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Free Energy Accumulator Links

Gathering ‘Static’ electricity

Here’s a University developing a practical version of the FEA.  Note the unique antennas.

One wire charging of capacitors 

Ground wire charges capacitors 

TeslaCult’s experiments Using TREES as antennas for the FEA. (article) (article) (article


(From Jerry Decker)
You might want to check into this; Rumor for a FEA to come…

NEO Keshe based plasma reactor generator;

NEO main page;

The NEO device is based on the Keshe plasma reaction patents you can download at;

Claimed to last 35 years, power comes from ‘the atmosphere’ with no batteries or panels of any kind.

Claims to use the Keshe plasma reactor to capture ‘radiant’ energy, the reason theirs works is the use an element that deteriorates over time. no moving parts. Even when turned off, it will produce energy. The units can be parallel connected for more power.

What makes them special is they claim to have a unique element used in the reactor which decays over time but can be refurbished.

(This is kind of like LENR cold fusion claims where the materials become corroded over time due to internal transmuatuions, thus requiring replacement. Currently Rossi is claiming over 1MW of heat tested over a one month period, yet they still aren’t testing them in the real world of homes or businesses. Piantelli has prior patents and his group is working on 1kw, 5kw, 10kw, 20kw, 100kw and higher models…much more logical)

3500 watts for 1.980 euros – $2,244.23 US Dollar
6500 watts for 2.860 euros – $3,241.67 US Dollar

– The delivery of the order is 5-7 business days.
– The unit price includes shipping to the customer.
– The price include customs tax and administrative expenses in the country of the customer.
– All units are guaranteed for 5 years against failure of faricacion. In case of drive failure in warranty period is NEO who is responsible for removing the unit and replace it with a new one without any cost to the customer. Check warranty conditions here

For the purchase of 5 or more units will automatically apply the discount wholesale 20%.

Telephone contacts;

Panamá – +507 8339964

México – +52 5585263329

USA – +1 7864058854

They accept visa, mastercard, american or bank withdrawal through paypal and claim 100% guaranty.

Now both Paypal and these credit card companies allow you to reverse charges for a fraudulent claim. We saw something similar with the Canadian claim of a water generator where they too accepted credit cards, but they seem to have fallen off the map.

So it would seem you are protected UNLESS there is some trick description in the claims for what you are actually buying that can be disputed for them to keep the money.

I’ve not been a Keshe fan from day one, but these guys seem to have put a lot of time into this and claim working products available within 2 weeks of purchase.

Maybe we could do a crowdfunding project to buy one and test it??? Or someone with extra bucks buy and test it and let us know.

At any rate, it is a most interesting claim with more details than normal for such devices. Thanks to Michael J for sharing this. – JWD

Please share what you find out about this…thanks!

Cold Radiation for electricity? I’d like to see how much power the heaters and motor are actually using.  Just turning them on doesn’t prove they are drawing their rated power.Measure the power output of the generator, don’t just assume the power taken is less than the fuse rating.Put the loads directly on the generator and measure all the amperages, voltages.Instead of using heaters and motor running at no load… DO MEASURABLE WORK!Measure temperature rise of water with heaters in it or pump water to a higher level.The transformers cooling down is interesting. Cell Phones can harvest radio waves to extend battery life. From Jerry Decker:
There are tons of circuits out there that provide small amounts of power…most notably the TATE module;

Extract Ambient Energy from the Air with Simple Circuitry

and there are dozens of simple experiments to pull electricity from the air using an antenna…not much power but matches or beats this guy.

You can gang the Tate modules for more power.

The king I think would be Perrigo I think around 1910 using wax, paper and aluminum foil to make a bigass electret that he put inside a metal breadbox…he used two broom handles nailed to a table and strung a zig-zag of wire which he hooked up to the breadbox…that was connected to light bulbs and even a sewing machine motor…

check out the improved version using embroidery hoops drawing;

The more wind that passes through, the more power you can collect.

Nowadays we have super and ultra capacitors but the voltage is really low, about 2.7 volts though you can stack them.

And of course Moray using tuned circuits…who is not what he seems…

11/02/13 – Rediscovery of Lost Secret of Moray Radiant Energy System

Reminds me of a Tesla conference where after the conference a guy was bragging on the enormous power from a homopolar motor…we explained sure you can get 1000 amps but only at about 1.2 volts max…so 1000 X 1.2, is 1000 watts, plus there is the arcing problem which Depalma has resolved using induction…..kind of depuffed him when he realized that…still 1000 watts ain’t bad.

04/09/15 – Tewari unveils Over Unity Generator

more better, more recent;

Over-Unity Reactionless Generator Invented In India

I think this guy is a con artist selling pc boards…

The latest is pulling power from plants, I have the URL for my next update but here it is;

Plants Generating Electricity

Research and calculations tell us that, once optimized, we could produce up to 3.2 W/m2 in North-Western Europe. This means that with 100 square meters you could produce up to 2800 kWh/year.

To put this into perspective: a regular Dutch household uses 3500 kWh per year. One hundred square meters could provide 80% of the electricity demand! When we move closer to the equator this output increases, because solar radiation becomes higher.

And that too has been around a long time but not used on such a scale…

Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 23:27:31 +0000

Subject: TheOldScientist just uploaded a video


has uploaded Development Update Q3/Q4 2015, PWM Amplifier circuitry

design and print, Earth Battery

Website link: http://www.vorticesdynamics­.com

FAQ section: http://www.vorticesdynamics­.com/?p=628

Subscribe to Gold Membership: http://www.vorticesdynamics­.com/?p=2165

I like to provide an update of my development roadmap for Q3/Q4 2015.

Based on many requests I decided to create prints of PCBs from previous

designs, I will also create a PCB for my latest design of ultra low

power LED driver for a very small enclosure. It will be simple to

connect your coils to drive your LED load or to charge batteries,

Capacitors. I will also start on my planned free energy generation

system from the earth. We will here use not only the potential from

various metals to each other in the ground but more important the

electromagnetic component, which will allow us to magnify the current


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