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AquaCure Frequency FAQ

How is the ‘frequency’ produced?

The ‘frequency’ is produced by the Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) on the front of the machine.

The pulses are DC (direct current) electrical signals to the electrolyzer, not Hz (alternating) ‘frequency’.   

The frequency of the pulses is what you are setting.
432 means 432 pulses (or ’timeframes’) to the electrolyzer, per second.

Then, of each pulse (timeframe), you are setting the Duty Cycle (0-100%)  

Duty Cycle is how much time (of the pulse) the signal is turned on.  
So 40% means, each pulse is turned on 40% of the time and off 60% of the time.

How to set the frequency

XY-PWM signal generator is a device that provides electrical signals at a variety of frequencies, square wave, and output levels.It is used as a signal source or excitation source for testing.Widely used in production practice and technology.

1>. With outer casing;
2>. LCD high definition display;
3>. Support UART;
4>. Support frequency adjustment;
5>. Support duty cycle adjustment;
6>. High precision detection;
7>. Support power-down memory function;
8>. 1-Channel PWM output.

1>. Product name: PWM Signal Generator;
2>. Model: XY-PWM;
3>. Work voltage:DC 3.3V-30V;
4>. Frequency range:1Hz~150KHz;
5>. Frequency accuracy:2%;
6>. Duty cycle range:0.00%-100%;
7>. Output Current:About 5-30mA;
8>. Output amplitude:Same to input voltage;
9>. Size:79*43*27mm;
10>. Operating temperature:-20℃~70℃;

Frequency Set Range:
Enter the settings interface when short press any button ‘FREQ+’ or ‘FREQ-’ in the normal running status to select frequency range.Automatically switch frequency range.
Pay attention to the position where the decimal point moves when the button is pressed.
Display ‘XXX’.No decimal point,The minimum frequency is 1Hz.The frequency range is 1Hz ~ 999Hz.
Display ‘X.XX’.The decimal point is the penultimate, The minimum frequency is 0.01KHz.The frequency range is 1.00KHz ~ 9.99KHz.
Display ‘XX.X’.The decimal point is the third last,The minimum frequency is 0.1KHz.The frequency range is 10.0KHz ~ 99.9KHz.
Display ‘X.X.X’.The decimal point is fully lit,The minimum frequency is 1KHz.The frequency range is 1KHz ~ 150KHz.
For example:
Display ‘100’ means PWM output frequency is 100Hz;
Display ‘1.01’ means PWM output frequency is 1.01KHz;
Display ‘54.1’ means PWM output frequency is 54.1KHz;
Display ‘1.2.4’ means PWM output frequency is 124KHz;

Duty Cycle Set Range:
Enter the settings interface when short press any button ‘DUTY+’ or ‘DUTY-’ in the normal running status to select duty cycle.Automatically switch frequency range.
Duty cycle range is 0.00%-100%.

Using Steps:
1>. Connect to power supply;
2>. Short or long press button ‘FREQ+’ or ‘FREQ-’ to set frequency;
3>. Short or long press button ‘DUTY+’ or ‘DUTY-’ to set duty cycle;
4>. Connect to load.

UART Communication and Parameter Settings:
The system supports UART data upload and parameter setting functions (TTL level);
UART: 9600, 8, 1
1>. Set PWM frequency:
‘F101’:Set frequency is 101Hz.‘101’ can by replace by 001~999;
‘F1.05’:Set frequency is 1.05KHz.‘1.05’ can by replace by 1.00~9.99;
‘F10.5’:Set frequency is 10.5KHz.‘10.5’ can by replace by 10.0~99.9;
‘F1.0.5’:Set frequency is 105KHz.‘1.0.5’ can by replace by 1.0.0~1.5.0;
2>. Set PWM duty cycle:
‘DXXX’:Set duty cycle is XXX. ‘XXX’ can be 000-100.
E.g:‘D051’ means PWN duty cycle is be set as 51%.
3>. Read set parameter:
Send ‘read’ and then get parameter.
4>. Return value:
Return ‘DOWN’:Set success.
Return ‘FALL’:Set fail.

1>. It’s 1-channel PWM output signals.

1>.1pcs XY-PWM PWM Signal Generator;

What frequency would be best for healing?

I do not know.  That is not my expertise.  

I am an expert in electrolysis machines and I included the CAPABILITY to impress frequencies onto the water-gas (HydrOxy) coming out of the AquaCure… 

Because I know enough about frequencies to know that (if one knows what one is doing) frequencies can further enhance healing, health and rejuvenation.

So, as per the AquaCure Manual, I advise going to the actual experts to find which frequencies would work best for YOUR body and your ailment.

We set the frequency (FREQ) to 432 pps

So the power will then pulse DC electricity to the electrolyzer 432 times a second.

It is well known that imposing frequencies on water can have healthful benefits.  There are frequencies that can assist healing and health.  The AquaCure frequency can be varied depending on the ‘energy signature’ you want to impose on the gas.  This is the biggest benefit of being able to change the frequency.

We set the AquaCure at 432 pps as a generally ‘known’ healthful frequency.  There are places on the internet where you can find frequencies that help specific ailments (research Royal Rife, Hulda Clark, Solfeggio and microcurrent frequencies lists / charts).

In the meantime, I set the frequency of the AquaCure to a ‘general good health’ frequency of 432, as advised by several people who know far more about this than I do.

There are places on the internet where you can research frequencies that help, search:
Health Frequency List
Rife Frequencies
Hulda Clark frequencies 
Solfeggio frequencies

528 Hz: Activate self-healing and positive transformation
Meditative Mind creates soothing meditation music, healing music based on solfeggio frequencies, mantra chants and various other resources for meditation, relaxation, sleep and healing. Hope our work will help you in a positive way. Blessings and Peace all the way.

Another very good source of ‘frequency’ and body voltage information is Dr. Jerry Tennant.

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