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Registering your AquaCure

Registering your AquaCure

AquaCures are AUTOMATICALLY registered to the person who purchased them from, and

THAT is the person to whom the lifetime warranty, satisfaction guarantee and online Resources access belongs.

If you purchased (or was gifted) your AquaCure from any other source, then we have no record that you are the owner of the AquaCure.

We are rebuilding our website from scratch due to the legacy website (originally built in 1996) becoming incompatible with current internet standards.  

We haven’t yey reached the point where we can have an automatic ‘re-registering’ online procedure, so we need to do it ‘manually’.

Our current procedure starts with the new AquaCure owner starting an online account on

Then send us, via eMail their:
1. username (NOT their password)
2. registered eMail 
3. First and Last name
4. Mailing address (so we can send parts or supplies if needed)
5. Phone number
6. AquaCure Model and Serial Number 
7. Full details of how they acquired the AquaCure.  
So that we can find the original order / purchase details
We need to make notes on both orders/accounts so that we can cross reference for warranty and satisfaction guarantee purposes.

Registration for Resources is normally a $200 fee, because of the time involved to get it set up, 
but we are currently waiving that charge because there is not much in the Resources yet (as we are rebuilding the website).

The original purchaser will always be our ‘customer’ as far as the satisfaction guarantee is concerned.  If the machine is returned, the refund will go to the person who originally paid us for the machine.

But the Warranty and Resources access will switch to the ‘new’ owner of the AquaCure.

Once we register the AquaCure and the Resources to the new owner, we will send an eMail confirming the registration. The new Owner will then see the ‘order’ and Resources in their online account.

If you have any questions you can use the ‘contact us’ form on our website: 

The internet is not kind to our eMails, so if we are not answering you, We may not even be receiving your eMails.
If that is the case, use the above contact form, because that bypasses most of the internet, coming directly to us.

Sometimes eMails we send don’t reach our customers because they are killed by online filters.  They MAY still end up in your Spam or Junk folders.  If they arrive marked as Spam or Junk, most eMail programs allow you to move them to your inBox, effectively ‘whitelisting’ them so you’ll properly receive them in the future.

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