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Can I make money with Brown’s Gas?

Yes.  First by saving money.  Brown’s Gas (BG) can cut your fuel bills dramatically with inexpensive home-built machines.  BG is being used as a health enhancement.  BG is being used to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles.

After you’ve applied BG technology to your own life, then you can make money helping others do the same.

Then you can apply BG to make semi-precious rubies, saphires, emeralds and moonstone that your wife will love (I made some in the shape of hearts.You can shape quartz or weld jewelry.

You could rejuvinate a copper mine.  Getting 3 times more copper out of the mine than it originally produced.  Or you could neutralize atomic waste.

BG will, in a short time, affect every part of our lives.  It’s uses are limited only by our imaginations.

A team of people under the umbrella of a Company called Water Torch Collective, Ltd. (WTC) are working to promote Brown’s Gas.

WTC has marketing plans that can make money both by direct sales and by residual income (which is willable). To see details of this marketing plan, you must attend one of the Eagle-Research/WTC ‘Leader of the Pack’ Brown’s Gas Meetings. (see more)

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