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HyZor Notes To Reconcile

– Version 1 of ER HyZor Assembly and Installation Manual (PDF format), sell as eBook

Link to online video – Updates to version 1 of ER HyZor Assembly and Installation Manual, (with serial #’s affected). 

– Version 2 of ER HyZor Assembly and Installation Manual (PDF format)

Link to online video

– Additional ER HyZor assembly / installation / operation tips not included in the ER HyZor Assembly and Installation Manual.

– use removeable wire connectors on float switch

– Tips from assemblers

– use only corrosion proof fittings inside the container.

– put grease on terminals to seal them from moisture

– store syringe in slightly up position to prevent plunger from getting stuck.

– Pictures of ER HyZor (Basic) kit assembly tools (PDF document)

– Where to go to acquire / borrow tools needed for ER HyZor assembly and installation

– Pictures of ER HyZor (Basic) kit supplies (PDF document)

– Where to go to get parts and supplies not included in the ER HyZor Basic kit. Details for transparent pipe and fittings

(transparent pipe normally gets cloudy when heated)

– ER HyZor Assembly pics (white pipe)

– transparent HyZor pictures

– links to Online instructions detailing How-To:

cut PVC pipe;

glue PVC pipe;

drill & tap holes;

acquire basic electronics knowledge and skills

. – solder circuit board

. – use a multimeter.

 – Resistor color code chart (PDF)

– ER HyZor assembly FAQ

– Engine oil pressure switches

– some pictures and location – other shutoff options: alternator tap, manufold vacuum switch, fuel cutoff switch (diesel).

– importance of shutoff signal.

– MSDS for Sodium Hydroxide

Other helpful resources:

– Fuel Savers Log (simple web version PDF)

– 5 year Fuel Savings Calculator (PDF)

– ER Legend (PDF)

– ER Testimonial (PDF)

– HyCO 2A vs HyZor (PDF)- List of options and upgrades 

1. Hall-Effect Amperage limiting

2. Automatic water fill

3. Automatic increase in BG when more fuel used

4. Decelleration Fuel Shutoff

5. Optical Water Level circuit

– Trouble-shooting flowchart (PDF)

– Individual parts price list (PDF) 

– HyZor Technology Support links (proving technology works)

– doc from Larry Oja and Roy McCallister

– Testimonials of HyZor Technology

– ER evaluation of other ‘HyZor type’ manufacturers.

– Joe Cell effect

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