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What is CEIT?

CEIT is Combustion Enhancement Interface Technology.  
CEIT is meant to help fuel savers work synergistically with existing fuel systems.
The first CEIT was the Carburetor Enhancer, originally developed back in the 1980’s to help the HyCO 2A fuel saving technique enhance carbureted fuel systems.
As Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)  was implemented, additional CEIT has been developed to allow fuel saving technology to be effective on fuel injected systems.  The first CEIT for EFI was the EFIE technology.
As EFI has matured, and become more sophisticated, CEIT has also evolved.  The next CEIT for EFI was MAP Enhancer(s) and now there is a whole range of CEIT to choose from.  The choices depend on the specific fuel system being enhanced and the operation of the fuel saver being applied.

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