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Q ~ What do I do about Foam?

Usually foam isn’t too much of an issue in a HyZor, so most people don’t even need to worry about it.  For those people who worry about it anyway, here’s some tips:
Several things cause foam so the best thing to ‘do about it’ is to prevent it in the first place.  
Before assembly wash (and rinse) all the parts, that will be inside the electrolyzer, with dish soap and hot water.  
The idea is to remove any residual oils, including skin oil from your hands.  
During assembly keep the parts clean by washing your hands well and often or wearing latex gloves.
Use lye (NaOH) with as few impurities as possible and distilled water to make the electrolyte.
Impurities are what foams.
Once the electrolyte is cooled, the very best way I’ve discovered to pre-condition it is to ‘burn’ off the foam.  
This technique involves putting the electrolyte mixture into a appropriate sized glass container with a large open top (like a measuring cup capable of measuring several cups of liquid).
Then putting a couple of stainless steel plates into the cup (make sure they won’t touch), connected to a small Capacitive Power Supply, allowing a couple of amps of DC current, so that we start making BG in the cup.
As the BG comes out of the cup, I use a flame to ‘pop’ the bubbles.  
I prefer to use a BG flame (because it is pure and won’t add carbon to the mixture) but I know most people don’t yet have a WaterTorch so a soldering torch will work.
TAKE CARE to protect yourself from splattering electrolyte.  Do this in an open area, wear eye protection and protective clothing.
When the large bubbles stop forming, your electrolyte is pre-conditioned to NOT foam.
The large bubbles form because of oil on the surface, so burning off the oil prevents the problem.

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