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ISBN: 1-895882-02-8
Publisher: Eagle-Research, Inc.
Author: George Wiseman
Pages: 42
Size: 8.5 x 11
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Originally designed for carbureted engines. We have included information to adapt the technology to fuel injected vehicles.

The manual tells you how to build and operate the HyCO 2A system from scratch. Gains of 50% in fuel mileage are common.

All the HyCO systems are named that way because they are fuel evaporative systems; using air. Thus the name HydroCarbon (petro-fuels) Oxygenator (evaporate with air). The HyCO systems are simple and straightforward, designed to be fail-safe and to be built and installed by backyard mechanics.
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PLEASE NOTE:The HyCO 2A DVD is an assistant to this HyCO 2A Manual. It would not be possible to build the HyCO 2A using the DVD alone. The kit shown in the DVD is currently discontinued, because we presently don’t have the manpower to keep it in inventory. However, this Manual and the optional DVD show more than enough information to help you build your own.

We generally recommend the HyCO 2A over the HyZor because the HyCO 2A gets twice the gains that the HyZor does and is virtually maintenance free. The HyZor Technology is simpler to apply and it’s fun to tell people that you are using some Water as Fuel.  (see chart)

Be sure to install a Carburetor Enhancer before applying any fuel saver on a carbureted vehicle.
Be sure to install appropriate MAP Enhancer and EFIEs before applying any fuel saver on a fuel injected vehicle.

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