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Q ~ Why is ER HyZor (Basic) kit different than the HyZor Technology book?

A. The HyZor Technology is identical in both the Book and the HyZor Basic Kit.
Everything in the ‘HyZor Technology’ book is applicable to the ER HyZor (basic) Kit except that we have designed the kit chamber, components and circuit board to be less expensive, easier to assemble and install.  
The ER HyZor (basic) Kit comes with complete instructions and a DVD needed to assemble, install and operate it.
The ‘HyZor Technology’ book is not needed to assemble the ER HyZor (basic) kit.  
The ‘HyZor Technology’ book is a resource for those people who would like to know about the ER HyZor Technology in depth, like why and how it works.  
The ‘HyZor Technology’ book details options and upgrades that the ER HyZor (basic) kit is designed to use.
We have no intention (at this time) of changing the chamber design in the ‘HyZor Technology’ book to match the ER HyZor (Basic) kit, but we will be putting the plans (for building the ‘kit’ type HyZor) into the appropriate HyZor Resources.

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