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Free Energy Already EXISTS! It is simply suppressed…

Re: Weigh In: America’s Oil Dependence as per
To Bill Squadron,

Gary Vesperman asked me to add my comment to your energy policy presentation.

I’m very surprised that Gary Vesperman, of all people, hasn’t addressed the elephant in the room.

He is one of the few people I know that has been gathering evidence about the suppression of energy innovation in America specifically and around the world generally.

I did not see anything in the discussions or comments that actually addresses the REAL problem…

Capitalistic Politics (aka Vested Interest Control).

It is a FACT that there are many practical technologies already proven and existing that could solve our energy problems in a very short time, at minimal cost.  It’d also put a LOT of people to work.
This includes both interim technologies (to assist phase-over) and long term eco-compatible technologies.

We could be 100% energy independent for a fraction of the military cost of ‘maintaining’ present fossil fuel policy and infrastructure.  We’d also stop making enemies faster than we can kill them.  How much blood are we willing to exchange for oil?  Will it stop when it’s OUR blood being spilled?

I personally have several fuel saving technologies (in use since 1984) (click) that could cut the use of fossil fuel by 50%, with a payback time between 6 months and 5 years depending on the application; this is assuming that people retrofit the technology… it would be MUCH less expensive (and potentially more efficient) to simply incorporate it OEM.

There are over 5000 fuel-saver patents that are NOT incorporated into any vehicle.   Nearly a hundred years ago Charles Nelson Pogue invented a carburetor that would take an ordinary 4 door car over 200 mpg with perfect power and pretty much zero pollution.

There is no question in my mind that, with publicly EXISTING technologies, the USA could reduce oil imports to accept oil only from ‘friendly’ countries (like Canada and Mexico) within a couple of years and be totally oil independent within 5 years; just with fuel-saving technologies that I know are practical and inexpensive.
(Cutting down the military use of oil would be a tremendous help).

I have several other energy saving technologies too, like my capacitive power supply (that could be incorporated into smart-grids and appliances).  I’m no genius (as my wife can attest), I developed all of this with only the resources available to the average homeowner and using technology available nearly 100 years ago.

I have felt the sharp edge of Vested Interest suppression…
I have many stories about that (click)

I believe:
Talk (and presentations) about energy policy won’t change anything until suppression is removed.
NO progress will happen as long as government energy policy is influenced by Vested Interest.
NO progress will happen as long as Vested Interest is allowed to directly suppress innovators.

The government itself is one of the Vested Interest, receiving up to $0.70 of every fossil-fuel dollar via various taxes (starting with wellhead tax and including income tax from industry employees).

Most people think it is some wild “conspiracy theory” if anyone claims that the government has ever prevented an invention from coming to market. If you are willing to explore the idea, WIRED magazine just published a story on this topic that you can read here:
As it turns out, any potentially “disruptive” technology will be evaluated for its “national security” impact (I wonder by whom? And by what criteria?) and dealt with accordingly.  The suppressed technology is usually stored in Government archives…

Virtually all energy policy is more political than practical and what is practical is ignored or bypassed (for example: car companies receive minor fines for not meeting fuel efficiency mandates or they bypass the law by creating an entirely new class of automobile like SUV).

REAL energy-saving and energy-producing technologies have been suppressed for over a century.
The government has, hidden in secret, several free-energy and anti-gravity technologies, withheld from the public under guise of National Security.
Just release them and our fossil-fuel issues are over.  Bring the military home to help re-build America.  Help the world and rebuild our reputation.
But none of this will happen as long as Vested Interest controls the government.

Capitalistic Politics, supporting the Vested Interest, is like a Cancer in our Republic.  I think it has metastasized, adding Capitalistic Socialism, which encourages entitlement mentality and is skewed to allow the rich to get richer at the expense of the public, with the government taking ALL of the risk.

Solve Capitalistic Politics in a way that releases the innovative capability of the American People and we’ll automatically solve the energy crisis.
American innovators have ALREADY solved the problem many times and in many ways; and every real answer has been suppressed!

Any ‘energy policy’ discussion that doesn’t first address Capitalistic Politics is, in my opinion, futile.
That’s why I take my innovations directly to the people.

Solve Capitalistic Socialism (stop government from ‘taking care of us’ for the profit of Vested Interest) and we’ll regain the Constitutional rights and freedoms that made us great.  We’ll also regain the essential element of being allowed to FAIL.

I appreciate that some very smart people are trying to address the USA energy policy and I think they’ll come up with lots of good ideas… but I firmly believe nothing presented to the government will succeed in any meaningful way unless the issue of Vested Interest is addressed first.

An extremely focused example is: President Obama won’t put the solar panels back onto the roof of the Whitehouse.  President Carter put them there and President Reagan removed them.  This is a simple and clear indication of the past and present administration’s agenda and intentions.

Making presentations to the fox in control of the henhouse is a waste of energy; bad energy policy in my opinion.

This is the elephant in the room.

May the blessings be?

George Wiseman

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