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8. I’m changing my carburetor, what do you recommend?

A. We usually recommend people to go to with the Ford Motorcraft 2 barrel model 2150 (with manifold adapter if needed).  This is (in our opinion) the best all around carb. we’ve ever seen.  It’s incredibly simple, yet amazingly efficient (with the CE added).
Even switching from a four barrel, you don’t lose much power or performance and you get a major leap in mileage.  
The 2150 was installed on mid-sized Ford truck engines during the mid 1970s.
You can tell a 2150 from it’s 2100 cousin by the little rods that rise and fall in the ventures as you work the throttle. These small tapered rods make the air bleeds variable as the vehicle uses more or less fuel.
This simple air bleed function makes the 2150 one of the most efficient carburetors ever manufactured.  
The Carburetor Enhancer actually enhances the operation of the air bleeds and because the 2150 has one of the best air bleed systems, the Carburetor Enhancer doubles the mileage of these carburetors more than any other.

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