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Eagle-Research, Inc.

Author: George Wiseman
Pages: 50
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

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This book is an introductory training course for high-mileage-seekers who are working to achieve seriousgains with internal combustion engines.

We cover the mind-opening facts (yes, facts!) that clearly illustrate why, we could and should be getting greater than (>) 200 miles per gallon in … full-sized, four-door vehicles!

This book is based on hands-on research performed by George Wiseman since 1977.  The only reason Eagle-Research isn’t selling > 200 MPG kits is because the kits would (currently) retail in the $20,000 range; so there just isn’t a market.

However, based on this knowledge, Eagle-Research has developed several practical (cost effective and DIY friendly) fuel saving technologies.

Here is the truth… That has been suppressed by the Vested Interest for a century.

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