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12. What about Dennis Lee?

A. No one owns any valid ‘right’ to all Brown’s Gas technology. All valid patents have expired and Yull Brown allowed the name to be public domain.
Dennis Lee has, in the past, laid claim to any and all sales of anything related to “Brown’s Gas”.
In my experience, this is a typical Dennis Lee statement; starts with a small fact and stretches it into virtual-reality.
He has the right to sell the ‘China’ version of Yull Brown’s machines in the USA; nothing else. I understand he got that right by by-passing Yull Brown, (after having Yull Brown teach him about the technology) by sending the Chinese a tape which had Yull Brown saying bad things about them.
Eagle-Research Brown’s Gas Technology (documented in our Books) is completely different and developed independently of Yull Brown and Dennis Lee.
Eagle-Research is advancing the public use of Brown’s Gas faster than any previous entity. We have made our technology public domain, including details on how to home-build the world’s most efficient machines.

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