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Why does Brown’s Gas supplementation help Health?

Please explain simply and comprehensibly – BG Gas and its positive effects on health – to a 15-year-old student.

Simple and comprehensive are diametrically opposed.
A comprehensive explanation requires many hours to explain and will still leave questions unanswered.
A simple explanation is all I have time for here.  Giving links so you can do a self-study.

The average body is 62% hydrogen, 24% oxygen, 12% carbon and 2% everything else (by volume).
Hydrogen is involved, directly or indirectly in every chemical process in the body.
So hydrogen is our most important MACRO-NUTRIENT, which has been ignored until now.  Hydrogen is a FOOD!
The well touted vitamins and minerals are all micro-nutrients compared to hydrogen.

We cannot just breathe in hydrogen like oxygen, because hydrogen does not exist ‘free’ in nature.
We normally get our hydrogen from our food.  Most of our ‘foods’ foods contain ‘hydro-carbons’ (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon).
Our digestion system prepares our food (acids, enzymes, etc.) and then specialized bacteria in the Colon complete the process of ‘digestion’ releasing the hydrogen… Which then goes directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestines.
Betcha didn’t know you ‘breathe’ in your guts 🙂

By using antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals in our food, we’ve decimated our hydrogen-producing bacteria.  So, most people are NOT getting enough hydrogen to stay healthy.
Without sufficient hydrogen we become ’starved’ even if we eat plenty of food.  De-hydrated in the most basic sense.

Our bodies are AMAZING organic machines.  We have built in ‘safety mechanisms’ to preserve life.  Like how the blood flow is shut off to the extremities to preserve core temperature when the body is threatened with hyopthermia.
The hydrogen starvation causes the body to shut off extraneous (not immediately life threatening) functions in order to preserve life, starting with the regeneration system (so we scar and age) and then features of the immune system (so we get sick and auto-immune disease).  Then start to shut down organs (and we die)…

Thus, by not taking care of our guts properly, eating so many ‘chemicals’ and the modern miracle of antibiotics, we have doomed ourselves to slow and painful aging and death.

But there is now hope for healthful joyous living…  Hydrogen supplementation… Particularly if you also add ExW.

If provided enough hydrogen on a daily basis, most bodies will repair their organs, reactivate their immune systems and regeneration systems.  This does take TIME, as the cells regenerate, each new generation healthier as they get enough hydrogen.

So (with me after I started Brown’s Gas inhalation) my heart, eyes and skin healed (organs that were struggling).  I’d had a heart murmur, wore glasses for 50 years and In more recent years I’d lost the feeling in the palm of my left hand and on both shins (neuropathies).
Now my heart murmur is gone, I don’t wear glasses anymore and I have full feeling back in my hand and legs.

Then my warts (a virus) disappeared.  My immune systems got strong enough to kick out hand warts and a planter’s wart I had on my foot.  So my immune systems came back online.

And then my scars (which are patches instead of healing) disappeared…  THAT was a WOW moment… Because to do that meant that (even though I’m over 60 years old) my body’s stem cells have been reactivated!

Science is proving that virtually all ailments are caused by or exacerbated by…Lack of Hydrogen!  People are ‘de-hydrated’ in the most basic sense of the word.

Caveat:  When inhaling Brown’s Gas, at first supplement SLOWLY.  A few minutes a couple or three times a day.  Increasing by a couple of minutes every day until you are breathing HydrOxy for about 20 minutes three times a day.  After that you should be able to breathe as much as you want, there’s no toxic limit because once the blood is saturated with hydrogen, you breathe OUT as much as you breathe IN.

The reason you start slow is because hydrogen is a FOOD and you’ve been STARVING for a long time.  If you were fasting for a month (from regular food), you wouldn’t start eating again with a 9 course meal (you’d get sick).  You’d start with a little bowl of soup.  Same thing here.

Science is also showing a 30% to 50% healthful life extension with hydrogen supplementation.

There are now MANY ways to supplement with hydrogen, so which is best?   I answer that with this blog:

In my opinion, Brown’s Gas (HydrOxy or HHO) is the best hydrogen for health gas mixture because it also contains oxygen (to balance the hydrogen) and ExW (to provide the ENERGY the body needs to heal).

And of the Brown’s Gas machines, I believe the AquaCure to be the best because:
1. It is a high quality, well priced, practical electrolyzer, designed from over 30 years of electrolyzer building experience.  Built by a company with well established customer service.
2. It is the safest Brown’s Gas electrolyzer on the planet (important when working with a combustible gas)
3. It is designed to conveniently do all 5 of my hydrogen for health protocols

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What Water Distiller Do You Recommend?

All Eagle-Research designed electrolyzers (WaterTorches, ER50 and AquaCure machines) require distilled water to operate efficiently and for extended times.  In fact, NOT using distilled water is cause for invalid Warranty.

Impure water, depending on the impurities, cause poisonous gas formation, sludge formation, foaming, electrode corrosion / disintegration and electrode masking (impurities sticking to the plate).

RO water, De-ionized water, Spring water, ‘Filtered’ water, Good well water, etc. are all NOT PURE ENOUGH!  After decades of experience, the ONLY safe choice is DISTILLED WATER.

Many of people have had issues finding reasonably priced distilled water, or in some cases, any distilled water at all… Or the distilled water is purchased in plastic that isn’t as good as it should be.

And I’ve told them a simple solution is to buy a home water distiller.
They’d then reasonably ask… What water distiller would YOU recommend?  To which, until now, I didn’t have a good answer because I mostly just built my own distiller whenever I needed one.

So I set out on an exploration of the internet, to find out what was out there and found there is now a wide variety, from home build plans to distillers costing over $5000.  I narrowed my search to qualities that would be reasonable in a home of anyone using an ER50 or AquaCure.

There are lots of good options… Frankly you can go in the $150 range and find quite a few that will be adequate… All you need is 50,000 ohm pure water.

But (as an expert in water and distillers) what would I recommend?
After buying a few that I thought would be acceptable,  I found ONE that stood out. WAY OUT!  It’s now the ONLY one I use (and I have one that cost over $2500).  In fact I now use 3 of them in my home.

The quality of this distiller should put it in the $1500 range. It has features (like the pre-heat for light-end gas removal) that my $2500 distiller (and most distillers) don’t have.  I can find NO FAULT anywhere on the engineering of this machine, it’s like they designed my dream water distiller.

I find the pricing of about $400 to be astonishingly LOW for it’s professional, heavy duty quality, that has features NOT included in much more expensive machines AND it’s fully certified practically every way that can be.  It’s presentation is also world-class.  These people did a fantastic job.

Update: Unfortunately… The distributor selling them in North America was ‘shady’ as he was actually just selling off his inventory.
1. He did not honor his marketing agreement with me.
2. He did not service machines that ‘broke down’. (it was an easy $5 fix)
3. He took money from customers, then didn’t send product and did not refund the money.

I have subsequently fixed the machines that my customers bought on my recommendation and am negotiating with the original manufacturer to be the North American distributor.  These are amazing distillers.  It looks like I’ll have inventory to sell you in about 2 months (today in May 6th, 2020)

But in the meantime, virtually ANY distiller will work and you can find plenty of options on Amazon or eBay (Do check out the reviews).
Recent study shows the WaterWise 9000 to be a good one (I haven’t tried it yet).  I have tried the WaterWise 4000 and found it acceptable.

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Reliably Stopping a BG Backfire

Fire (combustion) requires three things to ‘burn’.
1. a fuel source (in this case, hydrogen)
2. oxygen
3. heat (including ignition energy)
In this case we are dealing with a gas (Brown’s Gas, HHO, BG, HydrOxy, etc.) that IS a perfect (stoichiometric) combustible fuel mixture (of hydrogen and oxygen) so fuel is no problem.
The BG can be ignited with static electrical spark or by compressing or by raising it’s temperature or with a shock wave or with something as simple as inserting a sharp point into the gas (or a combination of the above).  
Once ignited, the combustion provides it’s own heat to self propagate.
Note: When igniting a torch that is using BG as a fuel, the gas coming out of the torch orifice MUST exceed the open air burning velocity of the BG flame (about 22 fps) or the flame will burn back into the torch itself.  As long as the gas velocity is coming out of the torch faster than the BG can burn back, you are fine.
Once a BG flame is burning in an enclosed area it accelerates to detonation velocities (> 5000 fps) and the resulting ‘bang’ sounds like a rife shot.
NOTE: The BG really isn’t a ‘thermal’ flame as much as an ‘electrical’ flame.  Releasing it’s electrons into whatever it contacts… Which is why a tiny flame that measures less than 300°F with an infrared thermometer can melt tungsten at > 5000°F.  
The point is, if you have inadvertently allowed your torch flame to enter your torch, you are now trying stop the combustion of a high velocity (shock wave) high energy (electrons) gas.  
To stop the combustion of any flame you must remove one (or more) of it’s ignition requirements.
In our case, removing the fuel or oxygen is out of the question, because both are inextricably mixed together.
So our only option is to remove the heat and shockwave.
I’ve experimented (since 1986) on various ways to reliably stop this combustion.  
The traditional torch check valves are useless.  They are meant to stop combustible gasses from mixing.  BG is already mixed… And the BG is burning far too fast for a mechanical device to respond before the combustion is already past.
The traditional torch ‘backfire’ screen (designed to suck the ‘heat from the flame and thus ‘quench it’ is useless because the high energy combustion simply vaporizes the fine screen and the shock wave goes right through it in any case.
Even a tightly closed solenoid valve will not stop a BG backfire once the detonation reaches it’s full velocity (in about 2 feet of hose) because the shockwave goes right through the solid metal and ‘ignites’ the BG on the other side.  
Imagine my surprise when I learned that fact as I was designing systems for automatic shutoff of shapers (CNC controlled torch tables).  I did solve that issue BTW, using an ‘air purge’ apparatus.
Metal wool is a common solution to stopping BG backfires because it does absorb both heat and shockwave… But it is NOT reliable and is inconvenient.  You can increase reliability by making sure the wool is wet, so it absorbs more heat and shockwave.  But for it to work, it needs to be compressed tightly and very wet, so often restricts the flow of the BG.  Also, fine metal wool is FULL of sharp points and edges which can ignite the BG and finally, BG often has some electrolyte come out with it, which eventually plugs up metal wool filled backfire arresters.
And FYI, while the BG flame is MADE from water, it does not ‘burn under water’ any better than any other torch fuel gas… In fact, if you try it you will almost certainly cause your torch to backfire because the water mass and pressure will slow the gas velocity coming out of the torch orifice enough that the flame will ‘burn back’ into the torch.
So… The ONLY reliable and easily maintained backfire arrestor I’ve discovered (some of which are still operational since 1986) are liquid bath (usually water) bubblers that separate the gas into fine bubbles and bubble up through at least 4 inches of water.  Such bubblers reliably absorb both the heat and shockwave of the backfire.
NOTE: even a poorly designed bubbler will not work because the BG shockwave can ‘jump’ from bubble to bubble, thus traveling down through the liquid and past the bubbler.  This is why you must have fine bubbles, and enough water depth so that both the heat and shockwave are reliably dissipated.

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What’s the BEST way to get hydrogen into my body?

Whooo… That’s a short question with a loooong answer.

First, there are now MANY ‘hydrogen’ technologies that you can choose from.  None are ‘bad’ but most are not ‘optimal’, selling you more hype than effectiveness.

There are ‘older’ technologies that ‘accidentally’ used hydrogen supplementation to be effective like colloidal silver, ‘flow-through’ electrolyzers (that are now ‘re-positioning’ themselves as ‘hydrogen generators’ instead of ‘high pH’) and Brown’s Gas (which wasn’t originally considered as a ‘health’ gas, it’s a cross-over from being a torch fuel-gas and from enhancing combustion of carbon based fuels)…

To ‘newer’ technologies like magnesium tablets, batch electrolyzers and pure hydrogen generators (pure hydrogen as opposed to the Brown’s Gas trifecta of gasses).

You are going to be hearing a LOT MORE about all these hydrogen technologies in the near future because now that ‘science’ has discovered ‘hydrogen for health’ it is poised to become a Health PHENOMENON as dozens of companies jump on the ‘hydrogen’ bandwagon!!!

1. Bottled Hydrogen, which can be purchased from your local welding supply store.  example 1,  example 2…  Lots of people and scientific studies use this simple, straightforward solution.

There are two reasons I don’t.
First, convenience.  It takes time, money, storage rent and handle bottles.
Second, effectiveness.  BG is a more theraputic gas because of it’s trifecta (read more below).

2. Flow-Through Electrolyzers (often called water ionizers) are GOOD and have been around for over 40 years!
You’ll definitely get your ‘health’ money’s worth with nearly any of them (they are much better than nothing).  I like Kangan best, because you DO get what you pay for.  BUT they are all pricy for what you actually get.  example1  example2  example3  example4
I personally OWN a Kangan K8, purchased before I knew better… I did a lot of comparison research and now it’s a doorstop.  I cannot return it (because their return policy is pretty much non-existent) and I have no idea how to sell it…
What you WANT (I assume) is the world’s HEALTHIEST water.  What you GET (with an ionizer) is pretty damn good… but not the best.
Flow through electrolyzers make what they call Electrically Reduced Water (ERW) which does not contain the trifecta constituents of BG, (pretty much only the hydrogen), so you do not get the advantages of the Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) or oxygen.



And (Vitally Important) you cannot breathe the gas generated by an ionizer, you can ONLY do the drinking and soaking protocols… So the health benefits are severely limited.

The flow through electrolyzers also do not totally CLEAN the water of impurities, in fact they USE the impurities in the water to ‘function’ (you can’t do electrolysis in pure water).  They use electrical fields and electrical conductivity (of impure water) to separate the water’s ‘acid’ constituents from the ‘alkaline’ constituents; supposedly making ‘healthy alkaline‘ water.



What they were actually making (without even knowing it) was hydrogen rich water (HRW); because the electrolysis was splitting some of the water into hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen being added to the ‘cathode’ water (which was incidentally higher pH).
The ‘high pH’ myth-understanding (and subsequent 40 year myth-promotion by ionizer companies) has now been scientifically proven false.
A scientific study removed the hydrogen but kept the pH and the health benefits disappeared.  They then took away the high pH and left the hydrogen and the health benefits remained.  Quite frankly, they made an assumption that it was the pH that was giving the health gains and it was a mistake that has caused a ‘high pH’ fad.  You can read more about it here:

They (most of them) often even ADD impurities to the water because the ‘flow-through’ type of electrolysis usually exceeds the electro-deposition voltage of the electrodes, causing them to degrade and that degradation puts the plate materials into the outgoing water.


These ‘flow-through’ electrolyzers (often called ionizers’) have the electrode metal in contact with the fluid you are going to drink.
This is particularly important because of something called ‘electro-deposition’ where metal is electrically removed from one electrode (the anode) and deposited on another electrode (the cathode).  

If the fluid (you drink) is ‘flowing’ between the electrodes then some of that metal (as micro-ions) actually flows out with your drinking water.

So the ionizer companies try to mitigate this effect by using materials with very high electro-deposition voltages. Where the voltage has to be very high before it will start tearing metal from the electrodes.
Metals like platinum (if high quality) or titanium (less quality). Electro-deposition happens at higher cell voltages, which the AquaCure (none of my design of electrolyzers) does NOT have. We use a catalyst that keeps the cell voltages very low, under the electro-deposition voltage of our 316L stainless steel electrodes, so our electrodes do not degrade and even if they did, the ‘material’ would stay in the machine, not come out with the gas.

The ionizer companies try to mitigate this degradation by using materials with high electro-deposition voltages (like titanium and platinum) to make their electrodes (plates) but it still happens.
They’ve also mistakenly (for decades) assumed and promoted the high pH (alkaline) water as the reason for the health benefits.  This myth has been thoroughly and scientifically disproven.
They now know that the pH is not what made the resulting water healthy (due to recent conclusive scientific evidence) and are re-positioning themselves to highlight the hydrogen that was ‘incidentally’ created, put into the water by the electrolysis process and is the ACTUAL reason for the healthful effects.
They would still have you believe that the ‘alkaline’ minerals left in the ‘high’ pH water are healthy, but they don’t tell you is that much of that ‘alkaline’ material left in the water is non-bio-available (is essentially unhealthy gunk).

They ‘market’ this contaminated water as ‘healthy’ by calling it ‘alkaline’ (high pH)…
but just because water has a high pH doesn’t automatically make it healthy.
When I put lye into water, the resulting solution has a pH of 13 (extreme alkaline), but drinking it would be VERY unhealthy!
What you WANT is PURE water that has a higher pH because of negative (electron rich) hydrogen ions and NOT because of mineral gunk.
As far as I know, Brown’s Gas does that best, because of it’s hydrogen and ExW components!
They also don’t tell you (usually) how MUCH time and money it’s going to cost to maintain your flow through ionizer, which significantly adds to the ongoing cost.
Flow through electrolyzers require frequent internal cleanings (because the plates get gunked up) that are best done by total disassembly (usually at factory to maintain warranty).
They also don’t tell you that flow-through ionizers typically have mold buildup in the water output hose.  Brown’s Gas electrolyzers do NOT develop mold..
So if you do buy an ionizer, get one that frequently reverses the current across the plates, this technique will keep the plates clean longer.  Because as they get dirty, the electrolysis process slows down and stops… eliminating the production of hydrogen.  They get ‘dirty’ as impurities in your tap water electro-deposit on the cathode.
They also don’t tell you that in order to have electrolysis in tap water, they need to use voltages FAR ABOVE the electrodeposition voltage of most metals, so the electrolyzer plates will fairly quickly dissolve away (into the water you drink).



So you want to buy ionizers that have platinum plates because platinum has a higher electro-deposition voltage and won’t dissolve as quickly.
Titanium is a cheaper but less effective option.  Anything less than titanium shouldn’t be considered for ionizing technology (you’d just be wasting your money on a very short lived machine and poisoning yourself).
On the other hand, Brown’s Gas electrolyzers (like our AquaCure) use an electrolysis technology that uses low voltage, so less expensive stainless steel electrolyzer plates will not decompose and will usually last a lifetime.



We use a totally different electrolysis technology, now called ‘integrated dry cell’.  Which we optimize to keep the cell voltages low (using a catalyst) and thus we do NOT have the electrode decomposition.
Further, ANY impurities stay in the electrolyzer (only pure gas comes out as proven by spectrographic tests) so you’ll have NO negative health effects from impurities.

Note: Ionizers may not optimize the hydrogen saturation of the water anyway.  When I take water from my Kangan K8 and bubble BG through it, I further raise the pH (by at least a factor of 10) and further lower the ORP (by about -250) and I do this WITHOUT cheating (I call adding minerals cheating).
I’m increasing potential of Hydrogen (pH) by adding hydrogen, not by adding (or concentrating) non-bio-available minerals that are alkaline but do nothing for you (in spite of the ‘claims’).
Note: If you use Distilled water (or RO water rated at least 50,000 ohms), you do not need to run it through an ionizer to make it ready to bubble with BG.  I just do it because I already have the Kangan and might as well use it.  In my opinion, the ERW made from ionizers is not worth the extra price and maintenance.  You get healthy water by bubbling pure water with BG AND you can breathe the BG.
3. Batch IONIZERS (different than batch electrolyzers)  example1   example2
First, like flow through ionizers, batch ionizers not only DON’T use pure water, they NEED contaminated water to work; water will NOT conduct electricity unless there are impurities in it.  So you are automatically drinking contaminated water when using these technologies.
Second, plates degrade if the cell voltage is higher than the electrodeposition voltage of the plate material.  So, if the cell voltage is kept low, ordinary stainless steel plates won’t degrade (I have electrolyzers I’ve used for decades and the plates are still as good as new).
But EVERY ionizer tries to push as much amperage as possible (to treat the water quickly) AND higher voltage pushes more amperage, so stainless steel plates WOULD degrade, so would titanium.  Depositing MORE non-bio-available elements into your water, further contaminating it.
The REASON they coat the titanium plates with platinum is that platinum has a very high electrodeposition voltage, so they can push more amperage without plate degradation.
NOTE: If you are going to ‘electroplate’ your electrodes with platinum anyway, you could use ANY conductive metal as the base, because all the ‘fluid’ is seeing, is the platinum.  So the talk of platinum covered titanium plates is HYPE, because the only metal that matters is the platinum.
So… Batch ionizers do put hydrogen and oxygen into the water, but it’s automatically contaminated water (right from the tap) which can be further contaminated if your plates degrade…
And most are not set up to BREATHE the resulting gases, so you only get a fraction of the potential health benefits.
4.  ‘Colloidal Silver’ water.  example1  example2
Colloidal silver solution is a very good antibiotic but… (what most people don’t realize) the manufacturing process ALSO puts Brown’s Gas into the water because colloidal silver is ‘made’ using batch electrolysis in a single cell without a membrane (simple BG electrolyzer).
The main problem is that most people do not use the mixture soon enough (within a day) to fully optimize the benefits of the Brown’s Gas  (which dissipates from the fluid).  This method also depends on impure water to allow the electrolysis to happen and I think drinking impure water is a bad idea.  This technology also doesn’t allow you to breathe the gas.
5. Magnesium tablets, bars, powder, etc.,  example1  example2  example3 microhydrin    FAQ  Article
1. One way to do this properly (not poison yourself with magnesium oxide) is to use tablets that are designed to mainly make magnesium hydroxide.  The active magnesium reacts with water to produce molecular hydrogen (H2) and magnesium hydroxide [Mg(OH)2] according to the reaction: Mg + 2H2O — H2 + Mg(OH)
2. The magnesium hydroxide is then neutralized by the organic acids leaving magnesium ions and their conjugate bases (Mg(OH)2 + malic acid/tartaric acid — Mg2+ + malate + tartrate).  Here is a DIY video.
These forms of magnesium are supposedly bio-available and many people are magnesium deficient so there’s a double gain (hydrogen and magnesium).  The four downsides are:
1. that if you do too many of these tablets you could develop hypermagnesemia (magnesium poisoning) and
2. depending on the technique used some of the magnesium turns into magnesium oxide, which is also a poison and
3. if impure magnesium is used (like some coming from China) you could get heavy metal poisoning and
4. the ongoing purchase of enough tablets to get you healthy and keep you healthy gets accumulatively expensive.
You should do this in pure water so ‘other’ impurities don’t form in the reaction and use a high quality product from a reputable supplier, like
People using PURE elemental magnesium (not the mixture indicated above) to create hydrogen and then claiming you get your daily allotment of magnesium from such tablets are false.  Just because the magnesium is there, does NOT mean your body can use it.
PURE elemental magnesium is NOT bio-available and the chemical reaction to make hydrogen from pure magnesium results in magnesium oxide (a black gunk that is definitely not bio-available) and molecular hydrogen… So when using the tablets, powder or bars, you may be ingesting a non-bio-available black gunk that your body then needs to deal with (try to eject or store somewhere as deposits).
In other words, they would like you to believe that the magnesium in the tablets fulfills the body’s need for magnesium… And unless it’s done properly, that is FAR from the truth.  Magnesium Oxide is NOT bio-available.

In addition, magnesium tablets do not make ExW and you can’t ‘breathe’ the gas.

You also have to keep ‘buying’ the tablets, instead of just buying an electrolyzer and ‘making’ all the BG you want/need.
The low cost of a bottle (maybe $50 each) quickly adds up so that it’s much more expensive than an AquaCure in the long run, you do not get the oxygen or ExW and the ‘health protocol‘ options are limited.
Note that these technologies claim up to 3 ppm of hydrogen in water, which is about double the normal hydrogen saturation at standard atmospheric temperature and pressure (SATP).
They usually achieve this (temporarily) by sealing the bottle so the pressure rises, allowing the hydrogen concentration in the water to be higher (normal gas ‘partial pressure’ physics).  This effect is very temporary, the gas releasing from the water almost as soon as the pressure is relieved (open the jar).
You can do the same thing with any hydrogen generating technology (including BG).  Increase the pressure and you’ll get a higher concentration of gas in the water.  Also helps to cool the water; as cool water holds more gas than hot.
While a high concentration of hydrogen in water is good, it’s not that big of a deal.  If you REALLY want to have a lot of hydrogen in your body, then INHALE the gas.  You’ll get 100+ times more hydrogen than you could possibly get by drinking hydrogen enhanced water.
For example, when I breathe enough gas to have 4% of my intake breath to be hydrogen, then it takes me about 12 seconds to intake the same amount of hydrogen that can normally be infused into water (about 32 cc when at 1.6 ppm).
However, these pills may be a short term solution for some people who are traveling without their BG generator.
Some quick math you can skip if you wish and go directly to #6 Batch Electrolyzers:



Grams of hydrogen dissolved in 100 g of water when the total pressure above the solution is 1 atm and 293 K..
= 0.00016…   x10 = 0.0016 grams of hydrogen per liter (1000 grams) of water



According to the Ideal Gas Law, 1 mole of any ideal gas at STP, or standard temperature and pressure, takes up 22.4 liters of space. Therefore, at STP, 6.022 * 10^23 molecules take up 22.4 liters of space.
1 mole of H2 = 2 grams = 22.4 liters at STP

22.4 * 0.0016 = 0.03584 STP liters of hydrogen stored in water.

So according to this math, 1 liter of water can normally ’store’ about 36 cc of gaseous hydrogen,
assuming the ambient pressures, temperatures and partial gas pressure conditions.

If you are BREATHING hydrogen at 4% in the intake breath (and for me that is about 12 lph),
That’s breathing a liter (1000 cc’s) every 5 minutes, or 3 cc’s per second or 36 cc about every 12 seconds of intake breath.

So 12 seconds of breathing hydrogen gives me as much hydrogen as drinking a liter of hydrogen saturated water.

6. Batch electrolyzers.
These are a fairly low cost and portable way to get hydrogenated water.  They often look like modified sports bottles.  example1  example2  example3  example4
They SAY their bottles work with distilled or reverse osmosis water, and they WILL, for awhile.
But in fact, contaminated (unpure) water will plug them up fast (preventing future function) very quickly.  You NEED to put the purest water you can find (should be distilled) into these bottles.
Even with the purest water, these bottles will stop working in a relatively short time, just a side effect of the PEM technology that the menbrane gets plugged on a microscopic level and it cannot (as far as I know) be completely cleaned.  If you use tap water, the membrane will plug really fast.
Two ‘other’ severe disadvantages of PEM/SPE membranes are:
1. you cannot allow them to freeze, EVER.  The water in them is pure and if allowed to freeze even once, the expanding ice destroys the membrane.
2. they MUST use exotic metals (like platinum or Iridium) with really high electrodeposition voltages because those metals are in direct contact with the water you are drinking… If the metal decomposes under the stress of electrolysis, that metal is now in the water you are drinking. 
Note that titanium is NOT good enough for this type of electrolyzer.  
On the other hand, simple stainless steel is fine for  Brown’s Gas electrolyzers because (if they are designed properly) the cell voltages are under the electro-deposition voltage of iron, so the electrodes do not decompose and ANY impurities are left in the electrolyzer anyway.
They don’t need a catalyst (like lye) in the water, because they use proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology which uses a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE); essentially a solid state catalyst; instead of a ‘free floating catalyst’ like sodium hydroxide.
The biggest problem with PEM technology (even when it’s working) is that you ONLY GET HYDROGEN.
If that’s all you want, then you are good to go.
But if you want the NEXT GENERATION of hydrogen for health therapeutic gas, you also want the oxygen and Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) in your gas mixture.  The trifecta of health gasses.
Brown’s Gas (aka HydrOxy or HHO), generated by our technology, gives you that trifecta.  Most hydrogen for health promoters don’t even know what ExW is, let alone how it super-charges the health aspects of hydrogen… And we’ve already developed the technology to the world’s highest standard.
So, SPE/PEM technology usually throws away the oxygen and doesn’t make ExW.
You also can’t breathe the resulting gas from most of these bottles (which is usually only a very small amount anyway).
Here’s a video that tells you the SAFER type of bottle technology to use and it’s very logical.
It IS CORRECT that you do not want the poisonous impurities in your water…
BUT is NOT CORRECT that you want ONLY hydrogen in your water.
For maximum health benefit you also want oxygen (not ozone) and you DO want Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) in your water.
But again, because you NEED pure water for these bottles or you’ll also get other impurities (whatever is in the water) in your drinking water, even with the SPE/PEM technology.
And finally, if you are like me, you want something you buy to keep working for a really long time.
We design our AquaCure machines to last for a minumum of 20 years… Which is why they come with a lifetime warranty.
7. Hydrogen Electrolyzers (aka hydrogen generators).
example1   example2  example3  example4
Here’s where it gets a little tricky.  The fad is currently ‘hydrogen for health’ and the ‘pure hydrogen’ generators are essentially an electrolyzer (like the Brown’s Gas machines) that split water into hydrogen and oxygen… but they often throw away the oxygen and never make the ExW.
NO PEM/SPE electrolyzer can make Brown’s Gas.  By design there is a ‘membrane’ (the SPE) between the electrodes that prevents the production of ExW portion of Brown’s Gas.



PEM is essentially an obsolete technology as far as health application is concerned.  Eventually the public will become informed and stop buying them.
These electrolyzers ‘sell’ because people ‘believe’ that MORE hydrogen is better.  This is an incorrect assumption.   And inhaling the Brown’s Gas for 12 seconds puts as much hydrogen in the blood as drinking a liter of 1.6 ppm hydrogen saturated water.


Many of the PEM/SPE electrolyzer manufacturer’s CLAIM to be making Brown’s Gas because their machines make 66% Hydrogen and 33% oxygen.

And they DO make 66% Hydrogen and 33% oxygen

But that doesn’t make it Brown’s Gas.  Their machine makes PURE H2 and PURE O2 in a (if you recombine them) 2:1 ratio.  It’s like combining H2 and O2 from bottles.

Brown’s Gas, while being 66.66% Hydrogen and 33.33% Oxygen, is NOT pure H2 and O2.  The hydrogen and oxygen are present in 6 different constituents, as detailed here:

The main difference is that  Brown’s Gas contains ExW and pure oxygen-hydrogen mixtures do not.

The ‘reason’ the ‘pure hydrogen for health’ advocates often chose to throw away the oxygen is because of cheap methods of measuring hydrogen in water, using inexpensive meters and even less expensive tritiation.

These inexpensive methods of measuring hydrogen do NOT WORK when oxygen is also present, so they ‘claim’ their machines make a higher percentage of hydrogen in the fluid than Brown’s Gas because (when they throw away the oxygen) they can then measure the hydrogen (that was always there anyway).
The fact is that water will hold BOTH hydrogen and oxygen at the same time, fully saturating with both gasses.  These are natural phenomenon, well known in physics (as partial pressure and saturation laws) and can be measured / proven with expensive ($20,000+) meters that can measure both hydrogen and oxygen at the same time.
Thus Brown’s Gas bubbled water has just as much hydrogen as ‘hydrogen only’ bubbled water but you’ll see ‘hype’ using cheap measuring techniques that inappropriately try to ‘prove’ differently.
In conclusion, hydrogen alone is good, even very good, but you pay for an electrolyzer that DOESN’T optimize your health.  You do not get the ‘trifecta’ of hydrogen, oxygen and ExW!
It isn’t ONLY the bubbling of water, it’s the breathing of the gas(es).  You can not get the FULL benefit of hydrogen unless you ALSO have the ExW!  
And throwing away the oxygen is just ‘stupid’ (in my opinion) because you need that TOO, to balance out the hydrogen in the breathing gas.
ONLY Brown’s Gas (aka BG, HHO, HydrOxy, etc.) can give you the FULL TRIFECTA!
8. Brown’s Gas (HHO, HydrOxy, etc.) electrolyzers (aka generators).
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Brown’s Gas is the NEXT GENERATION of hydrogen for health technology!  Like when people were all about switching to compact fluorescent because it was 3 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs…
I went to LEDs because they were 6 times more efficient than incandescent.
BG is like that… Anyone using one of the above 7 technologies is NOT optimizing their health benefits.
Properly designed Brown’s Gas electrolyzers will last for decades with minimal maintenance.  You can infuse (by bubbling) PURE water with THREE important gasses, hydrogen, oxygen and Electrically Expanded Water (ExW), creating the most healthful water on the planet…
Brown’s Gas bubbled water enhances all water based life forms, plants, fish, birds, mammals, including humans.
Further, unlike most of the ‘enhanced water’ hydrogen infusions (above) you can BREATHE Brown’s Gas for health benefits, some of which can ONLY be achieved with inhalation.
Believe me, I have the wherewithal and knowledge to use ANY of the technologies above (buy or build from scratch).  I chose BG because I consider it to be the BEST solution to effectively getting ‘hydrogen’ into my body.
That I SELL BG machines makes my ‘reports’ (like this one) less credible, but I cannot help that.  Check out the facts for yourself.
I just try to be honest and (as you can see above) show you the options ‘out there’.  I’m in a position to enhance my own health AND that of millions of people, so I’m doing it the best way I know how.
That said, I caution you to choose your BG machine wisely.  While BG is totally non-toxic and healthful, it is DANGEROUS (explosive) if generated and handled improperly.
Just because a machine will make BG, DOESN’T mean that it will do so safely for any particular application.  The safety and practical use features need to match the application to be safe.
There are going to be a lot of people ‘repurposing’ BG technologies that were developed for fuel saving in 2008, like this one.  And this one.
Also, you might be tempted to just purchase a BG welding machine (off eBay) and use it for BG for health application because the price is MUCH less than the AquaCure.
What you DON’T GET with the above cheaper options is my decades of experience of building SAFE PRACTICAL electrolyzers, specifically optimized for the intended application (in this case to be used in a home (or clinic) environment around children and invalids.
I DO use a VING China Chassis (because I could get it for 1/10th the cost of equivalent parts in the USA) BUT then I literally take it completely apart and EXTENSIVELY modify and upgrade it to beyond UL/CSA safety standards; resulting in the world’s SAFEST and most PRACTICAL BG for health generator.
To do this costs me time and money (about a day’s work on each one, to take it apart, modify some components, toss out cheap components, add better components and make my upgrades).
If built entirely in the USA, I’d have to retail an equivalent at $5000.  By using a VING as the chassis, I can retail it for $2500.  Do not think that because the AquaCure looks like a VING, that it is a VING… It is NOT!
With BG I can do my protocols, making BG my personal ‘hydrogen for health’ choice.
And that’s not all… Wait, there’s MORE :))
With Brown’s Gas (HydrOxy, HHO, whatever you call it) you can make NEW WATER, which, if experiments prove out, will be the most important innovation EVER!  (it will be the NEXT health phenomenon, I assure you)… And NONE of the other ‘options’ listed above will be able to do it.  My AquaCure has this potential BUILT IN, so when I release the ‘how-to’ information ALL my AquaCure customers will be able to upgrade easily.
I consider hydrogen to be the molecule closest to GOD.  Most of the Universe is composed of hydrogen.  It’s been observed that hydrogen spontaneously appears and disappears in space.
I joke that if you release hydrogen on the surface of the planet, it immediately tries to ‘return to God’ (rises).  There is evidence, that ‘everything’ (all matter) is ‘made from’ (transmuted) hydrogen.
With ‘new water’ you’ll be able to ‘program’ water to replicate ANY food, medicine for zero ‘side effect’ treatments.  New water can even transmute into other materials.
I believe we have the world’s most practical Brown’s Gas technology, with the AquaCure setting the Gold Standard in Brown’s Gas for Health application.
You are going to see lots of hydrogen and BG (HHO, HydrOxy) electrolyzers pop up, but NONE to date are as effective, safe and practical to use as the AquaCure.
9. Bacteria… There is ongoing research where people are trying to replicate and enhance the hydrogen producing’ bacteria that should be residing in your Colon.
For the time being, I’m trying to find diets that give these bacteria what they need to thrive, so you can produce your OWN hydrogen (as God intended).
In the meantime, the BG supplementation is still important because of the ExW, which provides an ‘electrical’ energy to the body, which the body can use to heal ills.
Normally people’s Colon bacteria produce 12 Liters of hydrogen per day.
This is about 1 gram of hydrogen (your most important macro-nutrient) that is intended to do ‘everything’ in the body.
Babies get their ‘first’ gut bacteria from the birth canal and from mother’s milk… So the mother having ‘good’ bacteria is vital to her baby’s whole life. 
People are recognizing that the gut microbiome is VITAL to health and longevity… without making the connection to the HYDROGEN!


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Can the AquaCure make a room explode?

Hydrogen gas (the part of BG that is combustible) needs to be at least 4% in air by volume before it is combustible.  
Hydrogen rises VERY fast and diffuses in air VERY fast, so even a minimal ventilation would prevent a combustible mixture from forming in the room.  
Let’s do some math.  A 3 meter cube (a small room) contains 27,000 liters of space.  4% of 27,000 is 1,080 liters.
Assuming your electrolyzer makes 50 liters of hydrogen per hour, there would be (at least) 20 hours of continous use before a combustible mixture could form.
BUT: Hydrogen is a very tiny molecule and can fit through the smallest of cracks (it even travels through metals).  So it is almost impossible to contain in a room that has ANY ventilation.  Just opening a door once in awhile will ventilate a room enough to prevent a combustible mixture.
And this doesn’t take into account if a person is breathing the BG, so some of the hydrogen is being ‘consumed’ by the breather(s); just like oxygen is a room is consumed by breather(s).  
So, for practicality, just assume that if the room is ventilated well enough so that the breather(s) have enough fresh oxygen to breathe, that there can NEVER be a combustible mixture in the room (from an electrolyzer producing such small quantities of hydrogen). 

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Is my water pure enough? & How do I test it?

Q&D way to test for water purity:
Get your ohm meter and get a container of distilled water.Set up two (or more) glass or plastic (glass preferred) trays for your testing waters.
At room temperature and right away (to prevent carbon dioxide, from the air, contaminating the water) pour your distilled water into one of the trays. 
Find the distance you need to hold your probes apart to get a reading of 500,000 ohms.  Do the same test in whatever water you choose, to see if the water is (or even close) to 500,000 ohms (or better is preferred).Some helpful links:

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How much water should I drink?

That question is answered in many places on the internetMayo Clinic advise.
HOWEVER, lots of people don’t realize the true importance (to their health) of drinking
A. enough water everyday,
B. what kind of water to drink and
C. when to drink it.

A. How much water is ENOUGH?

Your weight: The first step to knowing the minimum water to drink everyday is to know your weight. A 200 pound man and 100 pound woman require different amounts of water every day.
Multiply by 2/3: Next you want to multiple your weight by 2/3 (or 67%) to determine the minimum of water to drink daily. For example, if you weighed 175 pounds you would multiple that by 2/3 and learn you should be drinking about 117 ounces of water every day. There are 32 ounces in a quart, so drink about 3.6 quarts a day… Betcha aren’t 🙂
Activity Level: Finally you will want to adjust that number based on how often you work out, since you are expelling water when you sweat and breathe. Your body also needs more water to expel the metabolic toxins.  You should add 12 ounces of water to your daily total for every 30 minutes that you work out. So if you work out for 45 minutes daily, you would add 18 ounces of water to your daily intake.

B. What KIND of water should you drink?
What most water ‘experts’ don’t tell you is that MOST of the water people actually drink is DEHYDRATING!  I’m not even talking about the pseudo-hydration people drink (coffee, soft-drinks, sports drinks, etc.) I’m talking about straight water.
Please watch this 1.5 hour video “Your Brain on Water” to see Dr. Corinne Allen speak on hydration.  Note that she is convinced that Kangen water is the best, because she doesn’t yet know about HydrOxy water.  But she is CORRECT on all her other facts.
You want your water to be CLEAN.  MOST impurities in water cause problems in the body. Most minerals in water are NOT bio-available (you get bio-available minerals from plants)! Tap water also contains hormones, toxins, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Read more here.
You want your water to be high pH (potential of hydrogen), but ONLY because it is PURE water that contains extra HYDROGEN.  It’s the HYDROGEN that makes the water to be a superior anti-oxidant (better than vitamin C).  Many technologies CHEAT by adding minerals to increase pH and fraudulently advertise this as ‘healthy’ alkaline.  Kangan machines (and many other technologies) can add hydrogen to water; but which is the healthiest?
You want your water to be LOW oxygen reduction potential (ORP).This is VITAL… This is what actually causes water to be HYDRATING!
It’s pretty simple, yet medical science has MISSED IT for hundreds of years.
ORP is measured with a milliamp meter.  For amps to ‘flow’ you need a difference in electrical potential; which literally means one area has more ELECTRONS than another area.  Electrons have a NEGATIVE charge.
If the water is electron deficient, it will TAKE electrons from your body (dehydrating).  If the water is electron rich, it will GIVE electrons to your body (hydrating).
The ORP meter is ‘neutral’ so if there is a deficiency of electrons, the reading will be positive (most tap water will be positive >400 mA).  If there is an EXCESS of electrons, the reading will be negative (BG or HydrOxy bubbled water will read – 250 mA or less).
Bubbling BG through water makes water electron rich because of the Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) component of BG.  ExW is water that has ‘soaked up’ electricity like a sponge soaks up water, turning into a gaseous form of water that is not water vapor or steam.  ExW will not condense if cooled like water vapor will.  ExW is water’s fourth state of matter, a plasma (ionized gas).
ExW contains bio-available ENERGY that the body can directly use to heal itself, activate stem cells, kill pathogens, etc.  Which is why breathing the BG (in addition to drinking BG bubbled water) is so effective.
C. WHEN you drink your water is important to optimal health.   Every-body is different so you’ll need to modify these suggestions to fit what works for you.
1. Drink at least a quart (liter) of BG bubbled water immediately upon waking up in the morning.
2. Set up bottles and routine to drink your daily water throughout the day.
3. If you feel hungry, DRINK BG bubbled water first; as much as a quart.  If the hunger persists, THEN have a light meal or snack.  MOST people confuse thirst for hunger.
Your body is composed of 62% hydrogen.  It needs hydrogen for EVERYTHING. Hydrogen is your most important nutrient.  Water is the low calorie, low carbohydrate way the body can get hydrogen.  When you eat ‘food’ you also get hydrogen as the bacteria in your colin break the ‘hydrocarbon’ food apart into hydrogen and carbon; but food also adds calories and carbs.
4. DO drink a quart (liter) of BG bubbled water before a meal, then wait 20 to 30 minutes before eating.  This lowers the NEED for excess food to get your hydrogen, helps the body increase it’s metabolic rate, provides water for acid formation to help digest food, increases the density of the blood to help nutrition reach the cells, etc.
5. Sip BG bubbled water constantly during exercise.  You would be amazed at how much water the body needs to work efficiently.