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The HyCO 2A works on carbureted and fuel injected vehicles.

It currently gives double the gains of Water as Fuel technologies commonly referred to as on-board electrolyzers or HOD (including our world-class HyZor Technology).

The HyCO 2A kit (cold gasoline vapor system) is a time tested, reliable fuel saving technology that (when fully installed and properly adjusted) typically gets 50% mileage increase.

The HyCO 2A was put on-the-shelf in the early 1990s when most vehicles on the market became fuel injected. It did not work well with fuel injection because it introduces a ‘vacuum leak’ into the intake manifold.  The MAP sensor would note the pressure rise and ADD FUEL, negating the fuel savings!

That problem was solved (embarrassingly not by me) with a simple 15K potentiometer you can pick up for a couple of dollars at Radio Shack.
You can go online and search for “MAP enhancer” to buy one that someone else has made up all nice for you (there are lots on eBay).
The MAP sensor enhancer corrects (like the EFIE does for oxygen sensors) the signal coming from your MAP sensor, so that the vehicle’s computer doesn’t ‘see’ the vacuum leak and doesn’t add additional fuel.

This kit contains only the container and the parts associated directly with it; these are the components that people would otherwise have to build themselves (the HyCO 2A Manual tells you how to build them yourself).

The rest of the components needed to complete the HyCO 2A system installation (wires, hoses, clamps, valves, solenoids, fuel pump, etc.) are available at most automotive supply stores. The cost for the rest of the components varies depending on application, mostly being in the range of $70 to $150 dollars.

The HyCO 2A DVD and HyCO 2A Manual are now included with the purchase of any HyCO 2A Canister.  

To complete a HyCO 2A installation, you do need:
For carbureted vehicles: a basic Carburetor Enhancer Kit,
For fuel injected vehicles: Appropriate EFIE(s) and a MAP Enhancer (buy from eBay).

The HyCO 2A Installation DVD (included), shows, step by step, how to assemble a HyCO 2A canister, install a basic HyCO 2A system and how to tune the HyCO 2A system to enhance your regular fuel system’s efficiency. It has been professionally done and is a real gem. Nothing like this has ever been sold in the ‘fuel saver’ world.

Mechanically inclined people tend to learn things by seeing it done, instead of reading. By both showing the entire concept and the project details, we make the entire assembly process simple to understand. We expect that this video will help achieve our goal of many more successfully completed HyCO 2A systems.

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HyCO 2A canisters won’t be available for the forseeable future. I’m swamped with other projects and don’t have time to ‘re-start’ production of these very practical fuel savers.  Anyone want to volenteer to be a manufacturer?

For people who find the upfront cost of our fuel savers high for their budget, we now offer a financing option (through PayPal) that may allow you to literally pay for your fuel saving investment with your fuel savings!

Thus you can buy this product at literally NO COST higher than you are ALREADY paying NOW!  Here is a fuel savings calculator to find what your fuel savings should be (click).

The financing is 6 equal monthly payments + a small finance fee.
To get the financing, just purchase the product using the PayPal option as you check out (you’ll need a PayPal account) and the financing option will automatically be presented to you during the normal checkout (payment) process.

After the technology is paid off, your fuel (and money) savings will continue!  So from that point you’ll have ‘extra’ money in your pocket!


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