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The HyCO 2A Installation Video, ‘Get More MPG’ shows, step by step, how to assemble a HyCO 2A canister, install a basic HyCO 2A system on carbureted vehicles and how to tune the HyCO 2A system to enhance your regular fuel system’s efficiency.

You do need a HyCO 2A Manual, in addition to the video, to competently complete a HyCO 2A installation. The video has been professionally done and is a real gem. Nothing like this has ever been sold in the ‘fuel saver’ world. Mechanically inclined people tend to learn things by seeing it done, instead of reading. This video has several enhancements that help achieve a full understanding of the process. What to do is shown in clear and specific detail. By both showing the entire concept and the project details, we make the entire assembly process simple to understand. We expect that this video will help achieve our goal of many more successfully completed HyCO 2A systems.
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IMPORTANT:This DVD is an assistant to the HyCO 2A Manual. It would not be possible to build the HyCO 2A using the DVD alone. The kit shown in the DVD has been discontinued, because there are not enough carbureted vehicles to justify our keeping it in inventory. However, the Manual and this DVD show more than enough information to help you build your own.

We do recommend the HyCO 2A on carbureted vehicles because, on carbureted engines, it gets twice the gains that the HyZor does. The HyZor gets twice the gains (of the HyCO 2A) when applied to fuel injected vehicles.

Be sure to install a Carburetor Enhancer before applying any fuel saver on a carbureted vehicle.

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