Donations, even small ones, help speed up our research.

While we provide some of the world’s most practical alternative energy information and products and we’ve been self financed (98% self sufficient for both research and operating expenses) from the sale of that information and products since 1984…



About 1% of our income has come from donations, and these small amounts have had profound effects on our ability to do research.  For example, a $300 donation from an Italian Doctor in 1991 was that little bit extra that was needed to allow the Brown’s Gas Book 1 to be written, which opened the door to a whole world of Brown’s Gas research that would otherwise have been further delayed.

We always strive to ‘earn’ our way in the world by providing valuable information and product, but are cronically short of funds (never enough to do all the research we feel needs done) so even a dollar, added to other dollars, helps us all.

We deeply appreciate anything you share with us.

Thank you

May the blessings be

George Wiseman