General Purchase

USD $1.00

This ‘virtual’ product has been created to accommodate special transactions that do not fit other purchase options.

Example: small, one-off parts; photocopy fee; ‘TopUps’ on purchases at demos; extra parts, not included as standard ‘kit’ items; ‘premiums’ (for expedited processing / consults …) ; extra shipping, etc …

Each unit is worth $1, so if purchasing something valued at $300, buy 300 units by adding them to your Shopping Cart.

IMPORTANT!  After making a purchase using this method, always make a note on the order (as you check out there is an ‘order notes’ box) what the extra money is for and  send an email to tell us what you did and include the order number of this payment, so that we can attach this payment to your actual order.

If you don’t send me an email we may NEVER KNOW this order exists!
General Purchase orders (that have no other ‘physical’ products) are automatically marked ‘completed’ by the eStore and never show up in the order queue for physical fulfillment.
It’s because it’s a ‘virtual product’ like an eBook and the eStore is programed to auto-complete all virtual products.
So if this General Purchase is for physical products or requires some attention on our part SEND US AN EMAIL.


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