ER50 – Flat-Plate Kit (Brown’s Gas Electrolyzer)


The ER50 is mostly designed to make BG bubbled water.
The ER50 can be made to work to breathe the BG; if you have assembly skills, tools, a place to work and time to build it… And your wife doesn’t mind having a ‘science experiment’ looking device in the house (mine didn’t allow it).
But you’ll be buying and/or making additional parts that are included with the AquaCure… The AquaCure AC50 is ‘ready to go’, has a 1 year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.  The AquaCure AC50 gas production can be varied for safe breathing.  The AquaCure is ‘chock full’ of safety features, so it not only takes care of itself, it takes care of YOU and your loved ones.
It takes a bit to put the ER50 together and it doesn’t have all the conveniences and safeties of the AquaCure.

The ER50 Assembly and Operation Manual identifies all the parts and shows how they go together.

Here is an online ER50 assembly video

No One should buy an ER50 kit unless they have DIY skills, tools, workspace and time.  The Manual details the additional parts you need to buy to make it operational.
THEN you need to purchase (or make) the bubblers and other stuff if you’d need for any particular application.
And in the end, the ER50 is NOT as safe or convenient as the AquaCure…

Yes, we are upselling to the AquaCure AC50, because we are proud of it and you pretty much ‘just add water’.
But if you have what it takes to make the ER50 work, it WILL WORK.  See more details about the ER50 Basic Kit below.

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  • Practical ‘table-top’ design.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Simple 40+ series-cell design.
  • Significantly more efficient
    ~ than traditional electrolyzers.
  • Produces Brown’s Gas
    ~ for experimental purposes.
  • Compatible with all worldwide power standards
    ~ from 100 to 270 VAC and 35 to 65Hz.
  • Produces 50 litres per hour at 120 VAC and 60Hz using 2 capacitors.
    ~120 VAC BG production can be increased to 100 L/Hr by doubling capacitance.
    ~ we tell you where to order extra capacitors if you want them.
  • Produces up to 100 liters per hour
      at 120 VAC and 60Hz using 4 capacitors.
  • Produces up to 100 liters per hour
      at 240 VAC and 50Hz using 2 capacitors.

This kit includes the ‘special’ parts needed to set up this small, high quality, experimental electrolyzer that will exceed the efficiency of ANY known commercial electrolyzer (except ours, of course :))

Commonly available (or optional) parts like the timer switch, float switch, wires, terminal ends and supplies like glue and lye (the electrolyte), are not included.
The ‘extra’ components shouldn’t cost more than $60.

You need to know how to wire a light circuit to have the skill level required for the electrical assembly and simple construction skills (and tools) to cut the plastic tubing and build the stand.

Comprehensive, up to date instructions are in the ER50 online Resources, which you get access to immediately after purchase of an ER50 Kit.

NO transformer needed: This electrolyzer uses Capacitive Amperage Limiting (CAL) power supply technology, as detailed in our Brown’s Gas Books (2 capacitors are included in box) to achieve its super-efficiency.  For more gas (BG) production, use more capacitors ~ the ER50 Resources tells you where you can order extra capacitors at surplus prices. 

The gas Pressure Relief Tubes (PRTs) Upgrade ($50 value) is now included at no additional charge.  These are the transparent side tubes.  This is a SIGNIFICANT efficiency upgrade as it helps increase gas production without increasing electrical input.

Access privileges to Eagle-Research’s ER50 Resources is automatic (no extra charge) with the purchase of this ER50 Electrolyzer kit.

ER50 Resources includes upgrades, assembly instructions and application details that you need to understand, optimize, build and use your ER50…

The tubes and tower are no longer Transparent PVC. To see the liquid level, just use the transparent side tubes (PRTs).

Transparent PVC is GREAT to see the Brown’s Gas (and ExW) being produced but the clear plastic has a really low softening temperature, exhudes oils into the electrolyte (which causes foaming) and gradually clouds (becomes translucent) anyway.
So all new kits will have white PVC only.

The ER50 is designed to last for decades.  The biggest killer of the ER50 is people running them too long without cooling.  The ER50 is not designed to exceed 37°C.  If it gets too hot, the plastic will deform enough so that the fittings will start to leak.  The duty cycle at 50 lph is about 20 minutes with a 3 hour cool down.  The duty cycle can be extended if 3 of 4″ computer cooling fans are added to prevent the plastic from exceeding 37°C.

The Electrical Efficiency Upgrade option is described in the ER50 Resources.  There are several ways to increase the wattage effciency of the ER50.  We don’t do it in the ‘standard’ version because (frankly) it’s more costly… But if you want maximum efficiency (which can go over 100% Faraday efficiency) we tell you how to do it.

The WaterTorch Upgrade option is described in the ER50 Resources.  The ER50 was originally designed to be a tabletop electrolyzer to provide a superior fuel-gas to mini-torches.  Handymen, Jewelers and Artists LOVE this gas once they try it, as it does a MUCH better job than traditional bottles gasses like acetylene.

The Float Switch Upgrade option is described in the ER50 Resources.  Float switch (automatic low water shutoff) is added when upgrading to the Agriculture application of the ER50, because the ER50 will be operating for hours unattended and low water level would kill the machine.

ER50 - Fully Assembled Option Example of Fully Operational Set Up
Eagle-Research Assembled Chamber Customer-Finished, Fully Operational


SKU# ER1-K1-0004 • kit • 6″H x 12″L x 9″W • 6.6137lb / 3000gm

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