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This is the video that is normally included in the HyZor Basic Kit and the Fully Assembled HyZor (both of which include a copy of the HyZor Technology book and HyZor Resources access privileges).

It’s a professional quality video that describes and shows, step by step, the process of assembling and installing a C Version ER HyZor.

The ER HyZor is the world’s most practical on-board Brown’s Gas electrolyzer.

It’s a ready resource for those people who’d like to build their own HyZor without buying our Basic Kit.  If you are knowledgeable, have tools and time this is a good way to save money.

We’d also recommend buying the HyZor Technology book and
access privileges for the HyZor Resources
to fully understand the HyZor technology, additional options and current upgrades.

We’ve included the Version A and B HyZor videos because they show more details that would help you to build your own HyZor from scratch.  They also show the original circuit board, that has more options than the simple version HyZor C circuit board.

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