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2. What can I do to increase the efficiency of my Carbureted vehicle?

 A.Install the Carburetor Enhancer.    You can add an electronic upgrade to the Carburetor Enhancer, which will allows you to take control of the fuel flowing FROM (not to) your carburetor. Your float bowl stays full of fuel for instant power at any time. The ECE modifies the fuel output as you desire, including a deceleration fuel shutoff option. ECE plans are included with the Carburetor Enhancer Manual.   Apply a fuel pressure regulator just before the fuel enters your carburetor. This will reduce the float bowl flooding problem that ALL carburetors have due to float bounce in the float bowl, leaky floats, bad inlet needle valves, etc.   Apply a ‘diesel’ style fuel filter before your pressure regulator. This will help prevent the float bowl flooding problem that is caused by a tiny bit of matter preventing the needle valve from completely closing. Ordinary gasoline filters are NOT good enough. A tiny bit of dirt you can’t even see could waste gallons of fuel.   Then refer to: Q. What other fuel savers do you have? Q. What else can I do to increase my vehicle’s efficiency?

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