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Regardless of what you read elsewhere, we have discovered that the EFIE works on ALL types of oxygen sensors, including Titania (varying resistance) sensors, A/F sensors and wideband sensors.  More details are in the EFIE Resources.

The EFIE Installation and Operation instructions are no longer included with the EFIE. Here are the Installation & Operating Instructions (EFIEinstall). The latest and most recent Installation, Operation and Upgrade notes are available in the EFIE Resources.  You get automatic access privileges to the EFIE Resources when you buy an EFIE Assembly Kit or this fully assembled (and tested) EFIE.

Eagle-Research does Not make an EFIE that controls more than one oxygen sensor. Since nearly every component on the circuit would need to be duplicated anyway, it makes no sense (to us) to stock two different versions of the same circuit. One EFIE per oxygen sensor also allows the customer flexibility during installation.



Hook it up and drive! Adjustment is simple.

When combustion enhancement technology (fuel savers that actually work) are applied to engines, the faster and more complete combustion of the fuel results in higher oxygen percentage in the exhaust.

Your vehicle’s computer ‘infers’ more oxygen in the exhaust to be a ‘lean’ mixture and ADDS additional fuel, negating any possible mileage gains.
(see EFIE Manualsold separately, for full explaination)

The EFIE allows you to customize and ‘correct’ the voltage signal coming from your oxygen sensor; so that your computer doesn’t know there is extra oxygen in the exhaust.

The completely assembled EFIE connects directly to your oxygen sensor and is compatible with ALL oxygen sensors. You need one on each oxygen sensor mounted before the Catalytic Converter.

The EFIE allows you to retain all your power and performance while taking advantage of increased mileage. No matter what fuel saver device or method you use on your fuel injected vehicle, you’ll need the EFIE to unleash the full potential of the fuel saver.

The EFIE alone can save 5% – 10% on your fuel bill, simply by ‘leaning’ your fuel mixture. We do not consider the EFIE to be a fuel saver on it’s own. The EFIE is designed to be an ASSIST for fuel savers.  We do not consider any technology to be a practical fuel saver unless it can save at least 25% on at least 75% of vehicles!


Actual mileage gains depend on the capability of the fuel saver(s) you apply to your vehicle.


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