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Free Energy Accumulator Reader Comments


Free Energy Accumulator Reader Comments:

i just finished to read your FEA book, i suggest Instead of using an aerial, try to use a Tesla Coil which produces very high currents if the primary winding is placed in the middle of the secondary winding and not at one end which is the usual configuration.  Tesla directs the output on to a single metal plate and powers a load between the plate and the earth. Don Smith demonstrates this in a video currently on YouTube. 

He uses a C made from two metal plates with a sheet of plastic between them, instead of Tesla’s insulated single plate.  The load is powered between the capacitor and earth and with a 28-watt hand-held Tesla Coil  he manage to produce what looks like several kilowatts of power in the earth line…

here you can find the videos of don smith , smart guy
pt3 TMT Magnifying Transmitter,

Don Smith, Resona…: 

Don Smith Generator:

Don Smith Coil

Don Smith Device 2006

Don Smith eBook


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