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Eagle-Research, Inc.

Author: George Wiseman
Pages: 10
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
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In the past, fuel savers would not work when applied to fuel injection because those systems have been designed to prevent efficient combustion!

Increasing the combustion efficiency of an engine increases the exhaust oxygen percentage. Most fuel injection engines use an oxygen sensor to infer the air/fuel ratio of the engine, the increased oxygen content in the exhaust is ‘read’ by the computer to be a lean mixture in the engine. The computer then adds extra fuel to bring the pollution back to ‘normal’.

This problem led to the development of the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer (EFIE, pronounced Eee-Fy). The EFIE allows you to safely apply an adjustable offset to the voltage coming from the oxygen sensor, so your vehicle’s computer is unaware that the oxygen content of the exhaust has increased.

The EFIE Manual explains exactly How-To build an EFIE, using parts you can acquire locally. The manual also explains oxygen sensor function and why the EFIE works.

Your Fuel injection system stays original.
(Book cover picture shows home-built EFIE)

EFIE Manual purchase requires an additional fee to have full access to the EFIE Resources.
EFIE Resources access is automatic when you buy an EFIE device or kit.

The cost of buying the components to build your own EFIE is usually greater than just buying the already assembled circuit from Eagle-Research… But if you build your own (or buy an already assembled version), you can add additional options, (described in the EFIE Manual and/or in the EFIE Resources), not included in the basic assembly.

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