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Hour Meter doesn’t work

If the red light on the hour meter is flashing when gas is being produced, the inner wiring is fine and if the hour meter is not working it needs replaced.

If the hour meter red light is NOT flashing when gas is being produced, we go into the machine (take the hood off and   check that the hour meter is getting voltage (with a volt meter) applied to the hour meter tabs.

If it’s not getting voltage, we fix the wires.
If it is getting voltage, we replace the hour meter.

I believe the problem is that one or both of the wires (internally) leading to your hour meter has a bad connection where the wire connects INSIDE the terminal ends.  This bad connection in not visible to the naked eye and requires a voltmeter or ohm-meter to discover.

The fix is really easy for anyone who knows how to use a soldering iron (we now solder all these connections).

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