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How does the HyCO2A compare to the ER HyZor System?

A. The ER HyZor and HyCO 2A are different technologies and react differently to each application.
Generally, the ER HyZor will get about 50% of what the HyCO 2A would get.
They do not get ‘more’ savings if combined.  
I like the ER HyZor because it is simpler to install, smaller and shaped to fit in tight spaces, less likely to have ‘fuel’ leaks and has no issues with fuel injection systems MAP sensor.  
The finished installation cost of them both is about the same.
The HyCO 2A does have virtually zero maintenance once installed.
The ER HyZor requires periodic water filling.
Here’s a comparison chart.
Here is a calculator to find out how much money you’ll save.Adjust the percentage to fit whatever technology you are using. 

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