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Q ~ Can Brown’s Gas (BG) be used as a vehicle fuel?

A. Internal combustion engines run extremely well on pure BG.  In the BG video 2 we show an engine running exclusively on BG.
However, it takes more energy, in form of electricity to make the BG than the engine will produce while running with BG as its only fuel.  
Using the best BG technology known today, BG as an engine’s only fuel, cannot generate more power from an internal combustion engine than the electricity it took to make the BG.
This is because internal combustion engines are only 25%-30% efficient.
Example: 100 watts of electricity can make about 98 watts of BG (using figures from 1996 Eagle-Research technology).  
An internal combustion engine (fueled by 98 watts of BG) will generate about 25 watts of electricity (because the engine is 25% efficient). 25 watts is NOT enough to even replace the energy the engine used/wasted (98 watts), let alone provide excess power to move the vehicle.  The ‘BG Myth’ section of gives analysis of running internal combustion engines on BG.
Better to use the 100 watts of electricity (instead of making BG) to directly power an electric motor. The electric motor is far simpler than an internal combustion engine and operates at 60+ % efficiency.  Thus the same 100 watts would take you more than twice as far.
Having said that, Brown’s Gas can increase the combustion efficiency of carbon fuels dramatically, using less power to make it than you get back from the combustion efficiency increase… Because it is then acting like a Catalyst, not as a Fuel.
See the HyZor Technology and Brown’s Gas, book 2 to learn how.  
We are trying to figure out how to run engines exclusively on water.  Join our eNews to help or learn how once we’ve figured it out.

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