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Why is there a flashing red light on the back?

It is coming from the round unit that measures usage. What does that mean?

As per the Operation Manual and the setup video.  That is the hour meter function light and (while it seems counter-intuitive) the flashing red light means that it is working.  

If there’s NO flashing red light, then that’s bad, because it means the timer is not getting power and is not working.

I know, I know… If I was to design it I’d have made the light solid green, but I just buy them ‘as is’… So a flashing red light means all’s good.

The flashing red light does NOT mean it’s time to do a maintenance rinsing.  It ONLY flashes to indicate that the hour meter is getting power, so it’ll record time.

Check the actual hours to see when it’s time for the maintenance rinsing.  Anytime after 100 hours and before 200 hours is my current recommendation.  
Good idea to keep a maintenance record.

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