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Products To Help HyZor Technology

• Vacuum Pump

The HyZor should operate at as low a pressure as possible.  This increases safety (by reducing BG density) and seems to make the electrolyzer produce more gas (maybe by lowing the boiling point of water so you get more steam).  Water vapor is a GOOD thing to put into your engine.

If you put the HyZor gasses directly into intake manifold vacuum, you need to be VERY CAREFUL to make absolutely certain that the electrolyte (Lye) doesn’t get into the engine… because it will EAT (corrode into dust) all the aluminum parts (intake manifold, heads, pistons, etc.).  Use proper bubblers and filters to make sure no lye gets into the engine. 

Using a vacuum pump does several things, it brings the HyZor into a vacuum while retaining the ability to inject the BG into the air cleaner housing on the OUTSIDE of the air filter.  It can also be activated and contyrolled to provide more BG when the engine is under load.  

Automotive vacuum pumps are available through performance suppliers (Summit Automotive), this pump is design to create a vacuum in the crankcase and is meant to pump hot blowby gasses continuously. They even have a diaphragm kit replacement. The vacuum pump is made by Moroso part # MOR-22640, the rebuild kit is listed as part # MOR-22645. At printing time the price is $360 and the kit is $80.

I’d Tee the HyZor gas output into the intake side of the pump (keeping the original purpose of evacuating blowby gasses).

• Distilled Water

The HyZor requires distilled water.  If you don’t want to make trips to the grocery or drug store, just distill it yourself.

• WATER WIZARD, a super water distiller sold by Crystal Clear.

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