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Some links to support Double Mileage, Guaranteed, Part 1300 MPG Volkswagon NOT ALLOWED in the USA
(click) (click) (click) (click) Bolt on Hybrid

More on the Bourke engine:

Electric Vehicles to race in fuel saving marathon 

(From Jerry Decker)
I hate facebook, found it on youtube;

Gas saver dodge running on fumes;

Lots of youtubes about this…

This is the vapor carb stuff we’ve all been studying for years!

vapor carb keelynet file on another site;

vapor as fuel

Man claims fuel system gets 463 miles per gallon w/video

This guy Felix worked for Gunnerman out in Arizona…he got pissed off with Gunnerman because once he got investors, he laid back and did nothing to make the technology available to everyone, so he wrote me and sent these two files;

01/31/99 – A History of Vapor Carburetors

01/31/99 – Gunnerman Patent

This one also works to mist the gas into finer particles
Ultrasonic Water & Gasoline Mix

Thanks for the headsup on the video, love this redneck stuff!

Jerry @ Keelynet y mas

On 7/23/2014 2:04 AM, Jon Gentry wrote:

A few minor things missing like an accelerator for one. But, hey, we knew this.

Personally, I always know when the lawnmower is running out of gas because it becomes more efficient, runs faster, right before it quits.

Why? Fumes.


 Choosing a vaporizer system

Some more vapor fuel links:

Simple Vapor Fuel Experiment, stop getting screwed at the Pump!

GEET Australia Presentation

You won’t see this 300 MPG Volkswagon in the USA

FYI:  MPG Suppression links:

1. Vehicles getting over 50MPG are NOT that are allowed in the USA or Canada (click).
North American versions are ‘de-rated’ to get much lower mileage.

2. 300 MPG Volkswagon NOT ALLOWED in the USA (click) (click) (click)

3. High mileage has a LONG history of suppression (click) (click) (click)…

4. 14.7:1 Air:Fuel Mixture LIE
We’ve been lied to
 for over a century and you can prove it with YOUR OWN vehicle (click)!

Also, I’m compiling all this into an eBook, ‘Double Mileage, Guaranteed‘, which (for a limited time) you can pre-view for free (click)

5. Interesting comments about ‘green fuel’ and price of gas (click)

6. A slice of George Wiseman’s fuel saving history: (click)

7. Fuel Mileage Suppression by Vested Interest (click) (click

8. Today’s vehicles don’t get better mileage than the Ford Model T.

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