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Historical Gravity Wheels

I don’t know if any Gravity Wheel has ever worked.  

I do hope they did and I hope my CCG Wheel will.  

I tend to believe it when I replicate it for myself.  

However, seeing history is inspirational for me, so perhaps for you too…

Perpetual motion and Gravity Wheel discussion

Here is a long series of Gravity Powered prime movers.  Very interesting reading and I can see how to make some improvements to the designs using the ‘gravity rules’ I outline in the Wiseman’s Wheels eBook.

The Kidd design, demonstrates anti-gravity.

Rumors from Russia, Gravity Wheels powering homes.  Here are many more videos detailing this design.  I think he’s on the right track! I like this one to show a gravity wheels ‘pendulum effect’.  

Abeling Gravity Wheel.  Has a ramp similar to the CCG Wheel.  Supposedly to be legit.

I like this Gravity Wheel concept really much.  The one way bearings are a nice touch.  He needs to put a ramp on the top and bottom, to move the weights out and in appropriately.

This Gravity Wheel looks really interesting in that it’ll even self-start but they don’t allow it to rotate 360° and I’m not sure why?  I’d add a ‘ramp’ on the bottom to cause the weights to flip inward (like the top ram flips them out) instead of just allowing them to hang on the upward side.

Here is a magnetically assisted Gravity Wheel.  I’ve seen this one a few times and would like to see a replication attempted.

Designing a Gravity Engine.

Learning from Darrell VanDuesen failures.

Scott Hall’s Gravity Wheel.

The ‘ANDY’ Gravity Wheel

A collection of Gravity Power ideas.

Gravity Wheel Patents: (click) (click)

‘Wobble’ Gravity Power (not a wheel). 

Rex Research Gravity Wheels

PesWiki Collection:

Bessler Wheel Links: 

Discussion of Bessler Wheel.  Bessler Wheel tidbits. Bessler Wheel website.

All things Bessler.  Sir Issac Newton’s Bessler Quote.  Bessler Witness Statements.

Why Gravity Wheels can work.  Another site by John Collins. A blog by John Collins.

On the other hand, Sir Issac Newton considered that a perpetual motion machine could be possible when interacting with gravity.

‘Buzz-Saw’ Wheel Links:

Asa Jackson Wheel Links: 

Here’s an ‘interesting’ one (called pinwheel) that I don’t yet understand

Here are wheels that, in my opinion, will not work… But it’s important to know WHY they don’t work so that we can design a wheel that WILL work!

Virtual ‘museum’ of ‘unworkable’ devices. Very Educational 


Chas has done a good job, but as you can see by the Wiseman’s Wheel’s math in the original Wiseman’s Wheel eBook, I’d predict that his wheel won’t work, it will balance…


Again, the Wiseman’s Wheel’s original eBook will show you that it will not work because the water is allowed to go too low on the wheel… But even if it didn’t, I’m thinking the wheel would still balance.

This is an interesting idea (needs improvement) of using compressed air to move the weights.  I’d make the weights separate and move them appropriately to the ‘gravity wheel rules’.

Gravity Wheel that supposedly worked 
and the attempts at replication (good to know why something doesn’t work)

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