Breathing Tee Kit

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Attaches to the Drinking Water Bubbler gas output and allows two people to inhale Brown’s Gas at the same time.

Most efficiency is to breathe alternately, so when one person is breathing out, the other person is breathing in.  But that is difficult, so most people just breathe normally.

The Tee system ‘works’ because people do not inhale/exhale at the same rate.  So are ‘out of sync’ where one person is exhaling (creating a bit of pressure) while the other person is inhaling (creating a bit of vacuum)… Assuming all things (like hose length) equal, this is enough pressure difference to direct the gas alternately to the inhalers.

For inhalation, adjust the AquaCure gas output for the SMALLER person because SOMETIMES each person will be getting 100% of the gas (inhaling in as the other person exhales)  and you never want the smaller person to get TOO MUCH hydrogen (over the explosive limit).
So for example, one person normally has 28, the other 32.  Set it at 28!!!

Note that once the blood is saturated (in about 15 minutes at 2% hydrogen in the intake breath) you EXHALE excess hydrogen.  So even a 1% hydrogen inhalation is all that is needed to KEEP the blood saturated to a therapeutic level.

It’s also possible to use this Tee to inhale and provide gas to one limb or spot applicator (set at inhalation volume) OR to go to 2 limbs at the same time (can be set at 100%).

You can likely pick up a similar Tee at a local automotive supply store (3/16” vacuum hose Tee)
And then the 3/16” vinyl hose at a nearby hardware store.
NOTE: if NOT using the other ‘side’, it needs to be stopped up (plugged) so gas doesn’t escape. options include but are not limited to:
1. a cap,
2. a check valve (I like to use duckbill check valves)
3 a fish tank valve.
Fish tank valves are also handy to quickly switch between cannulas and other accessories while keeping them all plugged in.
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