ISBN: 1-895882-05-2
Publisher: Eagle-Research, Inc.
Author: George Wiseman
Pages: 17
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
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Explains how to install a simple device on large turbocharged diesel engines, that increases power about 14%, while reducing fuel consumption about 10%. In a Jetta it increased economy 40%.

Tested by major diesel engine manufacturers on their own dyno’s and operated by truck drivers all over the World.

The HyCO 2DT is a different device than the HyCO 2A system. It uses a different process and is designed specifically for turbo-diesels. It will work on turbo-gasoline.

This book was the mockup for an operator’s manual and therefore not up to our usual standards for how-to instructions.  We offer it because it is a shame to have this phenomenal technology simply sitting on our shelf, un-used, when truckers NEED to save fuel.

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