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On-Board Electrolyzers Work

Download these Water as Fuel documents

(provided free of charge but are copyrighted)
detailing scientific On-Board Electrolyzer Proofs.

This is Version #110316 (click here) It is in PDF format

I welcome any corrections or suggestions for modification.

Note that at the bottom of this page are more links (from Ozzie Freeman) to PROOFS that I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy as well.  If these don’t open your eyes to the corruption in this genre, nothing will.

Corrections and Upgrades since the latest version

Major Modification to the document; I’m changing the acronym of Electrically Expanded Water from EEW to ExW.  I don’t want people to be associating any constituent of Brown’s Gas as ‘stinky’. ~ from conversation with Joe Detellis


Online articles about on-board BG electrolyzers

HydroPhi system


Links to add to the document

Scientific test of Brown’s Gas (HHO)

Pepsi installing on-board electrolyzers

51 mpg in a 2005 Lincoln using a HyZor!

60 mpg on Ford Escort Station Wagon! 

17 to 24 MPG 

BG twice as beneficial as hydrogen alone

Hydrogen ‘nano’ water runs IC engine (video sound is bad)

Big Rig Volvo goes from 8.5 MPG to 12 MPG

Japanese car that runs on water

Another version

Daniel Dingle interview 

Daniel Dingle Suppression


British Car that runs on water

Israeli Car that runs on water (article) (videos).

Kit for motorcycle to run on 80% water.  Another experiment.  Some mileage tests.

Les Banki’s Water as Fuel Project.

H2G presents it’s Water as Fuel Technology (replace 95% of fuel with water)

Collection of Fuel Saving Articles (some Water as Fuel included)

HHO going mainstream 

Proof that BG enhances fuel combustion

More videos 

More papers They took an electrolyzer that was getting 8.6 Wh/L and made it produce the same volume of BG at 0.28 Wh/L.
Economical hydrogen production by electrolysis using nano pulsed DC

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2012 pp.129-136
Journal homepage:

Documentary on Stan Meyers Water Powered car.

Stationary Diesel engine increases efficiency using Brown’s Gas (paper)

video 1, video 2, video 3


While reading the FMCSA document referenced in the HyZor proofs, I tracked down the document it references in section 1.2.3 where it gives the numbers for fuel savings and emission reduction.

Hydrogen Fuel Injection System
Technology Fact Sheet for Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Ltd.

The document is no longer available on the ETV Canada website, so the link above is an archived version from the internet archive’s wayback machine.

Some interesting things about the document are it gives more precise information about the performance claims, and lists information about their verification.

What if the extra energy is not from BG (HHO) but a variant of cold fusion? 


Wikipedia seems to be under the control of the Vested Interest.  They will NOT accept proofs for on-board electrolyzers or Brown’s Gas (which they miss-name Oxy-Hydrogen)

Paradigm Shifts by Moray King (click) Truth, Fraud and/or Kooks

FOX recants using mechanics talking bull$hit.

MORE PROOFS from Ozzie Freeman

Ozzie Freedom here. You may have heard my name, I’m the Water4Gas Founder from Los Angeles/Israel. Need your help to disseminate this 2017 book that spills ALL the beans on the Waterfuel industry. Titled ‘The GREEN SCIENCE of Waterfuel, Free-Energy Secrets “THEY” Don’t Want You to Know’, this 1252-page monster may revolutionize the industry because:

–It PROVES the scientific community KNOWS water is not just H2O,

–31 peer-reviewed science/gov’t validations from 13 countries,

–It exposes all the (pretended) secrets of the Waterfuel industry, 

–Why the industry is not booming – exposing naked its biggest enemy and it’s NOT Big Oil,

–Details of $37 trillion/year business potential – it would take half a million companies to fill the REAL need, putting to shame all notion of “competition” and secret keeping.

THIS IS A CHARITY OPERATION. Under its ShareAlike 4.0 International License, anyone can share the files, printed books or CD/DVD. Will you help me disseminate it? Below are my DropBox download links, please mirror these files on your site, or ask website owners to do so, and definitely keep copies so the tech won’t be forgotten:

—Complete eBook (1255-page PDF, 179MB):

—31 peer-reviewed science/gov’t validations from 13 countries (ZIP, 69MB):

—DIY learning aids SHOW source of free energy (ZIP, 33MB):

—PRINT PROFESSIONALLY: ready-to-upload contents/cover art, adapted for low-cost printing with BookBaby (ZIP, 163MB):

—Free tool to extract ZIP files:

How YOU can help spread the truth

This document PROVES on-board electrolyzers, producing on-demand Brown’s Gas, CAN save fuel.

This PROOF document is an ‘industry game changer‘ and the first in a series of papers that will change how Brown’s Gas is perceived by the scientific community.  BG has amazing, virtually unrealized, potential in a spectrum of applications.

This is a tool that you can use toeducate yourself, experts, skeptics and critics Post a link to this document on every Facebook, Twitter, Skeptic Blog, YouTube and on-line News comments fields you can find. Here are some example posts…

I’ve found a document that PROVES on-board electrolyzers, producing on-demand Brown’s Gas (BG aka HHO), CAN save fuel. tinyurl(dot)com/5tke4pj

Scientific PROOF that Water as Fuel technology WORKS! tinyurl(dot)com/5tke4pj

Use tinyurl(dot)com/5tke4pj when the website won’t allow a url in the post.


It’s time for the truth to be known and accepted!  It’s time to bypass Vested Interest myth-education with a grassroots truth campaign.  If you post links where ever you can (even put the PDF on your own website), first thousands and then tens of thousands of people will learn what the Vested Interest have tried so hard to suppress.  
                                          Have fun with it 


“It is a quirk of human nature that most people (even ‘educated’ people) don’t want to learn anything new and react negatively to anyone who challenges their deeply held views (even when they’re obviously wrong).” 
~ Porter Stansberry

It takes a concentrated desire to find the truth” 
~ Harold Klemp

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