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Will Your Fuel Saver Work for me?

FAQ: Will this work? My mechanic says it’s a scam
I get this question a LOT, so please forgive me if my answer sounds a bit exasperated.
I’m answering this question generically since I don’t know exactly which technology you are thinking about.  Here’s a flowchart of my technologies (click).
Your mechanic is likely telling you the truth as he sees it and… quite frankly, there is a LOT of fraud out there so he’d be right more often than not.  But not in my case!  
I’ve been in the fuel saving business since 1984, and after serving over 100,000 customers I’ve had ZERO customer complaints and my return rate (from my “No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee” is just above 1%).  
I think that shows that my fuel saving technology delivers what the customer expects.
Actually I’m more upset about the frauds than you would be, not only do they cause my business to be called into question in the public eye (thus your question), but because I’ve been investigated (by various government agencies) 7 times (so far) simply because I’m in the fuel saving business.  Every single investigation concluded that I am not frauding customers. 
I think you’d have a REALLY tough time finding any fuel-saving business that’s managed to survive and thrive since 1984.  We still support every single of our products and customers, so that speaks to longevity of customer service too.
I’m a card carrying government Certified Automotive Technician.  I have pretty much the same official training that your mechanic does.  I’ve been working on automobiles since 1960.  I know what mechanics are taught and what they must learn on their own.  
The mechanic schools teach students how to fix vehicles produced by the original vehicle manufacturers (OEM).  Mechanics are taught What to think, not How to think (come to think of it, most schools are like that these days).  
Mechanics are taught LIES so they will discourage you from even thinking about buying fuel savers.  Here is an example lie mechanics are taught (click).  
When attending mechanics college, during one of my upgrade training courses (I was an assistant to the instructor at the time) I was allowed to sit into a meeting between the College and the OEM representatives.  
I saw first hand how the College is required to teach or the OEM will not hire the resulting students and they pull both funding and vehicle donations from the College.  (Note: College was fun!  Having worked on so many vehicles that are rusty, dirty and greasy, it’s a pleasure to take apart (and put together) parts that are clean, new and state of art 🙂
If you read my literature, you will learn things your mechanic does not know.  Here are some testimonials from mechanics…
“Congratulations, your Enhancer is a real and capital idea.  I am a Licensed Class A Mechanic Prov. Ont. and have been since 1948 … Mostly I’m baffled at the simplicity of the device, also glad I had the guts to write to satisfy my curiosity, thanks.” ~ John Miller, Ontario Canada.
“I have been a mechanic for years. … I used to think I knew my stuff (cars):  And, I do when it comes to building engines (standard horsepower thinking).  But you take engine dynamics one step further.  Please feel free to use my testimonial.  I hope it helps you to continue with your research. … George – you are a genius!  Your compilation and interpretation of existing patents are amazing…
Oh, by the way, the color tunes are awesome! I applaude you sir in your fine work. …I ordered your carb stuff a year or tow ago.  Awesome stuff!!…” ~ Gary Fujinami
“From 21-25 mpg to 27-30 mpg.  I noticed an immediate increase in power.   My mechanic was amazed by this device.   NOTE:  my mechanic will do the referred customer installations for me.” ~ Dean Cosgrove, Colorado USA
In addition to being a Certified Automotive Technician, I have specialized training in fuel systems, combustion enhancement, physics, chemistry and thermodynamics.  I founded Eagle-Research in 1984 to research, develop and distribute practical ways to increase vehicle efficiency.  I am an expert in the area of increasing vehicle efficiency.  
I first develop the technology to use myself, then I teach people how to do it themselves.  I do not patent or otherwise control the innovations I teach.  A lot of people now make money by building businesses using what they learned from me.
So who are you going to believe?  
1. The mechanic that does not know what he hasn’t been taught (and has been deliberately misled),
2. or myself; a mechanic that has developed the technology that is NOT taught and has helped hundreds of thousands of people, around the world, achieve higher mileage with an increase in performance, a decrease in harmful emissions and an engine that lasts longer?
Nothing I teach is unknown to the vehicle manufacturers.  It just stays locked up in their secret vaults until/unless they actually HAVE to use it.  For example, my Carburetor Enhancer is identical to technology they used to give oxygen sensor feedback to the 7200 VV carburetor used on mid ’70s Police cars (to compete with EFI).
A thought to remember:  
It is in the ‘vested interest’ of the powers that be for vehicles to burn as much fuel as possible, and to break down as often as possible.  That’s where they make their money.  It’s in your interest to burn as little fuel as possible and have the vehicle last as long as possible.  That’s how you keep your money.
May the blessings be.
George Wiseman

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