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Consultation with George Wiseman

Once a consultation booking date and time has been confirmed, fees are non-refundable unless a minimum of 48 hours advance written notice is received.

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The Eagle-Research website is being filled with a virtual mountain of information about all our lines of work; related technologies; spin-off technologies … and anything else we can find time to address.

General customer support, for ‘everyday questions’ about Eagle-Research books & products, is handled primarily by the Eagle website FAQs. In addition, George Wiseman, assists customers by answering 100+ customer emails – most days.

For Individuals and Companies who have extensive and/or commercial interest in Fuel-Saving; Brown’s Gas; Free-Energy … and related subjects, George Wiseman consults by email, video phone (Skype, ZOOM), in-person Eagle site and Client site. Availability and rates depend on: type of consultation; innovation timetable and time of year.

Technology Consults, shown below, are based on advance booking. (Fee schedule regarding client-site consultations, contract, retainer and priority rates are available by email request.)
These Rates apply to – December 31, 2024

Here is a download that will help you optimize your consultation experience.

Once a consultation booking date and time has been confirmed, fees are non-refundable unless a minimum of 48 hours advance written notice is received.

I recently (May 2024) received an eMail saying my  “rates beyond unrealistic” and that just tells me they do not understand how much a small amount of my time will help an appropriate client achieve their goals.  I’m not offended, just sad (because I really did want to work on that project), and a little amused.  I run into this often and ‘academics’ that actually take the time to ’test me’ are usually shocked.

I’ve spent decades and many millions of dollars learning what I know.  So now, for a few thousand dollars consultation time, a person can ‘cut to the chase’ bypassing all that investment in time and money.

A couple examples:

1. A team wanted my opinion on a ‘free energy’ technology that I had evaluated and determined to be ‘unworkable’.  They purchased only 1/2 hour of my time for me to tell them why it wouldn’t work and after spending $250,000 building it, they confirmed that I was 100% correct.

2. Recently a person spent only $10,000 getting the details to build one of my technologies and is now making multi-millions a year selling it.  He was able to access 40 years of my R&D experience to cut to the bottom line, building his business up from scratch in a couple years.

I have influenced entire genres with my innovations.  So I don’t consider the rates I have posted un-reasonable :)))  But they sure do eliminate the ’tire kickers’ for which I have zero time to spare.

I did deliberately post these rates to discourage any but the serious.  And frankly my businesses DO make that much money, so if I’m going to be working on your project (even just consulting) I need to be fairly compensated for the time I’d need to take from other endeavors…

May the blessings be
🦅 George Wiseman

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Initial Consult, VideoPhone, 90 min. Initial Consult, In-Person (Eagle site), 60 min. FollowUp, In-Person (Eagle-site), 60 min. FollowUp, VideoPhone, 30 min. FollowUp, In-Person (Eagle-site), 30 min. FollowUp, VideoPhone


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