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Q ~ How is the Brown’s Gas delivered into the combustion chamber?

A. We recommend mixing the Brown’s Gas (BG) into the air before the air goes through the engine’s filter.   Put the BG into the air filter housing so that the BG must travel through the air filter.  I like to point the BG hose right at the air filter (inside the housing).  The engine’s air filter will then remove any residue of electrolyte from the BG
The HyZor makes it’s own pressure to push the BG out.  You do NOT need engine intake vacuum to ‘pull’ the BG out of the HyZor.
A vacuum in the HyZor actually makes it LESS efficient, because it makes the bubbles bigger.  It looks like you are getting more gas but it isn’t true.
If you get electrolyte into your engine, it will ‘eat’ or corrode aluminum parts.  This actually makes hydrogen as it destroys your engine,  So you get a great mileage gain and then have a big repair bill.
Putting the BG through the air filter will cause a more modest mileage gain, and will protect your engine.

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