Float Switch Circuit Board




This circuit board is NOT sold with wiring instructions.

Full instructions are in the “HyZor Assembly and Operation Instructions” available in HyZor Basic Kit or in the HyZor Resources
(Purchase HyZor Resources access separately).  HyZor Resources Access is automatically available with purchase of HyZor Basic Kit).

This circuit board was developed when it was discovered that:
1. Most people didn’t need the full functionality of the boards sold with the Version A & B HyZors.
2. Some people made at least one mistake when soldering the components onto the more complicated board.

3. Some people are making up their own kits and like having a nicely designed board.

4. Some people buy electrolyzers from manufacturers that don’t include liquid level protection in their electrolyzers.

So we made a simple board that is sold fully assembled and tested.

We now offer it separately from the HyZor Kit because lots of people are making up their own kits.  It is also retrofittable to most of the on-board electrolyzers on the market, for those people who would like to have these features:

1. Liquid level monitoring:
It is very convenient to know when water needs to be added.  Our circuit board has a (dimable) blue LED (included) that tells you when your electrolyzer is turned on; and a yellow LED (included) that tells you when your liquid level is low.

2. Electrolyzer shutoff control:
It is vital NOT to allow the electrolyzer to run out of water.  What most on-board electrolyzer manufacturers don’t tell you is that if you run out of water, your electrolyzer will explode!  Explosions happen when the liquid level is too low to conduct current and the electricity is forced to arc between the plates.  This circuit board shuts off power to your electrolyzer when the liquid level is low. 

You can also use this technology to return (our design of) EFIEs to OEM setting when your electrolyzer shuts off; see EFIE Resources.  This prevents a ‘lean’ condition when your combustion enhancing technology is turned off; allowing your fuel system to return to it’s OEM settings until water is added to the electrolyzer.

Additional information

Weight 6.672 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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