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Q ~ Why do you have a HyZor kit and not a HyCO 2A kit?

Ahhhh 🙂 Very good question 🙂
I used to make a HyCO 2A kit when my customers were mostly carbureted.  
The HyCO 2A didn’t work well on Fuel Injected systems because the MAP Sensor ‘read’ the input as a ‘vacuum leak’ which cause the vehicle’s computer to richen the mixture and customers would lose their gains.
My solution was to switch my attention to the sexy Water as Fuel on-board electrolyzer technology, which I call HyZor.  The HyZor worked fine on EFI engines because I’d already invented the EFIE to go with it.
What I didn’t invent was the MAP Sensor Enhancer, much to my embarrasment because it’s extremely simple to do.  The MAP Enhancer is the key (along with the EFIE) to allowing the HyCO 2A to work on EFI engines.
The ‘problem’ is that I simply don’t have time to re-tool and manufacture the HyCO 2A, even though it is generally more effective and practical than the sexy Water as Fuel HyZor.
On the bright side, our HyZor is the best on-board electrolyzer on the market.
You’ll hear more about both technologies in our upcoming eNews
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