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• FULLY assembled: just install, fill and drive
~ soldering is required if you use the circuit board

• Small and nicely shaped: to fit onto any vehicle
~ 11 1/2″H x 10″L x 3″W

• Easy To Install: many installs done by 21 yr old girls
~ ‘back-yard’ mechanical aptitude required

• ‘Quick’ To Install: an easy weekend project

• Appropriate: for engines up to 7 liter
~ natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel
~ fuel-injected & carbureted

• Seamless Integration:
~ with vehicle’s electric & electronic systems
~ & with other Eagle-Research enhancements

• Transferable: Between Vehicles

• Significantly Reduces: Exhaust Pollution

• Promotes Performance: increase torque; increase engine life
~ 12% – > 35% mileage gains (typical)

• Cost Effective: usually pays back in less than a year
~ replaces some fuel with water

• Customer Service: Eagle-Research supports every product we’ve sold since 1984

• Safety First: Our HyZors feature liquid level monitoring and automatic shut-down (retums vehicle to OEM settings) if the liquid level gets low.  What most of the MeToos out there don’t tell you is that if you run out of water, your electrolyzer will have internal explosions, which may damage it.  Of course their on-board electrolyzers are cheaper, they haven’t incorporated the safety features ours come standard with.

Our HyZors feature a unique, EASY-fill system, that allows you to put water into the electrolyzer remotely, even from the passenger compartment (no need to lift the hood).  The LED tells you when water needs to be added.  The HyZor can also be upgraded to have automatic water fill.

This fully assembled HyZor is a hybrid wet/dry-cell electrolyzer with dual five-cell packs and an integral liquid:vapor separator/bubbler/storage tank.  It can be remote mounted (in otherwise inaccessible locations anywhere on the vehicle) and still be easy to fill with water.

For its power, it is the world’s simplest, most compact, practical and full-featured on-board electrolyzer.  For more information about the ER HyZor, see our FAQ (click)

This fully assembled ER HyZor comes with written assembly, installation & operation instructions and a step-by-step instructional DVD.

We now include a HyZor Technology Book with each ER HyZor. It details upgrades and options that’ll help maximize and optimize your gains.  See also the ER HyZor Resources for the latest upgrades and information.

Purchase of ER HyZor from Eagle-Research automatically allows instant access privileges to the ER HyZor Resources through your Eagle-Research user account.

We also recommend buying the HyZor Wiring Kit

If you have a fuel system that has oxygen sensor feedback (some carburetors and most fuel injection) You will require the EFIE device as well. It comes with installation instructions. You need an EFIE for each oxygen sensor located before the catalytic converter.

Addition of amperage control electronics and a MAP Enhancer may be needed to optimize the HyZor performance.  You will be able to judge that once the HyZor is operational on your vehicle.  The ER HyZor Resources helps you with determining what, if anything, you need and where to get it.

SKU #ER1-D1-0033 • 11.5″H x 10″L x 3″W • 4.4091 lb / 1999.964 gm

For people who find the upfront cost of our fuel savers high for their budget, we now offer a financing option (through PayPal) that may allow you to literally pay for your fuel saving investment with your fuel savings!

Thus you can buy this product at literally NO COST higher than you are ALREADY paying NOW!  Here is a fuel savings calculator to find what your fuel savings should be (click).

The financing is 6 equal monthly payments + a small finance fee.
To get the financing, just purchase the product using the PayPal option as you check out (you’ll need a PayPal account) and the financing option will automatically be presented to you during the normal checkout (payment) process.

After the technology is paid off, your fuel (and money) savings will continue!  So from that point you’ll have ‘extra’ money in your pocket!


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