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Fuel from Water
by Michael A. Peavey. Merit Products, Inc. Box 649, Louisville, KY, 40201.  
ISBN 0-945516-04-5.
An excellent resource for conventional hydrogen knowledge (does not include BG).

The Hydrogen World View;
by Dr. Roger E. Billings. American Academy of Science, Techcenter, Ste. 1000, 26900 East Pink Hill Rd., Independence, MO, 64057-3284.
ISBN 0-9631634-0-X

Alternator Secrets; © 1977 Lindsay Publications, Box 12, Bradley, IL, 60915

110 to 120 Volts from your Automobile Alternator
by © 1982 Allan Wallace

Gas Engine Manual
by Ted Pipe, © 1977 Howard W. Sams Co. Inc., Indianapolis, IN,
ISBN 0-672-23245-6

How To Make Home Electricity from Wind, Water & Sunshine
by John A. Kuecken, © Tab Books Inc., Blue Ridge Summit, PA, 17214
ISBN 0-8306-9785-3

Electrical Machines, Direct and Alternating Current
by Charles S. Siskind, © 1959 McGraw Hill Book Co., Inc., Library of Congress 58-10008

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