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Can the AquaCure make a room explode?

Hydrogen gas (the part of BG that is combustible) needs to be at least 4% in air by volume before it is combustible.  
Hydrogen rises VERY fast and diffuses in air VERY fast, so even a minimal ventilation would prevent a combustible mixture from forming in the room.  
Let’s do some math.  A 3 meter cube (a small room) contains 27,000 liters of space.  4% of 27,000 is 1,080 liters.
Assuming your electrolyzer makes 50 liters of hydrogen per hour, there would be (at least) 20 hours of continous use before a combustible mixture could form.
BUT: Hydrogen is a very tiny molecule and can fit through the smallest of cracks (it even travels through metals).  So it is almost impossible to contain in a room that has ANY ventilation.  Just opening a door once in awhile will ventilate a room enough to prevent a combustible mixture.
And this doesn’t take into account if a person is breathing the BG, so some of the hydrogen is being ‘consumed’ by the breather(s); just like oxygen is a room is consumed by breather(s).  
So, for practicality, just assume that if the room is ventilated well enough so that the breather(s) have enough fresh oxygen to breathe, that there can NEVER be a combustible mixture in the room (from an electrolyzer producing such small quantities of hydrogen). 

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Is my water pure enough? & How do I test it?

Q&D way to test for water purity:
Get your ohm meter and get a container of distilled water.Set up two (or more) glass or plastic (glass preferred) trays for your testing waters.
At room temperature and right away (to prevent carbon dioxide, from the air, contaminating the water) pour your distilled water into one of the trays. 
Find the distance you need to hold your probes apart to get a reading of 500,000 ohms.  Do the same test in whatever water you choose, to see if the water is (or even close) to 500,000 ohms (or better is preferred).Some helpful links:

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How much water should I drink?

That question is (supposedly) answered in many places on the internet.  
HOWEVER, lots of people don’t realize the true importance (to their health) of drinking A. enough water everyday, B. what kind of water to drink and C. when to drink it.
A. How much water is ENOUGH?

Your weight: The first step to knowing the minimum water to drink everyday is to know your weight. A 200 pound man and 100 pound woman require different amounts of water every day.
Multiply by 2/3: Next you want to multiple your weight by 2/3 (or 67%) to determine the minimum of water to drink daily. For example, if you weighed 175 pounds you would multiple that by 2/3 and learn you should be drinking about 117 ounces of water every day. There are 32 ounces in a quart, so drink about 3.6 quarts a day… Betcha aren’t 🙂
Activity Level: Finally you will want to adjust that number based on how often you work out, since you are expelling water when you sweat and breathe. Your body also needs more water to expel the metabolic toxins.  You should add 12 ounces of water to your daily total for every 30 minutes that you work out. So if you work out for 45 minutes daily, you would add 18 ounces of water to your daily intake.

B. What KIND of water should you drink?
What most water ‘experts’ don’t tell you is that MOST of the water people actually drink is DEHYDRATING!  I’m not even talking about the pseudo-hydration people drink (coffee, soft-drinks, sports drinks, etc.) I’m talking about straight water.
Please watch this 1.5 hour video “Your Brain on Water” to see Dr. Corinne Allen speak on hydration.  Note that she is convinced that Kangen water is the best, because she doesn’t yet know about HydrOxy water.  But she is CORRECT on all her other facts. 
You want your water to be CLEAN.  MOST impurities in water cause problems in the body. Most minerals in water are NOT bio-available (you get bio-available minerals from plants)! Tap water also contains hormones, toxins, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Read more here.
You want your water to be high pH (potential of hydrogen), but ONLY because it is PURE water that contains extra HYDROGEN.  It’s the HYDROGEN that makes the water to be a superior anti-oxidant (better than vitamin C).  Many technologies CHEAT by adding minerals to increase pH and fraudulently advertise this as ‘healthy’ alkaline.  Kangan machines (and many other technologies) can add hydrogen to water; but which is the healthiest?
You want your water to be LOW oxygen reduction potential (ORP).This is VITAL… This is what actually causes water to be HYDRATING!   
It’s pretty simple, yet medical science has MISSED IT for hundreds of years.  
ORP is measured with a milliamp meter.  For amps to ‘flow’ you need a difference in electrical potential; which literally means one area has more ELECTRONS than another area.  Electrons have a NEGATIVE charge.  
If the water is electron deficient, it will TAKE electrons from your body (dehydrating).  If the water is electron rich, it will GIVE electrons to your body (hydrating).
The ORP meter is ‘neutral’ so if there is a deficiency of electrons, the reading will be positive (most tap water will be positive >400 mA).  If there is an EXCESS of electrons, the reading will be negative (BG or HydrOxy bubbled water will read – 250 mA or less).
Bubbling BG through water makes water electron rich because of the Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) component of BG.  ExW is water that has ‘soaked up’ electricity like a sponge soaks up water, turning into a gaseous form of water that is not water vapor or steam.  ExW will not condense if cooled like water vapor will.  ExW is water’s fourth state of matter, a plasma (ionized gas).
ExW contains bio-available ENERGY that the body can directly use to heal itself, activate stem cells, kill pathogens, etc.  Which is why breathing the BG (in addition to drinking BG bubbled water) is so effective.
C. WHEN you drink your water is important to optimal health.   Every-body is different so you’ll need to modify these suggestions to fit what works for you.
1. Drink at least a quart (liter) of BG bubbled water immediately upon waking up in the morning.
2. Set up bottles and routine to drink your daily water throughout the day.
3. If you feel hungry, DRINK BG bubbled water first; as much as a quart.  If the hunger persists, THEN have a light meal or snack.  MOST people confuse thirst for hunger.  
Your body is composed of 62% hydrogen.  It needs hydrogen for EVERYTHING. Hydrogen is your most important nutrient.  Water is the low calorie, low carbohydrate way the body can get hydrogen.  When you eat ‘food’ you also get hydrogen as the bacteria in your colin break the ‘hydrocarbon’ food apart into hydrogen and carbon; but food also adds calories and carbs.   
4. DO drink a quart (liter) of BG bubbled water before a meal, then wait 20 to 30 minutes before eating.  This lowers the NEED for excess food to get your hydrogen, helps the body increase it’s metabolic rate, provides water for acid formation to help digest food, increases the density of the blood to help nutrition reach the cells, etc.
5. Sip BG bubbled water constantly during exercise.  You would be amazed at how much water the body needs to work efficiently.