Eagle-Research AquaCure Affiliate Program



We don’t (yet) have an official distributorship or wholesale setup because we’re pretty much selling all we can produce retail.

AND… Part of what customers are supposed to get is a support system (videos, Operation Manuals, Corrections, Tips, Updates, etc.) from my website
(AquaCure Resources Access Privileges), so each customer needs an eagle-research online account to be able to properly be supported, this affiliate program accomplishes that.

There are several ways that we can give a commission.  But in the end, the AquaCure needs to be registered to the user so that they have access to their online AquaCure Resources.

So we’re testing some SPECIAL arrangements with a few people to find the best commission programing.

Here is our current experimental Affiliate plan which will BE UPDATED as we continue…

Four Affiliate Plans (so far)

The regular affiliate (not Ambassador level) will negotiate a discount code (see procedure below) that will give a $50 customer discount and a $50 commission.

Regular affiliates can upgrade to Ambassador status by signing the Ambassador agreement (see below).  And further upgrade to Healer Ambassador and/or Rental Ambassador if they apply and qualify.

After the unique discount code is decided (ex: DRGoodHealth) and we receive all the required background information (see below), we then set the code up on the eagle-research.com website,

The Affiliate then passes it onto his/her referees (potential customers) friends, family, etc.,

The code gives the referee (eagle-research customer) a discount when they purchase a new AquaCure AC50 directly (using the code),

Sales are automatically recorded and displayed in the Affiliate’s eagle-research.com user-account dashboard.

We then pay the commissions via PayPal about once every couple of months (We try for even numbered months) ; because we’re m doing it by hand and need to find the time.
We WILL get this automated, but for now, this is what we have.

For any commission system to work we NEED TO KNOW which sales go to what commission.  Thus they (the customer) MUST use YOUR code at the time of the sale or you will not get the affiliate commission.

We don’t do ‘retroactive’ commissions, we just do not have the time to sort that stuff out.

In any case we pay the commissions with PayPal, so we need an eMail registered to your PayPal.

We understand that many businesses have short refund policies (like 2 weeks or 30 days).
Since it takes often takes TIME for significant results to show up and we’re trying to help as many people as possible and we want people to feel comfortable to really ‘try it out risk free’… so we insist that a 1 year satisfaction guarantee be ‘sold with’ the AquaCure.

Acceptance of Affiliate status / code is also acceptance of our 1 year satisfaction guarantee policy for your customers.

So we (including you) will honor any refund request for up to a year from the date the customer received the AquaCure.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee refunds are about 2%
(MOSTLY from people who never even TRY the machine).

If there is a refund on a commission sale, we usually debit future commissions to pay your commission share of the refund.

We do reserve the right to shut off any discount code if it isn’t being used for a few months, to keep our paperwork minimized because (at the moment) we’re doing all this manually.

We are building an entirely new website just for the AquaCure (AquaCure.Life), to make it simpler (less confusing) for people to order; because the eagle-research website is huge and diverse, and people have trouble finding the AquaCure and Brown’s Gas for Health information.

See the functional ‘informational’ sales funnel website here:

In the meantime, The AquaCure sales Page is ‘parked’ here:

To qualify for Any Ambassador program, we will require you to:

  1. First purchase and use an AquaCure.  We want every Ambassador to ‘have a story’ to tell.  This is NOT about making money (that’s a necessary side effect)… This is about HEALING people.  We want Ambassadors that want to help HEAL their friends and neighbors.
  2. We’ll also require you NOT to advertise online… We do not want a bunch of people competing online and, for many reasons, we need to control the narrative.
    Most social media is allowed (tell your story), responses / comments are allowed, blogs are allowed and simple web pages / posts that direct people to OUR sales pages… but no web sales pages or page SEO, keyword purchases, etc.
  3. We also would need you to have at least 6 successful referrals a year, to maintain your Ambassador code in good standing, or it (at our discretion) reverts to ‘regular’ affiliate status.
  4. An Ambassador must be willing to promote ONLY the AquaCure, no competing Brown’s Gas or Hydrogen machine, other than comparing one against the other.We believe the AquaCure AC50 to be the best (safest, most functional and most practical) and we don’t want Ambassadors or the public to be confused about that.

All that said, we are implementing several programs to HELP you connect with people in your local area and make local sales.
We want Ambassadors everywhere; to accomplish our goal of getting Brown’s Gas into every home.

Would you like to join us?  If so we’ll need:

  1. The eMail you’ve registered with PayPal.
  2. Your customized discount code(s).
    When making the Affiliate or Ambassador discount code,  we’d advise keeping it SHORT, easy to remember and personalized.  Get your code pre-approved FIRST, before sending in your paperwork, because you need to put it ON your paperwork and we need to check that someone else isn’t already using that exact code.
  3. The eMail or user-account name you have registered on the eagle-research.com website.
    You NEED to have an eagle-research user account for us to attach the coupon code onto.  If you don’t already have a user-account, you can register here:
  4. If applying for an Ambassador level, A signed AquaCure Ambassador Agreement.
    OK to send just the signing Page as a PDF
  5. Send the above information to:

More helpful links:

AquaCure AC50 Introduction Video (Operation Series Video 1)

AquaCure AC50 Unboxing Video (Operation Series Video 2)

AquaCure AC50 SetUp Video (Operation Series Video 3)

AquaCure AC50 Operation Video (Operation Series Video 4)

NOTE: The AquaCure gets ReFilled (from the Humidifier) everytime the Yellow ReFill light comes on
After ReFilling from the Humidifier (using the syringe through the Tower Cap fitting) you DUMP the rest of the Humidifier water and completely ReFill the Humidifier with fresh distilled water.

AquaCure AC50 Maintenance Video (Operation Series Video 5)

AquaCure New Timer Switch

Apply Teflon Tape on AquaCure Fill Stem

Properly Install the Tower Cap

Make sure your Tower Cap base Union base is sealed properly and that you install and remove the Tower Cap using the Union ring, so you do not need to keep re-applying the Teflon Tape.
DO NOT ’torque’ on the Tower Cap to install / seal the base fitting; doing so will ‘lock up’ the Union Big Ring, requiring wrenches to loosen it.

If you have ‘locked’ the Union…
Put one wrench (like a Water Pipe Plier or a Vice Grip) on the bottom Union piece (screws onto the waterfall stem) to HOLD IT from turning.  Do NOT allow the bottom piece to turn.

Put another larger wrench (like large Water Pipe Plier or Pipe Wrench or Strap Wrench) on the BIG RING and turn counter-clockwise.  DO NOT put a wrench on or touch any other part of the Tower Cap.  Turn ONLY on the Big Ring.

You can look online to see how to use a strap wrench.  Strap wrenches are handy and fit almost anything.  Common uses are for opening jars in the kitchen or for removing oil filters in the shop, etc.

In the future, install the Tower Cap as per this video and it won’t lock up and you won’t need wrenches.
AquaCure AC50 SetUp Video

To fix Tower Cap base leaks, remove the Tower Cap base, clean off any lye powder (vacuum works).  Leave on the old tape and ADD MORE.  Sometimes it takes 20 to 30 wraps (if the tape is thin).  As long as you can screw on the fitting without pushing down the tape, it isn’t too much.

Finally, FULLY SCREW ON THE FITTING.  It has come to my attention that many people DO put on enough Teflon Tape but then don’t fully screw on the fitting.  The silver stem should almost touch the inner ring at the top of the fitting.  If you do not have the hand strength, the strap wrench we include will help you get the torque you need to fully screw on the fitting.

below is the OLD but fun to watch AquaCure AC50 Setup and Operation Video
NOTE that you NEED to read the text below the video to correct things like ONLY 80 grams of lye!

AquaCure AC50 Operation Manual (Obsolete and currently being updated)

AquaCure AC50 Operation Manual UPDATE notes

AquaCure Rinsing Technique

When Rinsing:
To dissolve soap formations you need water in the 120° F to 140°F range.  The water must be hot; warm water does little.  Remember to trade out the hot water within a minute or so (at first) because it will cool quickly as it heats up the components.
You Fill the AquaCure to FULL with HOT water (6 to 7 cups).  Then alternately and SLOWLY lift the front and back of the machine up to 60 degrees to ‘wash’ the HOT water up and down in the Sight Tube.
You need to change out the HOT water frequently because it cools off quickly and warm water does little to dissolve soap.
NOTE: If the HOT water doesn’t ‘’reach’ the tight tube, doesn’t wash’ up and down in the sight tube, it CANNOT clean the sight tube; if you are not getting the water washing up and down in the sight tube, it’s likely due to a plug or restriction and that needs to be fixed ‘manually’; ask for instructions.

Note: I occasionally get an ‘air bubble’ in the tube (so it will seem that the sight tube and/or ball is not ‘registering’ the actual fluid level correctly).
Generally air bubbles will eventually clear on their own, but you can ‘hurry’ the process by filling the AquaCure with solution.  Then alternately and VERY SLOWLY lift the front and back of the machine up to 60 degrees to ‘wash’ the solution up and down in the Sight Tube, washing out the air bubble(s) and the ball should float properly.

Setup your AquaCureAC50 torch attachment:

H2 Hubb AquaCure AC50,  Unboxing, Setup and Test videos:
Unboxing   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5CAuVYu_a4&t=368s
Setup    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAmDyKdai4Y
Test gas production   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1GOztHEOgk

See Brown’s Gas testimonials / studies / etc. here:

AquaCure Brochure

Brown’s Gas for Health (legacy page)

What is Brown’s Gas?

How I use Brown’s Gas for Health

Plants Don’t Lie


Medical disclaimer:

Is Lye Safe?

Purchase your AquaCure model AC50 here:

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May the blessings be
🦅 George Wiseman