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Good to have extras for more people to use (each person having their own), and you’ll want to trade them out occasionally as they get stiff or ‘snotty’. I disinfect mine using colloidal silver solution because it doesn’t smell like  alcohol or other disinfectants

Where to buy Cannulas

You can buy them lots of places online, like from Amazon, but less expensive from sources like this.


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Can I buy Silicone Cannulas for night sleeping?

For comfortable night sleeping or if allergic to plastic, you can buy silicone cannulas.

Here’s a summary of kinds of silicone including medical grade, and one business I found that sells a silicone cannula.

I’ve been able to source silicone for everything except the hose from the tower to the humidifier and the hoses built into the caps, Silicone cannulas are not easy to come by and they’ve had to be purchased abroad. The silicone tubing and quick connectors are available in the US and Canada at several online retailers that sell O2 equipment.

What Is Medical Grade Silicone?

A lot of companies use the term “medical grade silicone.” This generally means one of two things:

Medical-long term implantable material: This technical term describes a material that can stay in the body as part of an implantable device. Due to its purity, it’s generally too expensive for food-grade applications.

Medical grade: More technically referred to as medical-healthcare grade, class VI silicone tested for biocompatibility, this type is our material of choice for a wide range of products, including menstrual cups, baby bottle nipples, scuba mouthpieces, water pipes, and food and skin contact products.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

LSR is designed for injection molding and is almost always medical grade… most medical parts are LSR.

High Consistency Rubber (HCR)

HCR can be a platinum, peroxide or tin cure system, see below for more info on cure systems…

Platinum Silicone

LSR is almost always platinum-catalyzed. However, properly molded platinum menstrual cups do not need to be post cured. Platinum cured LSR is generally medical grade silicone…


A good deal of HCR silicone is peroxide cured and used for extrusion, transfer, or compression molding… [for] medical grade silicone production and design, injection molding is most suitable.

Is Silicone Plastic? Here’s How They Differ

It lasts much longer than plastic. This makes it a more sustainable and higher-quality alternative.

Silicone is more biocompatible, meaning safe to use within the body or with food, in comparison to plastics. This is why sensitive products, such as baby bottle nipples and spatulas, are best made from it.

It does not create “microplastics,” one of the main environmental issues with plastic. These are small, sometimes microscopic pieces of plastic that may contaminate drinking water and affect ecosystems.

This is closest I found to a platinum-cured silicone cannula:

I emailed them asking about dimensions etc.  These are the emails:

“Hi. Is the Everest silicone cannula made of peroxide-cured or platinum-cured silicone? Does the cannula’s tube have a 1/4″ internal diameter on the end that’ll attach to a nozzle? And every part is silicone?”

“> Hi. Is the Everest silicone cannula made of peroxide-cured or platinum-cured silicone?

I Am Not Certain.

Does the cannula’s tube have a 1/4” internal diameter on the end that’ll attach to a nozzle?

It has a Tapered Flair Connector that is universal and will attach to a nozzle.

And every part is silicone?

Yes it is 100% Silicone.

Hope this helps.
Tonopah Medical, LLC
888 410-6566″

I got the silicone cannula today, and it fits onto the bubbler nozzle or swivel adapter perfectly.

I bought it from Tonopah Medical, it was mailed from Nevada, but the product info card that came with it says it’s made by Summit Oxygen ( ) in the UK. Summit Oxygen has distribution in the US ( ), EU ( ), UK ( ), and France ( ).

Also on the card, it says:
Description — 3.5 mm silicone nasal cannula
Tubing length — 1200 mm / 1800 mm
Material — 70 shore translucent silicone
Maximum flow rate — 5 liters / min

It’s expensive (~$55 before shipping), but out of the package there’s no plastic smell, and it should be more durable and be good for about a year.


Sleeping with Brown’s Gas Tips:

I also wanted to mention that I tried using a snoring chin strap to keep my mouth closed while I sleep when using the machine but it was extremely uncomfortable due to the pressure.

Using tape across my mouth works wonderful! I don’t know what I’ll do though if I get a cold, lol. Another trick I learned is, I kept having problems with the cannula sliding out of my nose when I would turn over in my sleep so now I put tape over the cannula tubing right on my upper cheekbones and it stays in place perfectly😊.

Use the cannulas to inhale through the nose.
There are chin straps that can hold a mouth shut (made for snoring relief).





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