG.  
So to produce 18 liters per hour, I’d use about 30 uF of capacitance in the ER50 power supply.  For the ER50, I recommend oil-filled ‘motor run’ capacitors and you can pick them up at surplus prices online.
For the AquaCure, you can adjust the gas rate by using the mini-torch valve. Another great side effect of this ER50 modification/application (lower capacitance) is that you’ll only be drawing about 0.5 amp DC, which means that it’ll take a lot longer for the ER50 to get too hot, if it ever does.  The ER50 can then be operated (in clinics, etc.) for long periods of time without supplementary cooling. Also, some people want a BIG electrolyzer for clinics, etc.; so they can serve a lot of customers BUT I note that ‘Goat Logic’ applies here (and I see Epoch did that).   It takes 5 goats to equal the milk production of 1 cow.  But if that one cow gets sick you lose ALL of your production.  If you have 5 goats, you can have some of them not in production (for various reasons) and still have milk (besides I prefer goat milk).  
OK, I wasn’t always an inventor, I grew up on a cattle ranch and after agriculture college I had a 60 head goat herd (my cattle ranching Dad wasn’t impressed); but that is another life and story.So… In this case, having several ER50 (or AquaCure) is much better than having one ER1200.  They are easily portable and each ‘health station’ can have its own unit.  You can also have a couple of spare ER50’s to trade out when any need maintenance.  
If you need more gas production for a particular project, it is also perfectly acceptable to combine the gas production of two or more ER50s
. I know (as of January 2016) that there are at least three clinics that are now using ER50 technology to treat their patients and ALL report good results.  I hope to get permission to provide you with details.  The nice thing about the ER50 is that you can get these results AT HOME! Since I’ve started experimenting with breathing the Brown’s Gas again I was amazed at how much energy it gave me (revved me up so much I had trouble sleeping) and it helped clear gunk from my lungs that I didn’t even know was there.  Once my body got used to the BG, my sleeping became normal.  
But BG affects every body differently.  For my wife it puts her to sleep (peaceful restful sleep), so each body seems to KNOW what it needs to heal itself.
I have several other health benefits too, detailed elsewhere because MY testimony is not credible (I have a Vested Interest in you buying my machines) so I’m also reporting other people’s results. Since breathing BG (since March of 2016) I’ve experienced NO negative side effects but when I started breathing BG, I did a 15 minute treatment before going to bed and didn’t sleep all night.  I’ve also heard of an effect called herxheimer reaction, where the body can feel weird as it ‘adjusts’ to it’s healthier self (cleaning out toxins, etc.). My technique was to start slow (starting with 5 minutes the first day, increasing 5 minutes each day) to let my body gets used to it.  
I find it’s also more effective to spread the minutes out over the day (like 3 of 10 minute treatments) rather than 1 of 30 minute treatment.  This is another reason to have your own machine.I can now breathe BG continuously throughout the day (for hours) because my body has gotten used to it (and I suspect has cleared out most of the toxins as I shed 35 excess pounds).   Another advantage is the Brown’s Gas contains TWICE as much hydrogen as oxygen (and a special form of water I call Electrically Expanded Water (ExW)). Hydrogen could be called the element closest to GOD, being the smallest and simplest physical atom and comprising most of the known Universe.  
It’s my opinion (based on transmutation research) that EVERYTHING is made from hydrogen. Our bodies (like the Universe) are mostly hydrogen by volume.  and hydrogen is essential to most of the body’s thousands of chemical processes.   Our bodies NEED hydrogen (both in elemental and ion form) but there’s a catch… Hydrogen is NOT easy to get!  
Hydrogen attaches itself to other atoms to make all kinds of different molecules.  So our bodies have developed the ability to get hydrogen by splitting molecules!  
 The most common reaction is between Carbonic acid and the hydrogen and bicarbonate ions• CO2 + H2O –> H2CO3 –> H+ + HCO3¯   Another MAJOR source of hydrogen is the bacteria in our gut.  As our food (mostly hydrocarbons) gets broken down, it turns into hydrogen and oxygen (plus other minerals that are in the food).  
However, the widespread use of antibiotics KILLS all bacteria (including the good ones) and most pro-biotic supplements do not include bacteria specifically intended / designed to make hydrogen. The point is that as we age and when we are sick, our bodies have less ability (both lack of energy and impaired ‘splitting’ mechanisms) to ‘get’ the hydrogen that we NEED to heal and stay healthy!  Thus the ‘aging’ spiral… Which, I seem to be reversing with BG supplementation (I even now have hairs on what was previously a shiny bald head)! Enter Brown’s Gas!  By breathing the hydrogen and oxygen (and ExW) we give the body a chance to acquire these essential life supporting elements (particularly hydrogen and ExW) without having to spend energy (we may not have) AND we bypass potentially impaired ‘splitting’ mechanisms!    It’s my opinion that Brown’s Gas would also help healthy bodies STAY WELL!  Of course living a healthy lifestyle is also essential 🙂
Various scientific studies are now indicating a 30% to 50% healthy life extension might be possible, if hydrogen levels in the blood can be maintained.  For those people who have already assembled their ER50s, you can order oxygen humidifiers and nasal cannulas to experiment with breathing the BG as per the Oriental clinics.  
Oxygen humidifiers (example 1)  (example 2)  Or Build your own!and nasal cannulas (example 1)  (example 2)If ordering the oxygen humidifiers, you’ll also need to order this special oxygen fitting to connect your 1/4″ ID vinyl hoses, from the ER50, to the oxygen humidifier: As I’ve said years ago, In the 1990’s, I’ve breathed pure BG from a 3000 L/hr electrolyzer with no issue (pure BG will even make a squeaky voice (like helium) when in the lungs).   However, I still Do Not recommend breathing Brown’s Gas undiluted; if you do so, you do it at your own risk!  Not because the BG is poisonous, because it’s been proven healthy to breathe, but because it is explosive… MIX IT WITH AIR. It’s my understanding (from Yull Brown’s literature) that even the US Navy has tested BG as an underwater breathing gas.  I don’t know if they are actually using it… Because BG is EXPLOSIVE, see BG exploding in this video…  The KEY to breathing BG safely is to dilute it with other gasses to UNDER the lower explosive limit (as I’ve detailed above). DANGER:
In other words, for those people who believe ‘if a little is good, a LOT is better‘, it’s NOT TRUE in this case.  
A LOT of BG does NOT give you any more benefit and can actually (and spectacularly) KILL YOU.  
While BG is perfectly healthy to breathe in theory (none of the constituents are individually harmful and people HAVE breather ONLY 100% BG…) 
In practice and reality it’s an explosive gas and needs to be treated with RESPECT. Here is me, breathing BG from my personal ER50.  It is set to 18 liters/hour for my breathing.  This video was taken when I first started breathing BG.
I’ve now set it up so I can do a BG treatment when working on my computer or watching TV.  
NOTE: I now (since June of 2016) personally use the full 80uF capacitance to make my breathing BG, which is about 50 liters/hr just to prove it’s a non-poisonous mixture for breathing, well aware that it is potentially an explosive mixture. Note: If a person is on oxygen already (bottled or concentrator) then they can tee in the Brown’s Gas and get a hydrogen health boost at the same time.  Adding hydrogen will NOT make the oxygen explosive, if you stay below the ignition limit as described above. I now (January 2017) have a report, from a customer, that BG is as effective at raising blood oxygen levels as breathing pure O2 from a bottle or concentrator.  You can prove this for yourself if you have a blood oxygen meter. Interesting relivant fact: Lungs Make Blood.  It’s been long assumed that blood was only made in the bone marrow.  It turns out that the lungs also produce blood constituents.  This is important because breathing BG should help that process. It’s also effective to use the BG in a bag on your arm/leg/etc.  See below: 

Treatment protocol 4 (Topical Application of the Gas): 

Using the gas directly on the skin.  
For example, to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, a technique is to put on plastic or rubber gloves and feed the gas into the glove.  You do not need much pressure or gas volume.  So far, several short treatments seem to work better than a single long one.  Like 10 minutes three times a day.

Imagination is needed to make apparatus for other parts of the body, like suction cups or such.  I’ve heard ideas to use full body suits, like dry suits.  Maybe even a huge plastic bag.  Again, it is an explosive mixture, you must have NO ignition sources – even static electricity can ignite BG.

NOTE: I’ve never had it happen myself and BG has now been used by HUNDREDS of people for YEARS, so explosions are RARE (and preventable).
But I now (as of March 2017) have two reports from BG users who HAVE had their bagged BG explode.
The first one had it happen as he was pulling the hose out of the bag on his wife’s arm.  I’m assuming she was wearing some sort of clothing that had a static charge.
The second one got up and walked across a carpet to let the dog out and as he touched the doorknob the static spark ignited the BG in the bagged arm. 

In both cases there was no physical harm done because the plastic bag is not solid enough to allow pressure to build, so the ‘explosive’ pressure spike just dissipates into the room (with a loud BANG,
the dog was scared and pooped on the floor).

PREVENTION: Simply don’t have ignition sources (like static electricity) near the BG.  Everyone knows what types of materials make static sparks, and rooms that have higher humidity have lower static electricity.  You can also ground yourself (touch) to the metal parts of the machine before touching plastic parts.

Direct gas application like this (bagged or cupped BG) is said to be healing cramps, arthritis, etc.  
I’ll post years of research done by Loyd Jacob, a chiropractor in Spokane Washington. Once introduced to BG, Loyd’s patients insisted on having BG as a part of their treatment.

Here’s a young woman getting an effective treatment for her Carpal Tunnel.

Treatment protocol 5 (New Water Potential): 

Make ‘new water’ using an apparatus that collects the water reformed by the BG flame. I have not yet built my own apparatus to do this.  Research in this area has been done by Joseph Bender and Norman Wootan.

You can just point the flame directly at water, and the water will collect the ‘condensed’ new water.

This new water has properties that seems to allow ‘programming’ and ‘transmutation’.  

Program the water by having the environment you want to impress upon the drinker (or plants) in existence when the new water is formed (created) from the BG flame.

Rumors about transmutation (click): 

Once you have the reformed water, you put it in a transparent container.  Have sunlight shine through the material (you want to ‘transmute’ in the new water) and then shine on the new water.  This supposedly imprints the ‘template’ of the material onto the new water.  Some of the new water should transmute.  It may help to occasionally shake both bottles.

I have not done this myself, only have a second hand report of this being done with a vitamin/mineral supplement.

Again, if the new water is formed without residual lye (use bubbler to scrub BG before burning) then it should be drinkable.  This is an area that I have almost no research and there may be fantastic possibilities.  Our bodies do this kind of transmutation all the time, this water could help that process.

That’s all I can report at the moment.  See more information (and video links) here (click)

I hope this information helps you realize the IMPORTANCE of safely issues involved in applying the BG to yourself, your family and friends.

Here’s to your for health and prosperity. 


1. I’m going with the humidifiers -even though a lot of people are saying that it injects water up in their noses- have you experienced with it?

1A. If water gets into the hoses it will squirt into the nose, which is surprising and tickles but not dangerous.  
You’ll want a tissue handy to blow your nose.  Yes, it’s happened to me too.
This is NOT ‘bad’ in that one Ayurvedic remedy is to actually pour water into the sinuses to clean the ‘garbage’ out of them.
In any case, water occasionally gets into the hoses in two ways:
A. By the liquid level in the humidifiers being too high, splashing up into the hose and 
B. Water vapor condensing out of the super saturated (high humidity) Brown’s Gas.
C. …Of course water will get into the hose if you tip the humidifier on its side too… 

2. I would need 2 of these connectors, correct?:

2A. You’ll need one for each humidifier.  Many people use just one humidifier/bubbler and that should be fine, I now only use one.  
The two advantages to using more than one are:
A. It’s a fraction ‘safer’ in that you double scrub the BG (so NO possibility of lye in the BG).
B. You can ‘make’ twice as much BG bubbled water to drink, feed to animals and plants, treat wounds, etc.
Personally I now just use one bubbler, made out of a 2 liter bottle, so I make plenty of BG bubbled water.  I drink the bubbled water everyday so it gets changed often.  Changing the water often is an important consideration to prevent lye contamination in the BG you breathe. 
Of course, you do what’s needed to prevent foam from getting out of the electrolyzer because THAT’s how lye primarily escapes.

3. This timer would work okay, right?:…

3A. Technically yes, it’d function.  But I would never recommend or advise using a timer that’s capable of going over 1 hour.  The whole idea of the timer is to prevent the machine from operating for too long (without being attended) and getting a low water level.  
Low water level is what kills the machines.
NOTE: That the new AquaCure machines have low liquid level shutoff safety feature. 

4. I went to the Culligan’s site and I didn’t find anywhere that their water is “Deionized”… I’ve read it’s Reverse Osmosis.

4A. Reverse Osmosis is one technology used to create ‘deionized’ water.  Culligan Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is deionized.
Actually, RO units are now inexpensive > $300 and can be mounted under your own sink.  Just be sure to maintain it properly (changing filters and membrane) to assure it’s doing its job. 

5. I’m going to experiment with Ozone (O3) to remove the PVC glue odor/taste after I build the ER50… I believe it will only take a few hours.

5A. Interesting technique.  I see no harm in it.  Let me know how it goes.You drink the water from both bubblers.  Doesn’t the water in the first bubbler have lye in it? Unless there is actually foam coming out of your machine, the amount of lye in the first bubbler will be miniscule particularly if you change the water everyday. Think of it this way.  The lye you put in the electrolyzer should last at least 20 years with using the electrolyzer at least 1 hour a day and … So just how much do you think could possibly be in the bubbler after a few minutes? I bubble the BG, and SERIOUSLY recommend that others bubble the BG, for three reasons:1. Because I find the ‘new’ oxygen to be rather harsh (oxidizing) unless I bubble it (seems to smooth it out).2. To remove even the POSSIBILITY of even a tiny bit of lye getting into the lungs (which hurts like pneumonia).3. To mitigate water surges from squirting out.  BG contains a fair amount of water moisture that condenses in the hoses.  It feels funny if squirted up the nose.  The bubbler tends to trap most of that moisture.  I thought the point of running it through two bubblers was to remove the lye, but you drink the water in the first one too.Two bubblers was overkill, because I was being EXTRA careful.  I now only use one larger bubbler, so I get enough bubbled water to drink (and share with pets, family and friends). 6. How long do I bubble the water to fully saturate it? 6A. It depends on 
1. the bubbler stone you are using (wider dispersed, smaller bubbles is better)
2. depth of the bubbler (deeper is better)
3. temperature of the water (colder is better)
4. volume of BG (more is faster)
5. quality of BG (more ExW is better)

So using my diffuser stone at 5 “ depth and room temperature water at 50 LPH of BG from my machines
I fully saturate a liter of water in 15 minutes (mostly saturate in 10 minutes). 7. How long does the water stay ‘healthful’ after bubbling? 7A. That depends on1. the temperature of the water (colder is better)2. the material of the container (for some weird reason aluminum is best) So generally a plastic or glass bottle will lose half it’s ‘healthfulness’ in one day.  If kept in the fridge in an aluminum container, it will lose half it’s healthfulness in three days. I assure you, if THIS water could be bottled and have a shelf life, I’d be selling bottled water, not electrolyzers.  It’d be a lot easier and I’d make a BUNCH more money.But as it is, people need to ‘make’ their own healthy water and use it ASAP after saturated with BG… And having a machine allows BREATHING the BG, which seems to give ADDITIONAL health benefits. 

Disclaimer: The content of this website is based solely on research conducted by Eagle-Research, unless otherwise noted. The information is presented “as is” for your educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical or psychological condition, nor to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions or prevent any disease. Eagle-Research has no duty whatsoever to update any information on this website.

The information contained herein is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. Therefore, this information is not intended as medical advice, but rather a sharing of knowledge and information based on our or as noted other parties’ research and experience. Eagle-Research encourages you to make your own health care decisions based on your judgment and research in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other regulatory body. We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything.My statements are NOT approved by the FDA, AMA, CIA, FBI, ATF, NSA, DHS, etc.
  ~ Just assume what I have to say hasn’t been (and isn’t likely to be) approved by any government, medical (or Pharmaceutical) organization! 

Some issues are more resistant to mitigation than others.
It took years to get in your current condition.  With myself some issues (like warts and scars) took a few months to see some of my results but now, after breathing the BG for just over a year, people are telling me I look like I did when I was 45 (I’m currently 59).  So far, I seem to be reversing my biological ‘look’ by one year for each month I breathe the BG.

I DRINK THE bubbled WATER from the bubblers (if using small bubblers, change out the water, and drink it, every 15 minutes).
Drink at LEAST 2 liters a day, preferably 4 liters.

I find breathing several times a day is more effective than breathing once:
Example 10 minutes 3 times per day instead of 30 minutes once a day.

I seem to be well on the way to better health, all I need now is persistence.

If you do not want to be bound by all these terms, please do not view/use or buy anything from this website.

Thank you.
May the blessings be
George Wiseman 

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Brown’s Gas For Health

Brown’s Gas (BG) (aka HHO and other brand names)
has absolutely amazing and, up until recently, totally unknown health applications.  

I’m not qualified (government certified) to ‘prove’ BG can improve health… but I am able to pass on reports that are given to me by my customers (with their permission), my own testimonials and publicly available documentation.  
I think you’ll quickly see ways BG can enhance YOUR health 🙂

This page will include the support and documentary Resources mentioned in (and for) the Quick and Dirty BG for Health videos.  
We will be putting together a comprehensive professional documentary video that will include the full details that these simple Q&D videos allude to.  

The Q&D videos are our short term solution to getting a kernel of this knowledge out there NOW, so the public can start to benefit; and to make sure there is SOMETHING out there in case we get suppressed (Vested Interest has lots of reason to suppress us, so it could happen at any time and we’ll just be gone…)


This first video pretty much speaks for itself and doesn’t refer to any specific documentation.

The main take aways are:

1. The disclaimer we legally must make.

2. We really want you to have a practical taste of this information, just in case we are suppressed before we can make the full comprehensive documentary version.  

We feel that this application of BG is vital to the general health of the public… and it’s something that can be built and used by nearly anyone, in their own home.

While we do sell an ER50 kit (when available), we also sell plans so that you can build your own electrolyzer.  Our projects are patent free, so you can build as many as you like to help your family, friends and/or to start a business.
ER50 Assembly instructions are in the ER50 Resources and full electrolyzer plans are in the Brown’s Gas Book 2 (both available as electronic downloads)

3. You can subscribe to our eNews, if you aren’t already subscribed, by clicking the ‘subscribe’ link in the sidebar.  You can also just as easily unsubscribe at any time.  We keep all customer information private, on state of art secure servers


The main take aways 

1. Human bodies are mostly hydrogen by volume.

2. Painful inflammation, in muscles and tendons, is often caused by de-hydration. 
Chronic dehydration is the primary cause of pain and disease

3. Brown’s Gas, hydrates the body, reducing or eliminating inflammation.  The pain disappears and stays gone.

4. Here are links to a Patent that discusses using Brown’s Gas for Health (click) (click)
plus the use of bubbling BG into water (click).  Here are 24 related patents (click).

Note that most of the patents are ‘legal’ but not actually valid because there is nothing ‘technical’ in it that isn’t in the public domain and/or known to people ‘skilled in the art’.  
Lots of people get patents, just to say it’s ‘patented’ or ‘we have the patent’.  The patent offices are only a place to record documents, so you can use their ‘certification’ to fight for your ‘innovation’ rights.  When the information was already known publicly to people ‘skilled in the art’ the patent is actually worthless and is just being used for prestige or to defraud investors.  

Still, this patent shows much research and experimentation that’s ‘officially’ been done… Using Brown’s Gas to treat dozens of diseases.  These treatments can be done at home with a simple tabletop electrolyzer like the ER50, no need to spend thousands of dollars for a large machine.  

5. Note: We have discovered that treatment is more effective if you apply BG several times (like three or four) during the day for a few minutes (like ten) per application; another reason it’s better if you have a personal machine.

6. Brown’s Gas generating ER50 kits are now available here.


The main take aways

1. BG contains 6 main constituents, H, O, H2, O2, H2O (as water vapor) and H2O (as Electrically Expanded Water (ExW)).  
My theory is that ExW is the ‘glue’ that binds hydrogen and oxygen into the magnecules discovered by Santilli.  
ExW is still scientifically controversial (click).  
NONE of the constituents of pure BG are poisonous.  They are the basic building blocks of life…

Water absorbs some hydrogen and oxygen (the gasses stay in the water). These gasses help modify the water.  Water doesn’t absorb much hydrogen (0.0016 g/L).  Water loves to absorb oxygen (0.04 g/L) and when the gasses have an electrical charge, negative ORP happens.

2. BG turns 7 pH water into 8+ pH water.  This is because of the additional hydrogen ions.
What is pH? (click) (click)    Ph scale (click)
Information about healthy pH (click) (click
Making your own pH indicator.  

3. What is ORP? (click)
In short, you want lots of electrons in your water, such as OH- molecules (makes water that measures alkaline pH) and that’s what BG does to water when it bubbles through it. 

4. Wounds that are treated with the BG bubbled water heal much faster (click).
BG helps healing several ways:
1. Oxygen helps clotting and kills anarobic bacteria.
2. Hydrogen provides a ‘building block’ nutrient for regeneration and eliminates free radicals.
3. ExW provides a special ‘electrical energy’ the body needs to heal.  Here is a Russian study that supports using a ‘cold plasma’ (which is what ExW is) to heal open wounds
Note that (as a side effect) the ‘Cold Plasma’ REDUCED CELLULAR AGING!

5. Drinking the BG bubbled water seems to help maintain health.

Of course, we should drink adiquate PURE (no poisons like chorine or floride and no other contaminates) water everyday anyway; many people are chronically dehydrated and less healthy than they could be because of it. (click)

ER50 kits (like you see in the videos) are now available (click).  
You can assemble your own ER50 kit and make your own BG to use AT HOME for all the health applications.

Drinking Hydrogen Rich (Tlacote) water for Health.  Thousands of people and scientific studies confirm.


The main take aways:

1. When you bubble BG through water, the water seems to absorb an ‘electrical’ energy that is proving to be very beneficial to life.  People (I’m speaking for myself) plants and animals that drink the water are more energetic.  Here is a paper I put together called ‘Plant’s Don’t Lie‘.  

2. BG electrically enhanced water only holds the ‘charge’ for a few hours.  Of course the water can be ‘re-charged’ as often as you like.

3. Here is a video that shows the BG is an ionized gas that can generate an electrical potential. (click)

4. Here is a PDF of Laura Jacob’s plant experiment (click)  The other ‘plant projects’ documentaries will be included in the Resources once the full professional video is done.

5. Here is a link to my (needs to be updated) webpage (click) that explains my 1991 discovery that Brown’s Gas contains an ‘electrically expanded’ form of water (ExW); so it is still H2O but is NOT steam or water vapor, it will not condense to water if you cool it and it IS flammable.  BG also contains monatomic (about 3%) and diatomic hydrogen and oxygen.  BG is mostly diatomic and (for safety reasons) should be treated as an explosive stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. 


The main takeaways:

1. BG therapy fits nicely into homeopathy knowledge.  One homeopathic technique is to ‘program’ water with information that the body needs/uses to assist healing.  This is what I’m talking about with the ‘law of similars’ (aka ‘law of like cures like’) and the ‘law of infinsmalls’ (aka ‘law of minimum dose’).  Here’s an overview of how it works (click).

Note: Doctors often ‘forget’ that they were taught that ALL bodies heal themselves.  Our bodies are made of ‘stabilized energy’ and usually only need a ‘program’ (something to properly direct energy) and the energy itself, to assist healing.

2. Both water and BG are ‘programmable’ and both will accept and carry ‘life energy’, making them very powerful ‘health’ tools.  I think BG gives a special type of healthy ‘life energy’ to water.

Video “The Ultimate Secret to Healing Water” (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click

Masaru Emoto shows some interesting pictures of water that is assumed to be healthy vs water that is nasty (click).  Study proves his theory.

In ‘The Memory of Water’, by Michel Schiff ISBN 0-7225-3534-1
… the chemical information of a molecule can travel through water … P12

Luc Montagier (Nobel Prize winner) proving water memory (1 hour video).
Water and Homeopathy: Latest Discoveries… 

I have a LOT more references to water ‘storing’ information (its even been experimented with for data storage (click)) and ‘programmed’ water’s resulting effect on bodies, that I’ll share in the professional video.

Here’s a paper whereby DNA information was recorded as a sound filetransmitted and then replicated in a separate test tube of water.Scientists have just discovered what they have called “The Discovery of The Millennium”, and a huge revelation in human consciousness.

Through this discovery which shows that water has a memory, according to scientists, a new perception of water can be formed. The German scientists believe that as water travels it picks up and stores information from all of the places that it has travelled through, which can thereby connect people to a lot of different places and sources of information when they drink this water, depending on the journey that it has been on.

This has even been compared to the human body, of which each is incredibly unique and has an individual DNA unlike any other. Whilst the human body is made up of 70% water, conclusions could be drawn from these new discoveries that human tears can hold a unique memory of an individual being, through the body’s store of water hosting a complete store of information that is linked to individual experience.

3. In fact (and you’ll see more about this in the professional video) if conditions are met, water can ‘transmute’ into nearly any other material.  One interesting fact that medical science usually doesn’t publicize, because they don’t know ‘why’, is that the body does a LOT of transmutation.  I’m thinking BG would help that process.

4. We have made ER50 upgrade instructions so that you can SAFELY ignite the BG.  These instructions made available, for free, to anyone who buys our ER50 WaterTorch Kit.  Buy Brown’s Gas generating ER50 kits here (click)

5. There are several advantages to being able to ignite the BG.  First of course, are all the things you can do with a micro-torch fueled by water (like welding, soldering and brazing) but the most important (for health) is that you can make ‘new water’. 

New water is what I call water thats had its memory erased; which allows you to program it with anything you want.  We’ll cover the amazing aspects of new water in the professionally made video… but in the meantime, think philosopher’s stone.

Memory of water (click) (click) (click) (click) (click)

Here’s a paper whereby DNA information was recorded as a sound file,
transmitted and then replicated in a separate test tube of water.

Professionally made Video ~ Brown’s Gas for Health
Will be coming as fast as we can get it made.  It is months away at least, which is why we made the Quick and Dirty videos NOW.  The professional video will contain MUCH more information than these quick and dirty videos.  We look forward to helping you help yourself to live a healthier life.

Measuring frequencies in water videos

Healing with frequencies:

Research Royal RifeHulda Clark and Solfeggio frequencies lists.

PesWiki Investigates Brown’s Gas for health.   What is Brown’s Gas
Justin Church talks with Tyler LeBaron about hydrogen, including hydrogen for health.
Dozens of studies.  

Scientific proofs of using hydrogen for health: 

Reference reports of Hydrogen/HHO medical studies (PDF)

Some peer reviewed research backing up the potential benefits of inhaling H2 (and hence probably HHO) for health purposes:

Mitigating Parkinson’s symptoms

Asian based research firm dedicated to the study of “Hydrogen Molecular Biological Medicine” use your web browsers translator to switch over to English. 

US National Library Of Medicine: Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on the quality of life of patients treated with radiotherapy for liver tumors. Lots of other studies within the online database. 
For other papers, search for ‘ hydrogen ‘.

The US FDA has concluded that hydrogen rich beverages are safe (PDF).

Some collaborating information from radionics
supporting ‘information in water’ and transmutation 

See also Structured Water and Hydrogen Enhanced water for Health  start here to get the basics  there are a total of 9 videos

Structured Water

Negative ions for health

Beverly Rubik, PhD.  Biology of water

Dr. Gerald Pollack, UW professor of bioengineering, has developed a theory of water that has been called revolutionary. The researcher has spent the past decade convincing worldwide audiences that water is often a crystal. Pollack explains his fascinating theory in this 32nd Annual Faculty Lecture.

One of his websites.

Here are more links to Dr. Gerald Pollack and his research of Electrically Structured Water (click) (clickEZ water

Our body is 99% water, fourth phase of water, EZ water, Free Energy from infrared light, Purify Water… 

also new research…

Gerald Pollack TED talk:

more links:  


Scientifically Proven that a single ion influences millions of water molecules.  Science is getting more sensitive equipment that can ‘see’ these effects.

When a material scientist, like Patrick Flanigan, looks at water, he sees STRUCTURE, and says “Water has different structures, and based on those structures, it can affect the body in a variety of different ways.”  
Structured water is like a liquid crystal.  The water in your body is structured as well.
When these two structures align… Magic happens.

New Physics finding.  WATER forms the ‘spine’ of DNA.

Many people think this guy is a quack but much of his work is hho related even though he may not know it.

I (James Thomas) did not get pictures of my arm and am upset because I had this black spot about the size of a dime on my arm above the wrist which was black as the ace of spades and now it is gone. I’m irritated with myself for not getting pictures but I have a lot of witnesses including my wife who used it on some sort of mole on her face and it is gone now also.

I have a small Brown’s Gas machine from Stan Rubinstien and Assc. That we are still using, But we are planning on using the ER1200 to run multiple lines to different projects such as plant growth, effects on aquaponics systems which we have set up, some patient treatment rooms for gas only treatments and a separate room for water treatments. We have some petri dishes ordered to test the effects on some different types of bacteria in various media. Simple ones like e-coli, strep and pseudomonas

We have set up a testing lab at a herb emporium here in Austin, Tx.(Garden of the Ancients) for people to come and drink the hho water and we plan to treat as many volunteers as we can get. We have quite a list of people already, a few which have different types of cancer. We are working on some patient questionnaires and we have put cameras up to track the visible results and for personal testimonies.  

You gave me the idea George; I am just running with it. I was a lab tech in my previous days. Of course we will send our results to you. If not for eagle research we would not be going down this path. A very exciting path I may add.

The more I study this structured water the more I am convinced that this science is the future of medicine and many other things. You had told me you were on sabbatical and I feel bad about bothering you over this machine, but we call it the beast and want to picture it in our experiments. I ordered most of the lines and fittings and manifolds from the Industrial supply you sent to me last time. We are hoping that we may be able to market the ER50 kit to our customers once we have a few more experiments under our belt. People already asked for them for their drinking water.

Drink only distilled water (enhanced with BG).

Water: The Essence of Life

Water… What we don’t understand about water could fill a Universe.  We learn more everyday.

‘Other Enhanced’ waters:

ASEA (click)
Multi-Level Marketing (click)
Skeptics (click)
One of the ASEA Patents (click)
My opinion… I don’t know enough about ASEA to have an opinion.  I hope it works.  It’s expensive.  At this time I prefer a good (low carb) diet and BG bubbled distilled water.

Here’s collaboration on drinking distilled water instead of spring water.
The problem with ‘Alkaline’ water is that the harmful minerals have not been removed, just ionized.  Better to remove the impurities from the water, then ionize it and/or give it ‘living’ energies (there are several ways to ‘re-energize’ water).

Quinton Water 

Divinia Water

Hydrating water

University studies (Dr. Tammy Chang)  (Simon Thornton, Ph.D) (Guido Camps, MSc.) (Brenda Davys Ph.D.) show that drinking water (hydration) helps to lose weight.

Dr. Lorenzen’s “structured water”

John Ellis deuterium depleted water machine.  Interview with John Ellis, Another Interview.

Ozone vs Brown’s Gas

Brown’s Gas has greater potential to treat disease than ozone because it not only has ‘new’ oxygen but also has hydrogen (which is vital to health and not included with ozone).  Google < Brown’s Gas for Health >. Brown’s Gas can also be created AT HOME with simple electrolyzers you can build yourself, so bypasses the Quarantine issue. 

Ozone and BG are opposites.  Ozone stresses the immune system (free radicals) while BG enhances the immune sysem (and mops up free radicals).
I think of ozone like a mild chemotherapy, a technology that kills indescriminately, whereas BG enhances the immune system so that it can return the body to health like it was intended to.  

Like any drug, ozone has it’s use, but I think it is often miss-used. 

Using ozone to cure ebola.

We don’t recommend breathing pure BG (because it is an explosive gas), But there is a way to safely BREATHE diluted BG.  

Breathing BG helped paraplegic woman. Also edema and high plood pressure.

Breathing BG stopped hand tremors in 30 minutes!  Maintainence keeps Health intact.

Rustum Roy on Whole Body Healing.

Steve Seldlmayr and his H3O2 Water (amazing video).

Here’s a colaborating water technology “Plasma Activated Water
Note that the ExW in Brown’s Gas is a ‘cold’ plasma.  
Bubbling BG through water gives water the same characteristics as shown in the video.

Some of the scientific studies that SPECIFICALLY use Brown’s Gas (they don’t call it Brown’s Gas) to enhance health.

Russian astronauts breathe BG 
Electrolytic oxygen test on humans

Colloidial Silver

It is my opinion that most of the benificial effects of colloidial siver come from the dissolved hydrogen in the solution.  Hydrogen that was put into the water during the electrolysis process that ‘created’ the ionized silver solution.  As such, I believe that the solution is strongest (has the most health benefit) when it is freashly made.

Here’s a study showing the curing patients is NOT a sustainable health business model.  So don’t expect Big Pharma to start curing disease.  It’s my conclusion that they prefer to treat symptoms, allowing the patient to feel better without curing the disease.

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Aquacure FAQ

General FAQ

I apologize, and maybe I don’t understand well the instuction of machine, the LYE I have to put inside just one time and after never more? And for clean it, one time every year?

Yes, lye one time, unless it gets out of the machine somehow (like you pour it out).  Once the lye is in the machine, you only add pure water to top up.

When I clean (at least once a year but once a month would be better) I pour out the lye solution into a plastic bucket, rinse the machine several times with warm water and then filter the lye solution through a coffee filter and then pour the lye solution back into the machine.

Once a year or so, you can add an ounce of lye to the solution before you pour it back into the machine.  I usually add an equal amount of citric acid to assist the lye.

My plan is to ship it to where I will be staying. Is it ok to ship with water in it or must I drain It?

You absolutely must drain it AND put the vinyl plug on the filter output because there’s no way to completely drain it.  Lye leaking out of the machine will damage the machine, packaging and maybe even shipping services equipment (which they do not appreciate).

Never transport any electrolyzer with electrolyte in it unless you can be CERTAIN the machine will not tip over or be turned upside down.

If I have to drain I assume I would need to buy more lye correct? 

Correct, enough to fill a 1 ounce bottle will do the job.  

Unless you have an early version of the 220 VAC version AquaCure, then you need 4 ounces of lye (that was only for about 20 machines, then we changed the 220 VAC power supply to one that did not require 4 ounces of lye to get the gas production up to accepatble level).

I saw the faq on how much water to drink.  Is that if you’re only drinking water? Another words, if I am breathing a couple of hours a day so I still need to drink 140oz?

1/2 your body weight pounds in ounces of water.  Yes, you need to drink the same amount of water even if you are breathing the BG.  The combination helps the body heal and rejuvinate better than either protocol alone.  

Note:  When you are breathing the BG, you may not ‘feel’ thirsty (I don’t), but you MUST drink anyway.  Sipping is OK, but I prefer to jug a quart (liter) when I wake up, then a quart (liter) 1/2 hour before any meal or whenever I feel hungry.
NOTE: Most times when people feel hungry they are ACTUALLY thirsty… And your body NEEDS the moisture to properly digest your food.  If you are worried about the water diluting the stomach acid, then drink it 20 minutes BEFORE you eat.

I suspect that if a person is using the machine for breathing for extended periods
then the lye mixture is going to get used up. Where is the best place to source lye?

The lye should last for years. 

Mainly I just pour out the electrolyte into a bucket, rinse out the AquaCure a few times, then pour the (coffee filtered) lye mixture back into the machine.  You are just trying to get rid of the (naturally occuring) sludge that accumulates in the electrolyzer.  The lye is a catalyst and does not get ‘used up’ in the electrolytic (water splitting) process.

 It’s OK to add an ounce a year if you like, but I definitely reuse my old lye (it gets better with age).

To answer your second question, I buy lye in bulk from my local hardware store and you can buy lye online (lots of sources).  Be sure to get 99%+ pure.

We currently filter all our drinking water through an Aquarain filter. 
Would that water be an acceptable source of water for making HydrOxy 
drinking water? (as opposed to distilled water).

do not recommend drinking anything but PURE water, bubbled with BG.  You can (of course) drink anything you feel is healthy but here is my opinion (which I’ve now done since 2005).  In my opinion there are FEW things you can add to water to make it ‘healthier’, most minerals / vitamins / nutrients should come from bio-available sources like plants.

We did all start setup correct turned it on and low liquid level light came on plus alarm, and sight gauge has no blue light showing. I had chosen a timer setting, so I turned it off, am stuck there, so any advice, please? 

The machines have been updated since the video.   If the one you have has a translucent sight tube, there is no blue light (see below).  It’s easier to see the liquid level without the light. Also, the ‘initial fill’ instructions bring the liquid level up to ‘just’ the low level, so sometimes the low level alarm will come on with ‘just’ the initial fill liquid poured in.   Check the liquid level to see where it is, I suspect it’s low.  Put in distilled water (slowly) until it’s about 3/4 full and everything should work just fine. If the liquid level is well above the ‘low level’ mark, and the red low level light/alarm still goes off, DO get in touch with me.  I can’t undo my filter 

First, I’m sorry your filter is screwed on too tight for you… But it isn’t ‘broken’ and if you get another (or this one ‘repaired’ it’s likely to be exactly the same tightness, because if we ship them ‘loose’ they will come apart in the shipping and spill lye (damaging the AquaCure).

Every machine is 100% run tested before being drained and packaged, so we KNOW it will operate correctly… But it also means there is some residue lye in the machine that needs to be ‘sealed’ (no leaks) as the machine is shipped.

So let’s just get yours unscrewed and you can then re-screw it to a tightness that works for you.
I’m hoping you are trying to unscrew the right piece… The filter tank on the bottom, not the pressure release fitting on the top…

If looking down on it, it unscrews clockwise.   Hold the top piece with one hand (to prevent bending the metal on the front of the machine), while turning the bottom clockwise.

Maybe find a friend with a strong grip or use a ‘band’ type wrench like this one

Once it is loose, you should have no further trouble.  You can put some grease on the threads if you wish. 

As for the sediment and debris in the machine.  That is normal.  You clean it out occasionally (I recommend once a year but in some cases, once a month might be appropriate).

Changes to AquaCure not yet upgraded in the Operation Manual or Video

Don’t worry about the cut off end of the oxygen humidifier adaptor hose.  That is by design.

 We realized that if we cut off that end, we could attach the oxygen humidifier adaptor hose directly to the filter (like attaching the torch hose) using the existing barb and compression nut, eliminating the short peice of stiff plastic pipe shown in the (original) video.  That cut off hose is an ‘upgrade’ :)))

We now have 3 different sight tube ‘lighting’ situations:

1. Originally we used a transparent sight tube and it was difficult to see the liquid level so we added a blue LED to the bottom.  The blue light isn’t supposed to show blue all the way up.  The LED is supposed to put light in the tube (at the bottom) so that the liquid in the tube will act as a ‘light tube’, showing the ‘shiny’ top (the meniscus, where the water level ‘actually’ is), otherwise it’s hard to see what the true liquid level is.  Don’t pay attention to the blue light at the bottom, look for the liquid level ‘line’.

However, some people conldn’t see the meniscus and were assuming the blue light in the bottom was the liquid level… So,

2. We transitioned (in some units) to a ‘translucent’ sight tube, which show the liquid level by a change in ‘translucency’ and the blue light became redundant (it was actually easier to see the liquid level without the light), So,

3. We eliminated the blue light in the later ‘translucent’ versions… But then people were still complaining because they LIKED the blue light, and it does help see the liquid level in low light conditions… So,

4. We’ve gone back to the clear tubind and replaced the blue LED and ADDED a little white floating ball so it’s a lot easier to see the liquid level.
Note that the ball can sometimes get ‘stuck’ up high when the machine is drained (turned upside down).  It will eventually drop down on it’s own, but a few taps on the hose will cause it to drop quicker.

Lye Notes:

We use 1 ounce (about 30 grams) of lye in a quart (liter) of water for the 110-120 VACAquaCures.  This makes a fairly benign (lightly caustic) electrolyte mixture that can be further mitigated by adding (an optional) ounce of citric acid.  The citric acid also helps keep the electrode plates clean longer, helping with efficiency.

We use 4-6 ounces (120 – 180 grams) of lye in a quart (liter) of water for the EARLY VERSION 220-240 VAC AquaCures.  The extra lye is needed in this version to get the amperage up high enough to make the required volume of HydrOxy.  The later versons use a different power supply and require only one ounce of lye.

Lye causes chemical burns (eventually).  Lye (NaOH) is not nearly as caustic as potassium hydroxide (KOH) but you should keep it off your skin and definitely out of mucus membranes!
If lye gets on skin (or anything you don’t want it on) wash it with clean water until ‘slippery’ feeling is gone.

220-240 VAC Timer Switch:

In North America I couldn’t (yet) find an electronic switch (like the 110-120 version uses) so I’m using a mechanical timer switch (and changing out the inner power supply) to make the AquaCure compatible with 220-240 VAC.

When turning on the AquaCure using the mechanical switch, turn it past 10 minutes to turn it on.  NEVER ‘force’ turn it off by turning the timer backwards.  If you need to turn off the AquaCure ‘early’ (before the timer is finished) turn it off using the main power switch.

Unfortunately, the original mechanical timer switch didn’t have the ‘continous’ function.  In later versions we changed the main power switch to allow a ‘continous’ function and THEN we found a version of mechanical switch that had a ‘continous’ function.  So now the 220 VAC machines can be ‘continous’ if you turn the dial one click counter-clockwise.

We recognize that the ability to bypass the timer is a valuable feature.  If you wish to retro-fit your AquaCure with this switch, you can find it in places like this.  Also check out Amazon and eBay.


warn about the explosive nature of the gas and that it can be ignited with static electricity.

Since 2007 to now (2017) when I started selling ER50s and now the AquaCure, we’ve had 3 explosions (all ignited by static electricity).  In all three cases, no one was hurt, but it’s surpirsing and startling.

I frankly don’t remember much about the first one.  I think it was a woman using BG in a bag on her arm.  Other than the bag popping like a balloon, there was no other issue.

The second one I remember because it had an additional drama.  A man with a BG bagged arm got up to let his dog out.  He walked across carpeting and when he touched the doorknob, the spark exploded the bag.  They were startled, but not hurt.  The dog pooped on the floor.

The third one was kinda weird.  Evidently a woman (who is prone to generating static electricity anyway) was rubbing her hand on her husband when he was breathing BG.  She then touched the humidifier and the spark (OUTSIDE THE JAR) caused the BG inside to explode (I’m not sure how… a leak? a capacitance effect?) in any case, the humidifier bottle and the lid for the bubbler both shattered. The man and woman were both OK, again just startled.

This is EXACTLY why I design the machines as I do.
I try to imagine every possibility of explosion and design to prevent it.
Then I ALSO design to mitigate harm if the possibility happens anyway.

Taking anti-static precautions is a good idea.
Wearing anti-static clothing, keeping a high humidity in the room, grounding everything to everything (static electricity will only create a spark when a potential difference exists).

Static sparks need a very specific set of conditions that can easily be prevented.

It’s been suggested to make the bubbler fuller to reduce the gas volume.

Bubbler fuller will mean less gas to explode but it also will tend to splash more water up the hose on an ongoing basis (very annoying).  
Besides, it isn’t the volume of the gas that is the issue, it’s the sharpness of the explosion that tears things apart.  A plastic bottle FULL of BG will stand the explosion, if the pressure is low enough… 

Note:  The explosive pressure spike rises logarithmically as the gas pressure rises, which is the MAIN REASON I’ve reduced the operating pressure of the AquaCure from it’s originally (VING) designed 15-20 psi to 2 psi.  
Everything about this machine is designed for safety, which I’ve learned by experimentation, experience and having people use thousands of my electrolyzers (customer feedback) since 1986.

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What is ExW and why does it matter?

Spectro-analysis shows that HydrOxy contains monatomic hydrogen and oxygen but it’s only about 3% of the total volume.

Evidence indicates that HydrOxy also contains a significant volume of Electrically Expanded Water (ExW).  

We theorize that ExW is a negatively charged (electron rich) cold plasma form of water.  

Depending on the quality of the HydrOxy gas, ExW can be up to 30% of the total volume. 
Learn more at “What is Brown’s Gas”?

ExW is still water (hasn’t split into hydrogen and oxygen) but it’s water that’s soaked up electricity and become a gaseous form of water that is NOT water vapor or steam.  If cooled, it does not condense. It only ‘condenses’ back into liquid water if it loses it’s electrons.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) and is defined as an ‘ionized gas’ (has extra electrons).  

ExW is water (H2O) in a gaseous form that has excess energy (in the form of bio-available electrons).  It’s a plasma at room temperature so it’s a ‘cold’ plasma.

Here’s the page where George Wiseman describes his original discovery in 1996:

ExW forms in electrolyzers specifically designed to NOT separate the gasses. As per the video to the right:

ExW forms in the middle of the liquid, between the electrodes and if you insert a ‘membrane’ to separate the gases (like traditional electrolyzers do) then the ExW forming ‘effect’ (water absorbing electrons) doesn’t happen.

So the only way I know to make the ExW, is to make and keep all the gasses together (NO membrane)… 

We can confirm the existence of and measure the volume of ExW in Brown’s Gas by drying the gas (to remove water moisture) and use mass spectrometry to see that a gaseous form of water (that is not water vapor or steam) is still there (it will not condense if cooled).

That’s the most direct way to confirm the existence of the ExW. 

These tests were done independently of me in the 1990’s and I only recently (a couple of years ago) received the permission to post the results. They are shown in my 2017 TeslaTech Presentation.

ExW is what makes Brown’s Gas (aka HHO, HydrOxy, etc.) more effective for health application than using straight molecular hydrogen (H2).  
Because the body (and particularly bodies that are ill) NEEDS the energy (electrons) that the ExW provides.   The ExW literally GIVES the body ENERGY it needs to heal.

Bodies that are ill usually have compromised energy generation systems and their energy reserves have been depleted.  Adding energy INDEPENDENTLY of those systems allows the body to heal and re-start it’s own energy generation systems.

It’s good to give the body the food (hydrogen) it needs to heal, but it also helps if you give the body the ENERGY it needs to use the ‘food’  to heal.

It’s like any construction site.  You can bring the concrete and lumber, but without electricity and fuel no machines can operate.  The ExW provides the fuel the body needs to heal quicker.

Bodies that are ill usually have compromised energy generation systems and have used up their energy reserves.  So the ExW is needed for best results.

Of course most people do not know about ExW.

The BEST (current) way to ‘measure’ the ExW is by inference.  The machines produce too much gas.

So the gas production is ‘over-unity’ when you compare the electrical input to the gas production using Faraday Law.  
For example, the ER50 is 130% efficient.  So this ‘extra gas’ is the ExW.  We are not ‘breaking’ or ‘violating’ or ‘disproving’ Faraday Laws. The ExW is formed independently of the Faraday Equations.

When using spectroanlysis and chromaphotography the ExW shows up as ‘dry’ water vapor (it’s WATER in a gaseous form that does not condense).

Note: There are many people out there touting EZ water as the fourth state of water.  This is incorrect.  But it’s ‘caught on’ as per:

And when I say the ExW is the Fourth Phase of Water I’m not comparing ExW to (Professor Gerald Pollack’s) EZ water. 

I am saying that ExW is an ACTUAL fourth Phase of Water.

Gerald Pollack’s EZ ‘water’ is an interface phenomenon. I’ve conversed with Gerald Pollack asking WHY he called EZ water the ‘Fourth Phase of Water’ in his literature and and he said 

“We were trying to figure out a good name. The term “exclusion zone” (EZ) was first suggested, and it seems to have caught on; but, it refers to a “zone” rather than to a substance. So, it’s not ideal. 
Others call it H3O2, which is the putative chemical formula. That’s OK, but maybe somewhat arcane?”

He and I went on to confirm that EZ water was NOT ACTUALLY the fourth phase of water because 

1. EZ water is H3O2, so it is not water, not H2O (any more than H2O2, hydrogen peroxide is water) and

2. EZ ‘water’ is not a plasma; the fourth phase of matter is plasma.

3. EZ water is a gel-like or semi-crystalline form of water.
(I’d call it water phase 1.5 because it is in-between solid and liquid)

Both Gerald Pollack and I define actual water as H2O.

H2O as matter exists in four phases; solid (ice), liquid (water), gas (steam or water vapor) and plasma (ionized gas or ExW).  
Adding electrons (to make a negatively charged plasma) does not count as changing a molecule’s atoms, it’s simply a higher energy state of the same matter.

EZ water is an AMAZING discovery but is not the fourth phase of water (a plasma).  It could be considered another ‘phase of water’ in that is a ‘phase of water’ that forms in certain conditions (water associated with hydrophilic material combined with infrared energy).

ExW is a negative plasma (extra electrons) form of water. It is water (still H2O) in a gaseous form that is not water vapor or steam (it does not condense when cooled).

Gerald Pollack and I have talked and agreed on this.
ExW (water as plasma) is an ACTUAL fourth phase of water.  

Making something from water, by adding or subtracting atoms, makes it ‘not water’, not H2O.
EZ ‘water’ (H3O2) is a substance made from water by adding hydrogen and oxygen atoms… 
but so is hydrogen peroxide H2O2.  
No one would mistake hydrogen peroxide as ‘water’.

It turns out that the plasma form of water (ExW) is very healthful and synergistically increases the effectiveness of hydrogen by adding bio-available ENERGY to the body.

As far as hydrogen ‘kicking oxygen out of water’… that depends on the partial pressure gas laws and absorption capability of water. It’s true that if you feed pure hydrogen into water, it will ‘kick some oxygen out’.

But if you feed a mixed gas into water, the water will absorb the ALL the gasses in proportions according to the gas and absorption laws. Water will absorb much more oxygen than hydrogen (that’s why fish can breathe).

If hydrogen knocked out the oxygen, then why did these fish not only live (breathe), but grow to three times the size of their siblings in the same timeframe?

Two tanks, one bubbled with normal air, one bubbled with Brown’s Gas. Then the fish combined into the one tank for direct comparison.

These sorts of experiments prove beyond doubt that BG is healthful, with measurable and quantifiable results…

I work hard to make the safest and most practical BG electrolyzers on earth… And to shed light on miss-understandings and myth-conceptions.

Of course no one who knows Faraday Electrolysis would believe in ExW or the ‘line of bubbles’. 

The ExW is formed ‘outside’ of the Faraday electrolysis, as a ‘side effect’ of the design of a Brown’s Gas electrolyzer. 

ExW will not form in a traditional Faraday electrolyzer or in ‘modern’ versions like PEM. 

I have video of the ‘line of bubbles’ 

I have spectrographic tests showing that ‘water’ still exists in the BG, AFTER water vapor has been removed. 

ExW is plasma form of water that does NOT condense if cooled. I have ‘volume tests’ that show up to 50% more ‘gas’ production than should be possible using Faraday equations. See most of this in my 2017 Tesla Tech lecture

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4. What can I do to increase the efficiency of my Turbocharged Diesel Fuel Injected vehicle?

 A.Install the EFIE device on each of your oxygen sensors, if you have any.   Install a pressure-vacuum gauge/pyrometer on your dash (or on the steering column). This gauge will tell you what is happening to your engine and you can modify your driving habits to achieve maximum efficiency and performance. It also can tell you many things about your engine and becomes a valuable tool to applying combustion enhancement techniques.   Insulate your exhaust system up to but not including your turbo. The extra heat retained in the gas going to the turbo will increase it’s power by as much as 10%.   Apply the HyCO 2DT. This system (that you build yourself) is specifically designed to install on turbocharged engines and has been proven by independent testing by CAT and Perkins to increase the power by 10%, while reducing fuel consumption by 10% and reduces harmful emissions significantly.   Then refer to: Q. What other fuel savers do you have? Q. What else can I do to increase my vehicle’s efficiency?