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Q ~ What the ‘Others’ are NOT telling you

Our HyZor Kit is scientifically priced by marketing experts who calculated all the associated costs and then added a reasonable markup so I would actually make money… a novelty I like 🙂
Our HyZor Technology has inherent value that is not immediately obvious if you don’t know what to look for. Our kit is more costly to manufacture than the ‘simple’ kits because we include features like liquid level control and design for maximum ExW production with minimum amperage. Read this PROOF document to understand why ExW is important (click here).It’s also important to understand there are things that the newbies (all the ME2’s jumping onto this bandwagon) DON’T tell you…
Mostly because they’re either trying to keep the cost of their electrolyzers down and/or they simply don’t know what they don’t know.  Almost all the on-board electrolyzers out there are about 15 years behind us, using technology that we’ve long since abandoned for more efficient options.
First thing to know is that efficiency is ALWAYS the main key to optimizing gains from on-board electrolyzers (of any design).You MUST be able to lock and control the amperage (amperage makes BG) so you can tune your BG production to your engine’s needs and optimize your gains.  Our HyZor Technology has several ways to do this.As electrolyzers heat up, their resistance (to electrical flow) DROPS, which allows more amperage to flow, which causes more heating.  Amperage runaway is a serious problem that needs to be addressed with any electrolyzer design.  There are many ways to do it… and most ME2’s use inefficient options.  Our HyZor Technology book teaches you the most efficient options.Most ME2’s don’t know that too much BG can LOSE mileage.  They think if a little is good, then more is better.  They also don’t know how to design electrolyzers to optimize the ExW production.  We show that a minimum of amperage (making a minimum of high quality BG) will achieve maximum mileage.Most ME2’s don’t know that if they are making more than 1 liter/minute, that they MUST provide a shutoff that prevents BG production until the engine is actually turning over.  If too much BG builds up in the intake manifold, it will EXPLODE.  Our HyZor Technology shows 4 simple, efficient, reliable ways to shut off BG production if the engine is not running.Most ME2’s don’t know that if their electrolyzer runs low on water, that it will EXPLODE as the electricity arcs from plate to plate.  Our HyZors are one of the ONLY electrolyzers on the market that have a liquid level control.  Incidentally, that also allows for automatic water filling. Further, maintaining a tight liquid level (control of electrolyte density) is one of the features that allows increased electrolyzer efficiency.  We also include LEDs so that people know when to put water into their HyZor.Most ME2’s do not know that their (temporary) huge gains are caused by allowing electrolyte into the intake manifold.  If you put NaOH or KOH on aluminum (intake manifolds and pistons) it converts the aluminum (in the presence of water) into aluminum oxide (a fine white powder) and the water into hydrogen (lots of hydrogen); often enough hydrogen to actually run the engine.  While this sounds good, it’s ultimately BAD, because gradually, your intake manifold (with associated air servos) and your pistons dissolve into powder, destroying your engine… Opps.  Our HyZor Technology teaches you how to prevent electrolyte from getting into the engine.  Properly done, on-board electrolyzers vastly increase engine efficiency and LIFE.And finally, most ME2’s don’t tell you what you can do to further increase your efficiency AFTER they have your money.  We designed our HyZor Resources to keep our customers informed of the latest developments.

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