SARS-CoV-2 Notes

COVID-19 Documentary (the Origin of the SARS-CoV 2) 

Swiss Propaganda Organization (to allow truth to bypass propaganda) 

Real unbiased virus News from the HighWire (donation based through
Note that he is now banned on YouTube and all videos moved to
2. September 14/20 HINDSIGHT 2020

A balanced examination of COVID-19 pandemic

German (with english subtitles) COVID-19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee.

German Congress of COVID-19 treatments

FOX News… Here’s an example:

End COVID lies (Spanish with subtitles)

Why I will not take a vaccine:

Better Strategy for handling a Pandemic
Dissenting scientists issue Covid-19 herd Immunity Declaration

The Matt Walsh Show

LOTS of appropriate Blogs that point out the inconsistencies of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Anna Brees video compilation

Canadian Laura Lynn Tyler videos:
Exposing the Lies of the Viru$

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Cowan
Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways to Treat Viruses

Dr. Pamala Popper (Yale University)

BrassCheck TV

Lots of good documentary videos by ‘citizen reporter’ Amazing Polly


Lots of good documentary videos by ‘citizen reporter’ The last American Vagabond

It was (supposedly) a MATH mistake…
Just one decimal point shut us down…


Dr. Mercola: Gates Foundation Has Funded Billions Worth in PR from MSM Outlets
(note, try link twice to view video)

Ivor Cummins

Good information from The Dollar Vigilante
(Note that while Mexico was officially ‘shut down’, the residents IGNORED the shutdown! Businesses stayed open, people went to work and had gatherings.
My brother was ‘trapped’ in Mexico for 3 months (starting in March/20 when they closed the border) and had no trouble working and enjoying life. He’s now home and doing the 14 day self-isolation. At NO TIME did he see any pandemic issue that wasn’t caused by government hysteria… NOT the virus)

May 23, 2020 Update: Several Doctors Summery


If you want to know what’s going on… What the ‘end goal’ is… Read (or listen to) George Orwell’s prophetic 1984… Before it is banned by the proletariat.

Some Doctors lose their jobs when they try to get the truth to you!

Perspectives on the Pandemic from inside the epicenter hospital in Elmhurst NY

Collective Evolution TV (subscription based News, but has free trial). See what the regular media doesn’t want you to see…

High Impact TV videos

Agent for Truth, Joseph Banister

Dr. Alan Inglis, M.D.

Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt
1. “The level of Stupidity Going On Here Is Amazing”
2. The lockdown saved no lives.
3. Lockdown is a “Huge Mistake” IFR = Common Cold

LockDown Skeptics (amazing collection of articles)

Professor Hendrik Streeck Covid-19 less deadly than thought

Mike Adams Health Ranger videos

The Healthy American website. Truths revealed and lawful, peaceful actions that can be taken.

Ron Paul Liberty Report
1. many videos
2. March 24/20 CV Hoax
3. May 27/20 OverView
4. June 6/20 COVID hoax and Shutdown wrong
5. June 30/20 COVID ‘cases’ vs deaths (no ‘second wave’)

The virus is NOT as deadly as ‘assumed’

Lock Down Lunacy (with excellent sources, ACTUAL science instead of propaganda)

Corona Viruses have been around for a long time.

Past Viral Frauds
Swine Flu

Politically ‘correct’ Hypocrisy
Just ONE race, the human race. ALL Lives Matter!

Say NO to being dragged out of your home
Note that this bill was bought and paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (who want to vaccinate every person on the planet and have volunteered to ‘donate’ 7 billion vaccinations).

More helpful links:
See Brown’s Gas testimonials / studies / etc. here:

Purchase your AquaCure model AC50 here:

AquaCure AC50 Setup and Operation Video

AquaCure AC50 Operation Manual
AquaCure Brochure

Setup your AquaCureAC50 torch attachment:
How to apply Teflon Tape to Fill Stem
H2 Hubb AquaCure AC50,  Unboxing, Setup and Test videos:
Test gas production
They don’t tell you that the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes COVID-19) patent is ‘owned’ by Bill Gates or that the vaccine will have microdots that will interact with 5G to allow Bill Gates to know where you are and what you are doing 24/7 (what you buy, where you are, who you are with and even (with bio-metrics) when you have sex)…
Even I can figure out a dozen ways to monetize THAT sort of information… all for the phylanthropic ‘price’ of one injection per person… Wow… just wow…

They don’t tell you that the lockdown is killing more people than the virus is.
They ‘predicted’ a saber-toothed lion and it’s actually a kitten (kills less than the flu). 

They don’t tell you that the man who presented this 6666 bill was ‘gifted’ an all expenses paid vacation by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
‘They’ don’t tell you a lot of things. Like how the rich are profiting from this Lock Down:

Or how the vaccine will kill millions

‘They’ DO TELL YOU what you need to hear to stay locked in your home so they can crash the economy (make you dependent on the ‘state’) and know where to find you; to drag away dissidents and ‘useless eaters’ like they did in China.
They brought 40 portable cremation units into Wuhan and those people were never seen again.
And to keep us SEPARATE so we cannot organize. It’s called ‘divide and conquer’.

Or they just FORCE us into SLAVERY by changing our DNA with mandatory vaccinations
that contain patented (so we become GMO ‘owned’ by the patent holder) 5G compatible RNA (gene editing) fragments and microdots. How’s THAT for ‘conspiracy theory’? You say “It can’t happen here?”
And I say ONLY if you stand up and say NO! Otherwise it IS HAPPENING here and now… If you look, you’ll SEE it happening, even as ‘they’ are saying “We are doing this for your safety”. And they don’t let you see that MORE people are dying from the side effects of the Lock Down than could ever have died from the virus

Stand For Health Freedom

Stopping the Elite’s COVID-19 Tyrannical Coup states with KNOWLEDGE.

Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD Why we stay Asleep When COVID-19 is trying to wake us up

Dr. Dareld Morris on lies and deception

Dr. (and Senator) Scott Jenson (whistle blower)

American Frontline Doctors break silence on COVID cure

As for the Economy…
“Pelosi, Trump, Kudlow, Schumer, Navarro… It’s like watching a group of chimpanzees at the controls of a nuclear plant.  It’s amusing. But we’re sure it will end badly.”
Candace Owens gives the down and dirty on George Floyd

COVID-19 Good News
Air pollution is (temporarily) reduced
Pets being adopted
Good News, with a twist… During LockDown infant mortality has DECREASED 30% but WHY?—new-layout.pdf

This was a Good TEST for a dangerous Pandemic, exposing a serious lack of care for our elderly:

now time to get back to normal…

Fight the FEAR
Fear shuts off the immune system and makes you more likely to get sick from ANYTHING. Limit TV News to basics and do a lot of ‘happy making’ stuff.

Keep in mind the conflicting evidence for COVID-19 In my opinion… The biggest mistake we are making is ONLY listening to the ‘cry wolf’ media who are ONLY reporting myth-information from the:
(google CDC privately owned) (puffed death stats) (get rid of whites)

CDC Death Risk = 1:19,000,000 

WHO  (mostly funded by China and Bill Gates)
 ( )  
Swine Flu Fraud 

Bill Gates notes

Meet Bill Gates

Bill Gates Plan to Monopolize Global ‘Health’, Vaccinate the World, and establish the Populations Control Grid, etc.

Bill Gates Profit Motive

Pandemic Simulation of ‘bat’ coronavirus in October 2019

Italian CongressWoman calls out Bill Gates:

Opps? Who do you work for?

United States v Microsoft Deposition by Bill Gates part 1

Bill Gates ‘relationship’ with the Media

Bill Gates doubts FDA can be trusted

Or ~ Dr. Fauci (who said to Media “1.7 million may die unless you follow my instructions”) 
Dr Fauci PUBLISHED in March 26, in the NEJM (perhaps the leading medical journal in the nation) stating:
“If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968)”

Further Dr. Fauci has a Conflict of Interest that is not being made public. 
more on conflict of interest
more conflict of interest

More of Dr Fauci’s dark secrets revealed

COVER UP: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

Discussion about the success of Hydroxychloroquine and the zealous resistance by the FDA.
Below is an excellent 16 minute video, clear and informative.
Mark Levin Interviews Dr. Harvey Risch:
Also for text:

The delusion called Fauci

[1] “Faucism” is a new word. Please use it widely — and share, share, share!

Faucism / Fauchism Defined

Faucism / Fauchism: fauch´ism Pronunciation: fauch´iz’m

n. 1. A medical/political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government; allegedly advocating health promotion at its core – opposed to personal liberty, democracy and liberalism.

2. An authoritarian system of government control under absolute control of a single medical or medical/political dictator, allowing no factual, scientific, theoretical medical or political opposition, forcibly suppressing dissent and rigidly controlling most medical/industrial and economic activities. Such regimes usually try to achieve popularity by a strongly authoritarian, medical supremacy and/or nationalistic appeal, often mixed with racism and xenophobia.

3. Specifically, the Faucist / Fauchist movement led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA/CDC/NIH, Bill Gates/WHO/Gavi similar to the Fascist movement initiated by Benito Mussolini in Italy from 1922 to 1943.

4. Broadly, a tendency toward or support of a strongly medically/authoritarian or dictatorial control of persons, government , communication outlets or other entities and organizations; – often used pejoratively in this sense.-

COVidiocy = all non-scientific thinking involved in the Corona Virus Plandemic, resulting in mass hysteria, loss of personal freedoms, loss of quality of life, crashing of most of the world’s economies and massive excess deaths.
In the News… Ben Shapiro

No one is listening to voices of reason, like this German Doctor Wolfgang Wodarg
(please support this film)
Or studies being done in Italy right now…  
Or “Nothing but a Spook” 

Italian Doctor Roberto Patrella: “Covid 19 is not the name of the virus, but rather the international plan for the control and reduction of populations.”

Kevin P Corbett MSc PhD (addresses corona hysteria)

Dr. Scott Atlas:  End the lockdown

Recorded on June 18, 2020 Dr. Scott Atlas is the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, an accomplished physician, and a scholar of public health. For several weeks, Dr. Atlas has been making the case in print and in other media that we as a society have overreacted in imposing draconian restrictions on movement, gatherings, schools, sports, and other activities. He is not a COVID-19 denier—he believes the virus is a real threat and should be managed as such. But, as Dr. Atlas argues, there are some age groups and activities that are subject to very low risk. The one-size-fits-all approach we are currently using is overly authoritarian, inefficient, and not based in science. Dr. Atlas’s prescription includes more protection for people in nursing homes, two weeks of strict self-isolation for those with mild symptoms, and most importantly, the opening of all K–12 schools. The latter recommendation is vital for restarting and maintaining the economy so that parents are not housebound trying to work and educate their children. Dr. Atlas is also adamant that an economic shutdown, and all of the attendant issues that go along with it, is a terrible solution—the cure is worse than the disease. Finally, Dr. Atlas reveals some steps he’s taken in his own life to try to get things back to normal. 

Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health
(on using hydroxychloroquine & zinc)

Dr. Stella Immanuel

Or -Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator,  March 27, 2020“The predictions of the models don’t match the reality on the ground in either China, South Korea or Italy.” –

Or Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on CoronaVirus

Dr. Simone Gold (also a lawyer) (600 Doctors for truth)
4. cases = positive test result = herd immunity

Covid-19 fatality rate “Worst Miscalculation in human history”
Less than 6% of the ‘deaths’ can actually be attributed to COVID-19

Or Dr. David Brownstein (holistic first line treatment)

Or Dr. Jeff Barke Breaks his silence

Or Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Or Dr. Drew Pinsky / Dr. Kelly Victory

Or Dr. Mercola

Three German-speaking medical specialists have set up a committee to bring back sanity to the pandemic scenario we all face. In the video below they discuss the situation locally and internationally on many vitally important levels and invite further international input to their cause. 
This video is a must-see and it highlights many aspects of great importance. Large English subtitles have been provided. Video versions with large subtitles in other languages can be found if necessary. Alternately, auto-translate can be used at the bottom of this video to translate into many different languages.

Or Dr. Andrew Kaufman

They want to make us into Genetically Modified Organisms

Dr. Kaufman’s website: 
(How to resist mandatory vaccines. Starts at 1:12:10) 
Where to get the Notice of Liability: 

Note: How to Legally get out of a vaccination 
Step 1: ‘Refuse’ a vaccine, otherwise you will be considered compliant.  You can politely refuse their service by doing the following:

Step 2: Ask the Doctor if the vaccine contains MRC-5 (they all do, these are aborted fetus cells and other DNA).  If so, you have the right to refuse ‘cannibalism’. 

Step 3: Also ask it there is a chance of a latrogenic reaction (a side effect caused by multiple compounds or medicines that act on each other) of the vaccine (they all do that).
If the Doctor says “Yes, that’s true” that’s your ‘get out of vaccination card’.  Thank the Doctor for the offer and walk away.

Remember that Doctors have sworn Hippocratic Oath (first do no harm) and that they ‘must’ (should) honor it.
This is how we can legally (and respectfully) refuse their ‘manditory’ services offered.

Dr. Rima (no mask and no vaccine)–3b7bm6-1g070a7

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (expert in hydroxychloroquine / zinc)

Or Dr. Michael Levitt

Or Dr. Steven Gundry (Zinc, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, DON’T eat empty carbs) 

Or Dr Scott Jensen (wrong diagnosis)

Or Dr. Rashid Buttar  
Part 1: Facts vs Fiction 
Part 2: Toxicity Ignored 
Part 3: Scientific Corruption
Part 4: Virus Conspiricy?  5G, Immunity and Corona Virus 
Part 5: Deceptive Agenda, Censorship 
London Real Live:

What’s going on.  COVID-19 roundtable 

Or Dr. Scott W Atlas (effect on health)

Or Dr Shiva Ayadurai (exposes CV agenda) 

Dr Shiva on electronic voter fraud. It’s already happening!

Dr. Eric Nepute  Quinine (Schweppes Tonic Water) and Zinc

Or Dr. Bruce Lipton (perspective and what you can do to stay healthy)
Short Trailer (5 minutes) 
Full version (2 hours)  
Never Get Sick Again   

Or Dr Sucharit Bhakdi (heartfelt correcting of media narative) 

Or Mike Adams (end the pandemic)  Masks, zinc, hydroxychloroquine, test widely. 

Or Dr Sherri TenPenny (Biggest scam EVER) Ultimate Power Grab.

Texas Doctor treating COVID-19, speaks out

Videos from Dr. Amandha Vollmer 
A recent study has been prepared by the National Institute of Health which finds that 88% of Italy’s deaths were NOT COVID-19 related.   
Are all other regions/countries reporting deaths in this manner?  
 It is also evident that inadequate test methods are showing false-positive results, effectively inflating the numbers.  We have a recently “Withdrawn” article from the National Institute of Health, as well as a secondary source from which corroborates the study. 
FAKE NEWS (caught in action) Dr. Amandha (see video notes and comments)

In addition to these points, the FDA has also issued warnings that individuals with previous infections of SARS-CoV-2, or those injected with Corona Virus strains from the latest Flu vaccine are testing false-positive.
Further, it’s looking like if you get a regular ‘flu’ shot, you may be at MORE risk of a bad COVID-19 reaction.   March 17/20 UPDTE: from Dr. Jay Bhattacharya 
Actual Testing shows the disease is NOT as deadly as originally ‘estimated’  Now ‘worst case’ is only as bad as the normal flu. 
The testing kits can ALREADY be contaminated with SARS-CoV-19 before you are even tested… How about that for increasing false positives? Contaminated Kits?
Or testing ANYTHING and having positives?

The Highwire April 9, 2020… 
Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD  We may be treating COVID-19 incorrectly.  This is looking like a BLOOD disease, not a lung disease.

2 Doctors in California, Lift the LockDown, the deleted video…

COVID-19 roundtable  Learn about the virus 

Additional points to NOTE:

Korea.  COVID-19 Did Not Show Infectivity During the Incubation Period 

WHO confirms that asymptomatic (no symptoms) infection is RARE!

There is no accurate test for COVID-19!!! (tests show false positives)
some tests contaminated (shows false positives)

Citizen Reporters

Sweden chose NOT to have a mandatory lockdown (also North and South Dakota):
August 2020 Update: Sweden vs USA
The ultimate update on our viral issue, bar none – Sept 8th 2020 . Get educated guys and gals – or keep your head in the sand while your errant leaders destroy society around you… 😉 Lockdown efficacy analysis papers:… Hope-Simpson’s stunning book:… Finally, thank you so much, for what you can do to support me and more importantly – the mission to share good science! My Patreon Link here: For monthly donation to support me directly, or give a one-off payment – simply use the following link:

PCR test is… NOT even close to ‘accurate’ and has much leeway for abuse 

Fight for our lives… The biggest issue is complacency! 

Sex disallowed, note that the microchip in the vaccine will make this detectable and enforceable

END the Shutdown: 

The whole shutdown was based on the need to ‘flatten the curve’ to NOT over-whelm the ventilators.  There is now COPIOUS evidence that not only are ventilators NOT needed to successfully treat the COVID-19 but that ventilators actually do more HARM than good.  There is no longer the need for any shutdown. 

Make America Great (FREE) again.

From inside a hospital, no shortage of ventilators.  

Corruption Behind the COVID-19 shutdown 

There is a big deal being made of recent ‘excess deaths’ (from any cause)… Presented as if to prove that the ‘excess deaths’ are unreported COVID-19 deaths. NOTE that in virtually EVERY CASE the ‘excess deaths’ started rising AFTER the lockdowns.

Personally I see this data as proof that the lockdowns were/are ineffective because:

1. A significant portion of the population was ALREADY infected because the virus was already being spread worldwide in JANUARY and there were no (or minimal) ‘excess deaths’ reported for the months BEFORE the LockDowns.

You are only ‘seeing’ some COVID-19 deaths after the lockdowns because of the long incubation period of the virus and thus any deaths from the COVID-19 would have happened anyway.
The lockdowns wouldn’t prevent sickness in people already infected at the time of the lockdown.
It could be said that the lockdowns prevented an ongoing and continuing rise in COVID-19 deaths…
If that is the case, we should see the ‘excess deaths’ DROP DRAMATICALLY within 1 week after the lockdowns, because the disease runs it’s course (on average) in about 2 weeks… Anyone infected at the instant the lockdown happened would have been cleared after the 2 weeks. By now there should virtually NO sickness let alone deaths.

2. My early evaluation shows me a different picture… The deaths were STILL high after the 2 weeks… Which tells me that many (maybe even most) of the ‘excess deaths’ may be due to the ‘side effects’ of the shutdown, rather than to the COVID-19.
For examples:
1. people not getting the care they need to stay alive,
2. people giving up hope and going home to their maker,
3. FEAR shutting off people’s immune systems so they get sick from ANY disease easier,
4. people committing suicide from loss of job, savings, home (or just from being forced to stay home),
5. etc.

When you say ‘all causes’ you shouldn’t be lumping the ‘excess deaths’ into COVID-19 as the only possible cause.

To me… It looks like the side effects of the lockdowns are causing MORE DEATHS than the COVID-19; because the COVID-19 was well established in the populations before the lockdowns and there were no ‘excess deaths’ until AFTER the lockdowns and then… the excess deaths have continued even though the lockdowns should have stopped them…
Something else is causing the ‘excess deaths’… maybe side effects of the 5G rollout?

What will YOU DO if they decide to extend the lockdown (again and again)?  

The below is plagerized from Pete Hendrickson, frankly because I couldn’t say it better:

COVID-19 FIRST APPEARED as an already broken-out (spreading) disease in China in December of 2019. Source.

The incubation period for Covid-19 (time between infection and appearance of symptoms) is around 14 days.Source.

The world had experienced roughly 90 days of mostly unhampered transmission: the first quarantine outside of China didn’t begin until early February and was just of one cruise-ship; all the while until well into March potential carriers arrived in airports throughout the world by the millions (2017 total air travel exceeded 4 billion passengers). After all that, as of March 16 there have been only 167,515 known infections with the disease, and 6,606 deaths (a 3.9% fatality rate)– worldwide. Source.

Note this is ONLY the ones who went into the hospital, NOT the actual number of people infected. When the people who DIDN’T got to the hospital are counted, the ‘death rate’ is about equal to the common flu.

In the USA, there have been a total of 3,487 symptomatic cases in the USA, with 68 resulting in death (a 1.95% fatality rate). Source.

Many infected people never feel or display symptoms, and even among symptomatic cases, 80% recover without requiring any special treatment. Source. This means the known infection number is anywhere from somewhat to very much higher than the 167,515 figure above, while the number of deaths remains the same.

In turn, this means the death rate is a somewhat to very much smaller percentage of persons infected than it appears without taking asymptomatic cases into account.

TO PUT COVID-19 in perspective, then, in light of the facts above, in 2017 (last year for which stats are available), 8,561 people died in traffic accidents in the USA on average during each 3-month period. Source.

Comparing the 68 USA deaths from Covid-19 to another current pandemic, this season there have been 36 to 51 million symptomatic cases of flu, with 22,000 to 55,000 deaths in the USA alone, so far. Source.

Worldwide, annual deaths from flu average between 300,000 in a mild year to 650,000 in a more severe one.Source.

ALL TOLD, COVID-19 appears to be only mildly virulent (millions of exposures, yielding only a handful of symptomatic cases) and mildly dangerous (1 in 51 symptomatic cases leading to death, almost exclusively– perhaps actually exclusively– within high-risk groups– i.e., the elderly or those already compromised with other serious illnesses.)

It is technically a “pandemic”, but only because “pandemic” means nothing more than “appearing over a large area“. Pandemic does NOT mean “dangerous” or “panic-worthy”. (EVERY flu season for the last 300 years has been a ‘pandemic’ since people were traveling the globe)

The fact that there is no cure for Covid-19 is no excuse for hysterical response to the disease. There is no cure for the flu, either, and the flu is deadlier than Covid-19, even despite the existence and widespread deployment of vaccines against the flu. But there are no panics being prompted by the flu.

It is time for America, to take a deep breath and STOP BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS!

WASHING HANDS and staying home when feeling ill are good practices, and frankly, should be done just to keep the common cold in check. Seeing a doctor if experiencing severe symptoms of Covid-19 is a good idea, just as is doing the same if experiencing severe symptoms of the flu (or tonsillitis, or the clap, or whatever).

But shutting down your business (or tolerating government pretenses of authority to shut down private businesses by decree), or panic-tanking the stock-market, are NOT good practices or good ideas. Instead, they are irrational and self-destructive panic reactions more suited to whiny children.
End quote from Pete

Get some Perspective People!

I’m not saying the virus isn’t real or that it isn’t 20x more infectious than the flu… But it kills only a FRACTION of many other (mostly avoidable) causes… 

Note that MOST of the leading causes of death are FOOD related (like Diabetes and most heart disease), people are eating themselves into early graves.  
And many millions of others use tobacco and/or alcohol to kill themselves.

Even suicide kills 10+ times more than the COVID-19 and doncha think that locking people in their homes (taking away their jobs, savings; making them lonely and destitute)  just might increase the suicide rate MORE than decrease of viral deaths? 

Early predictions indicate the lockdown in the USA will shave near 30% off the entire economy.
Here is an assessment on April 9, 2020 
This type of economic disaster is UNPRECEDENTED and is AVOIDABLE.  Some countries like Sweden and Singapore are examples or ‘other’ options that could be applied.

The Tale of Two Cities: 
CITY A:  Mega-City:  8+ million people.Covid Response: “Lockdown” entire population; enforce social distancing; mass closing of social spaces
RESULTS: Total # cases: 42,000New cases (today): 1,200+Total deaths: 1,000+ Deaths (today) 105 

CITY B:  Mega-City:  6+ million people.Covid Response: Find and isolate every person with the virus. (NO “lockdown”; no mass closings.)
RESULTS: Total # cases: 926New cases (today): 47 Total deaths: 3 Deaths (today): NONE 

Do You Shut Down the Country? Or the VIRUS? The Coronavirus is not a disaster… but the way we are handling it IS. Three Questions:Which city would you want to be living in right now? What is City B doing that City A is not? (And vice versa).Where are these cities?Click here for the answers

Hospitals have HUGE incentive to miss-report COVID-19…

My (Jon Rappoport) conversation with State Senator and doctor who exposes Medicare payouts for COVID-19 patients
As you’ll see by end of this article, the specific decisions about money mentioned here affect life and death outcomes for patients.
(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)
A state senator has suddenly come out of nowhere and made big news.

My conversation with Minnesota State Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen, took place after I read the explosive statement he made to FOX News, on April 9th.  So let’s start with his earlier FOX statement:

“Right now Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much. Nobody can tell me, after 35 years in the world of medicine, that sometimes those kinds of things [don’t] [have] impact on what we do…”

I reached out to Senator Jensen, and obtained clarification.  Jensen told me his remark pertained to patients with Medicare coverage.  And the 2 payouts he mentioned are standard insurance payments from Medicare which would go to the hospital.

Of course, he explained, some hospitals have a pay-share plan with their staff doctors.  Therefore, a windfall for the hospital is passed along to those doctors.

Jensen told me: Take a Medicare patient who is diagnosed with simple non-COVID pneumonia.  The hospital would receive a one-time Medicare lump-sum payout of $4600.

However, if that Medicare patient is diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, the Medicare coverage is a one-time $13,000 payment.  And if the hospital puts that COVID-19 pneumonia patient on a ventilator, the one-time payment is $39,000.  NOTE: It doesn’t matter how long these patients stay in hospital—there is only going to be one lump-sum insurance payment.

So, I infer, there are several types of financial incentives for hospitals—

ONE: Diagnose as many people as possible with COVID-19.

TWO: Diagnose as many people as possible with COVID-19 who have light symptoms—making it easy to move them out of the hospital quickly.

THREE: Put as many COVID patients as possible on ventilators for as short a time as possible.

Under the heading of “diagnose as many patients as possible with COVID-19,” there is also the key question of what constitutes “a COVID-19 patient”—and how the use of that label can be multiplied and manipulated.   Senator Jensen made a few choice comments to FOX on this subject as well.

From FOX News: “Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota family physician who is also a Republican state senator, told ‘The Ingraham Angle’ Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for doctors to certify whether a patient has died of coronavirus are ‘ridiculous’ and could be misleading the public.”

“Host Laura Ingraham read Jensen the [CDC] guidelines, which say: ‘In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID cannot be made but is suspected or likely (e.g. the circumstances are compelling with a reasonable degree of certainty) it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed.'”

“In response, Jensen told Ingraham the CDC’s death certificate manual tells physicians to focus on ‘precision and specificity,’ but the coronavirus death certification guidance runs completely counter to that axiom.”

“‘The idea that we are going to allow people to massage and sort of game the numbers is a real issue because we are going to undermine the [public] trust,’ he said. ‘And right now as we see politicians doing things that aren’t necessarily motivated on fact and science, their trust in politicians is already wearing thin’.”

“…Jensen then told Ingraham that under the CDC guidelines, a patient who died after being hit by a bus and tested positive for coronavirus would be listed as having presumed to have died from the virus regardless of whatever damage was caused by the bus.”

“…Jensen also reacted to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s response to a question about the potential for the number of coronavirus deaths being ‘padded,’ in which the NIAID director described the prevalence of ‘conspiracy theories’ during ‘challenging’ times in public health.”

“‘I would remind him that anytime health care intersects with dollars it gets awkward,’ Jensen said.”

Here is where everything Scott Jensen is saying can turn very grim—

As I’ve reported, New York ER doctor, Cameron Kyle-Sidell, has made public statements about the misuse of ventilators with supposed COVID-19 patients.  He’s stated that some of these patients actually have functioning lungs.  Their immediate and dire life-threatening situation is straight oxygen deficit, as if they have high-altitude sickness.  But pressure on the lungs, applied by the use of ventilators via standard rigid protocols, he says, can cause damage, and even death.

Imagine what would happen if another way—NOT ventilators—was found to usefully and safely deliver oxygen to these patients.

The hospitals wouldn’t get their huge $39,000 payout for each Medicare patient put on a ventilator.

What do you think a hospital would say…what decision would the hospital make…would the hospital allow a better and safer and necessary delivery system for oxygen?  For every labeled “COVID-19 patient” whose desperate emergency is a straight deficit of oxygen?

Would the hospital forego all those huge Medicare coverage payouts?

For links to references, see this article on Jon’s blog: click here.
Let’d DO SOMETHING to end this lockdown

 The Vested Interest owned Media narrative truly shapes the opinions for MOST people.  
Movie: Out of the Shadows…

We are ‘fed’ lies:
Another perspective

We are being Scammed

2015 connections…
It is interesting that the Bill Gates did a TED Talk in 2015 that had a Corona Virus as the backdrop and he talked about how we weren’t ready to protect ourselves…
And he funded UK research organization that started a patent application of ‘a coronavirus strain’ in 2015, received the patent in 2018.

This line up with Test Kits for COVID-19 were being bought by ALL UN governments as early as 2017, three YEARS BEFORE the lockdowns… BEFORE it was even officially ‘discovered’.
Note that this video contains Fauci stating ‘asymptomatic’ people do NOT ‘drive’ and epidemic; asymptomatic transmission is RARE.

It is interesting because:

1. That lines up with the original 2015 ‘prison’ document that specifically names  SARS CoV-2 > COVID-19 as a disease to pay attention to in UK prison populations.

Note that the document that NOW shows up at the 2015 link, is the ‘updated in March of 2020’ version. 

Here is the ORIGINAL dated 2015 (I downloaded it when I first saw it online) and clearly NOT saying ‘updated 2020’. 

2. Further the ‘name’ SARS CoV-2 causing COVID-19 symptoms supposedly didn’t exist until January of 2019 

How did the original 2015 prison document ‘know’ the name (and symptoms) that supposedly didn’t exist until January of 2020?

How did Bill Gates ‘know’ (for his Ted Talk in 2015) what the next pandemic virus would look like (see the big corona virus on the screen behind him)…

This reminds me of the BBC broadcast, supposedly reporting live, that shows building 7 still standing behind her while the ticker tape says it had collapsed.  The ticker tape reported the collapse 20 minutes BEFORE the building 7 actually ‘collapsed’. 
with a controlled demolition  

3. Further yet…  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a “high-level pandemic” exercise back in October of 2019.

This reminds me of virtually every False Flag that has happened in the last 20 years, has had an ‘exercise’.  Like the ‘airplanes hitting the world trade center’ exercise was planned for the WTC towers. 

4. Note that this exact coronavirus research was denied in the USA in 2015 

5. The CV research was DENIED in the USA…
and CONTINUED in China, specifically in the Wuhan Laboritory, with a $3.7 million dollars ‘grant’ transfered to the Wuhan Laboritory by the USA National Institute of health in 2015…
Under the Obama Administration, specifically under our ‘friend’ Dr. Fauci. 
Here is Bat Woman’s warning (note in 2015)

Looks to me like this ‘pandemic’ might truely be a ‘plandemic’ or a ‘scamdemic’.

NOT to say that the virus doesn’t exist; it does (but not like ‘they’ tell you)
or that people are not dying; they are! (but not like ‘they’ tell you)

But to say, it seems that the whole world has been manipulated AGAIN into doing what the uber-rich and powerful want… Which is universal control of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

In my opinion, the biggest problem is the FEAR the media is gleefully fanning… Forcing the politicians to ‘take action’ when no action would have been the most appropriate non-response.

If they ARE going to ‘take action’ then they should take an APPROPRIATE action, which starts by understanding that the ‘germ theory’ may be ‘misleading’.  

OK, OK, Before you crucify me in internet flames fueled by propaganda and fear… PLEASE try to look at the situation from another, perhaps more appropriate, perspective… A perspective that may help you be HEALTHIER in the long term.  
At the very least understand that there IS another perspective

First, understand:
a. I’m NOT saying germs don’t exist, they certainly do!
b. I’m NOT saying that hygine isn’t important, it certainly IS! 

Some links to start to understand the difference between ‘germ theory’ and ‘terrain theory’.
World’s Greatest Hoax
Pasteur vs Bechamp
Here’s a bunch more:

Here’s a couple of things I experienced as a Cattle Rancher’s son that are appropriate for perspective… Stories that demonstrate that ‘pathogens’ are a symptom, not a cause, of disease. 

 First: I learned that flies like poop.  When a cow makes a ‘cow patti’ the flies in the environment will swarm to it, lay their eggs and maggots will form, that eventually become more flies.  The poop is the TERRAIN that feeds the flies.  More poop, more flies.  

This is one of nature’s way to get rid of waste, a step in turning the poop back into plant food.Did the flies make the poop?  
No, the flies were ‘in the environment’, found the poop and multiplied when given an appropriate ‘terrain’.  The flys are a symptom, not a cause.

Second:  I once came across a cow on the range that had been let out onto the range as a calf, with a chain around her neck.  As she grew bigger, the chain grew into her neck, creating a wound completely around her neck.  The wound was full of maggots.  Yes it was gross but the maggots SAVED HER LIFE.  

The maggots were eating the dead flesh and prevented gangrene from setting in. They did not ’cause the wound’, they appeared as a result of the trauma.

I pulled the chain out of the wound, the wound healed, the maggots disappeared and she was fine. I fixed the ‘problem’ and the pathogens disappeared.

 Yes I know flies are not micro-pathogens (like bacteria and virus) but the micro-pathogens work in exactly the same way.  They don’t ’cause’ disease, they multiply when the ‘terrain’ or ‘food supply’ is available.  So fix the terrain and you’ll become resistant to the ‘bug’. 
Note that it ‘seems to be’ true that if you ‘kill the bug’ with antiseptics or ‘avoid the bug’ with social separation you won’t get that particular disease… But there are billions of other bugs to take it’s place, and at least one of THEM will multiply in acceptable ‘terrain’…

And there’s some evidence to suggest that many pathogens are ‘mutable’, they ‘change to need’ because the body KNOWS that it must clean itself.   If you don’t take care of your body, it WILL ‘clean itself’ and the ‘symptoms’ of being sick will appear.  

The ‘sick’ symptoms can get really bad, depending on the ‘toxic load’. I once had a 100 head herd of goats.  Long story short, I went on a trip and left them in the care of my father-in-law, whom I knew to be very responsible.  
But he didn’t understand goat physiology and gut health.  Goats have evolved to eat things like tree bark.  He thought he’d give my goats a treat and fed them high protien alfalfa hay.  
The goat gut bacteria went wild, multiplying like crazy… And the goats started DYING.

My father-in-law did not understand that the ‘poop’ from the goat’s specialized gut bacteria is a nero-toxin.  So too many normally BENIFICIAL (and needed to survive and be healthy) bacteria put a ‘toxic load’ of nero-toxin into the goat’s bloodstream and they died of something called ‘over-eating disease’. 

The point is that when ANY bug gets ‘out of control’ or ‘out of balance’ (usually from terrain) then you are going to feel sick for one reason or another as your body tries to ‘detox’.  And you may even die… Usually from some ‘side effect’, dying WITH the bug, not OF (or from) the bug.   

With the COVID-19, the side effect that kills is the extreme pnumonia that is caused by the pathogen specifically ‘attacking’ the cilia cells, so mucus and the fluid the body uses to try to ‘cool’ the inflamation caused by the cytokine storm… cannot leave the lungs.  
You literally ‘suffocate’ as your lungs fill with fluid and you cannot get oxygen. 

As for avoiding all pathogens… when going to agriculture college I saw a study where they decided to try an experiment grow a herd of pigs in a completely sterile environment.  The pigs grew up ‘healthy’ and all seemed good… But then they put a ‘normal’ HEALTHY pig into the herd of ‘healthy’ sterile pigs… And ALL the sterile pigs got sick with many illnesses and most died. 

The point is that the normal pig had been associated with various pathogens from birth, so it’s immune system naturally developed immunity from ‘normal’ pathogens that exist everywhere in our ‘normal’ environment.  And even though those pathogens still existed in the pig, they no longer could cause it to ‘be sick’… But the pathogens could be transmitted to the ‘sterile’ pigs…

It’s NOT a good idea to ‘prevent’ infection. Your immune system NEEDS to be exercised to be STRONG.

ALL of us carry a load of pathogens ALL THE TIME and they are ready to multiply as soon as there’s an ‘environment’ (terrain) that supports their needs. 
Frankly (and most people don’t know this) most people carry samples of virtually every pathogen and they don’t get sick because their immune systems and general good health keep the pathogens in check.  

In my opinion, you WANT to be exposed to natural pathogens because that’s how your body learns to defend itself. THAT is how TRUE ‘herd immunity’ is formed.  Our body’s immune systems are AMAZING and well able to handle this ‘new’ pathogen, if your immune system is functioning correctly…

Here’s a study showing why COVID-19 ‘pandemic figures’ are definately inaccurate.  

YES, hygiene is vital for health.  In theory, you don’t come in contact with the pathogen it won’t make you sick…
Some clarificatioins: 
1. Virus antigen is a toxin or other substance given off by a virus which causes an immune response in its host.  The antigen is NOT the virus, and it does NOT confirm that you are sick.  The antigen just indicates that you have had contact with the virus and your immune system responded.  
2. A corrona virus antigen does NOT confirm that you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, just that it was some variety of Corrona virus.  The antigen found might have been left over from Corrona virus like MERS or SARS, etc.
3. I disagree with his theory that vaccine is mandatory… Bad idea for too many reasons to mention here.  I have a document (practically a book) that outlines the anti-vaccination reasoning and research, that I’m willing to send to anyone who requests it.
a. One detail is that many vaccines actually spread the disease, instead of eradicating it.
b. Most vaccines have side effects as bad or worse than the disease (which is why Big Pharma won’t make them unless they are ‘immune’ from being sued).
c. Herd immunity is a true biological fact, but creating immunity using vaccines is an unproven theory, that the physical facts prove wrong.  
There have frequently been ‘outbreaks’ in groups of people with near 100% vaccine immunization.
If vaccines were actually effective people who were vaccinated wouldn’t get sick.

Most people will be exposed to virtually every pathogen sooner or later (including the COVID-19).  Each ‘new’ pathogen will naturally and eventually find everyone, as they have since the beginning of time.  

This is natural and until the news media caused this ‘War of the Worlds’ type hysteria, no one thought twice about getting a cold or flu…  
And (the truth is already coming out) the COVID-19 is nowhere near as bad as the normal flu, EXCEPT for certain ‘at risk’ individuals because in them it can cause a cytokine storm (which can be mitigated with Brown’s Gas and inexpensive medicines). 

The REAL answer to health is to increase the efficiency of your own God Given immune systems.  There is NO antibiotic or vaccine that can equal the efficacy of your own immune system, IF you give it what it needs to be strong.

Anyone who steps back, takes a breath and examines the actual facts will see that there is No Reason for the current hysterical response (literally shutting down the entire world).  It’s like everyone is trying to outdo the Chinese… Lordy, I think too many people watched ‘Walking Dead’…
Really, I started thinking I’d be shot in the head if I snezzed in the grocery store (if looks could kill…)

Reported by people like Jon Rappoport
and Doctors such as Dr. Ron Paul
sees that there have been LOTS of flus (and other disease) worse than this particular strain of CV and no one felt the need to shut down the world. 
Dr. Ron Paul is qualified to speak on this “crisis” as an MD and also a long-term US congressman known as Dr. NO because he voted consistently against ALL legislation not specified in the Constitution as the purview of the Federal Government, which means he voted NO most of the time.  He is also a well known Austrian economist affiliated with the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.   
This video apparently got him blocked on Facebook.  He and his co-host review how the numbers are being cooked to make this CV hoax look massively larger than it really is. 
They show the CDC’s normal methodology for calculating a death rate for a flu virus vs how the WHO has done it.  They discuss this at about the 1/2 way point or 10 minute mark.  Note that the CDC is going along with the WHO on this one.   
This should alleviate some fears that are out there so please pass it along.  
Ron Paul Liberty Report:
On You Tube: 
Ron Paul: Crazy, Brilliant or Misunderstood

The Media has, over the last few years, realized that they could turn the ordinary flu season into a frenzy (Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, SARS, etc.) and they are competing for viewers eyes. 
So no one (in the main media) is reporting that the sky is NOT falling because they know people would rather hear of a few (already sick) people dying than pay attention to the millions of people who are just fine (normal flu season).  After all… Why take the ‘risk’? I KNOW this situation is FEAR driven, because (just in the USA) almost 3 million people die every year, from things like traffic accidents (1.5 million), Doctor’s errors (250,000), etc. 

The Media is quoting Dr. Fauci saying there could be 100,000 or more deaths due to COVID-19
The Media is ignoring Dr. Fauci’s own peer reviewed statement in the New England Journal of Medicine that “this will be no worse than a severe flu season”.
I think we should be listening to ‘other’ Doctors who say that the TRUE deaths, attributable ONLY to the COVID-19 would seem to be only a fraction of that amount.
I’m sad that anyone dies… but people… No one of us is getting out of this life alive.  We all have a death sentence the instant we draw first breath… And when you look at the ACTUAL FACTS, even from China, there are LESS people dying from the COVID-19 than die in a ‘normal’ flu season.  
In fact, the vast majority that do die, have underlying health conditions that even the normal flu would likely exacerbate to their death.

The Media has used biased and incomplete data to start a vicious upward cycle of self-promotion, money grabs (experts get paid millions) and power grabs (polititions become more powerful) leading to loss of freedoms as the ‘public’ cries for the government to ‘do something’ and when the government does ‘do something’ they say:
“See, it IS a true pandemic emergency because the government has ‘sanctioned it’ and is spending our tax dollars to protect us by telling us to stop working and self-isolate.”  

The sad thing is that next year, after this kerfuffle has ended and been forgotten due to increasing sunlight giving us the vitamin D we need to fight the flu… 

The next flu season will begin (example mortality monitor) and the media will have sharpened their skills to promote the fear all over again… And they are getting better at it each year.  

Tyrants, Despots and Vested Interest LOVE to use FEAR to control the ‘herd’

Resulting in huge profits for the Pharmaceutical industry you see in their commercials… 

Really people??? 
I’m NOT saying COVID-19 doesn’t exist or that people haven’t died from it (or with it)… I’m just saying to get some PERSPECTIVE.  
Nothing I’ve seen (when looking at real facts) has convinced ME that it’s worth shutting down the world for, this is not like Ebola.  
The SHUTDOWN  is causing far more deaths than the virus.

Here is an interview with David Icke:
First 45 minutes
Full video for free
“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them, and these will continue till they have been resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.”
~ Frederick Douglass

If you are thinking David Icke is a “Don Quixote”, then perhaps remember Winston Churchill 
If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Clay County Sheriff “Enough is Enough”

You have been Served (no authority commits treason)

Halt decent into Tyranny

COVID drones

Robert Kiyosaki: I Was Told NOT to Talk About This

Are you willing to put your life on the line for your country? Resist the Coup!
JFK said “Moral courage is the rarest species of bravery … rarer than the physical courage of soldiers in battle or great intelligence.”

 Just because you cannot SEE these enemies does not mean they are not there… You cannot see gravity either, but it draws you to earth just as surely whether you believe in it or not. The progress (gravity) of this situation is easily seen by any who care to look.

Are we going to eventually get to a state where we shut down the world each winter?  Because there is no way to predict which (of trillions of varieties) of pathogen will evolve each year.

Or even worse… Are we being conditioned to give up our constitutional rights whenever the government can ‘demand’ it?

Why else would the USA make a CARES ACT, specifically naming COVID-19…
OVER A YEAR AGO? Introduced Jan. 24, 2019… Long before anyone supposedly ‘knew’ about SARS-CoV-2? Yes they ‘updated it’ with the COVID-19 information, but the point is that they already had it ‘ready’.

Think that DNA tyranny can’t happen here? We are already following everything China is doing, and China is now gathering DNA from every citizen.

They are working on ‘health passports’ and digital IDs. They want to invade your body with bio-metrics that give a constant feedback to everything (for your safety) so they can even tell when you are having sex. (Do you honestly think THEY will allow that sort of invasion of THEIR privacy? And then hook up the bio-metric chip with your bank, insurance, etc. so that if you do not comply with their ‘mandates’ you will be penalized and/or cut off from being able to travel, purchase anything, etc… This sounds like fantasy but the technology to do it EXISTS NOW and THEY are well on the way to implementing it with YOUR HELP, because you are too scared to say NO!
The World’s Deadliest Virus is…

And ‘they’ use YOUR FEAR to further delete YOUR freedoms, like the ability to get the TRUTH on the internet (bypassing Vested Interest controlled Media):

So ‘alternative views’ like this one would immediately be deleted…

How did we get here?

Our freedoms are being taken away with LIES 

Warnings from Celeste Solum (FEMA whistleblower)

Join a rally

Warning from Dr. Buttar: May 4, 2020 (this needs fixed NOW)

Divide to conquer… Make the people fight themselves

Impending Martial Law 

Canada has already started removing MORE guns from the patriotic, peace loving and law abiding citizens… So they can no longer protect themselves from criminals, deranged citizens or their own government…  

Getting rid of ‘legacy’ systems to compete in the ‘new world’

New Way Forward Act 

How YOU can track people’s movements using their cell phone data…, so imagine what the government can do… 

This will not end well 

A lengthy article, but important.
Lays out the propaganda framework we will be increasingly bathed in. What I found most intriguing was the suggestion that fear of more infections lurks in our futures. Reminds me of when the USSR fell, and we started seeing reports that terrorism was going to be the new enemy.
Seemed like a strange prediction at the time, as terrorism hadn’t been an issue at all. But they knew what they were planning. So it seems from this article pandemics will be the ‘new enemy’, and we are entering a ‘War on Disease’.
Just as the war on drugs was followed by increased drug problems, and the war on terrorism has been followed by increased terrorism, my guess is that this new war is going to bring us significant increases in pandemics. As usual, they know what they’ve got planned for us.

People are losing HOPE 

Contact Tracing and it’s Ramifications

Frankly… I’m asking myself WHY almost all the governments in the world are willing to shut down their economies, causing FAR MORE health issues (like suicide) than the virus possibly could????? 

My mind comes up with senarios like… Maybe they know an asteroid is about to strike the earth and keeping people in their homes will cause less mortality or maybe just help to control the panic.   I look at terminology, like “Shelter in Place” which is much closer to “Brace for Impact” than “self-isolate”… 
 This extreme example makes more sense to me than locking down the whole world for a virus that has LESS mortality than the common flu…
Particularly when United States Agencies are moving underground
and there are recently a steady reports of large asteroids ‘skimming’ the earth… 

Headline : NASA Warns 3 Asteroids Currently Headed For Earth. Do you think that covid-19 wasn’t enough as concern?

Correction: 3 asteroids are currently headed past Earth, not for Earth. And 9 passed close to Earth in January 2020 alone. For updates on the many asteroids that are now being tracked, please see:
ESA – Upcoming asteroid passages
NEO Earth Close Approaches
List of asteroid close approaches to Earth in 2020 – Wikipedia

I also note that several governments didn’t put ‘agriculture’ on the ‘essential business’ lists (until there was public objection).
Are they EXPECTING that crops will not be of value because too much dust in atmosphere blocking sunshine?

And I’ve noticed that they have STOPPED all the chemtrails (at least in my area). 
Nothing but contrails behind airplanes now.

And for those people who think chemtrails are ‘persistant condensation’ I have two things to say…

1. I’m 60+ years old and I grew up on a Ranch half a days drive from town.  There was no pollution and I KNOW what a clear blue sky looks like.  Jets would fly over everyday and there were CONtrails no matter the weather.  
Yes some would persist for awhile but none that you couldn’t cover by holding your hand up.  We had no radio, no TV, no electricity, no running water (unless you ran to go get it).  
We were literally DEPENDENT on the weather for our lives so we got really really good at predicting it due to atmospheric conditions in all seasons.  And there was NEVER a time when a CONtrail stretched from horizon to horizon.

2. I have a picture of two airplanes in the same air, one with a CONtrail and one with a CHEMtrail.

No one is EVER going to be able to convince me that there is no significant difference between a CONtrail and a CHEMtrail.  
I do not know exactly what they are spraying, but it is NOT water moisture from fuel exhaust.  

What I THINK they are doing is an advanced form of ‘Cloud Seeding’ or at least it has that effect.  Because the tiny particles cause nucleation, which WOULD cause water droplets to form (in moisture saturated air) and then those droplets would persist.

I do not know WHY they are spraying what they are spraying, but I notice it tends to be sprayed mostly over areas of high population… So… Maybe not weather control?

I mention it here and now because I note that, after decades of spraying, they’ve temporarily stopped (during this COVID-19 crazyness) and THAT concerns me.  
Why would they stop something that was clearly a global agenda (right down to the ‘Blue Book’ type of denial) unless something MORE IMPORTANT got their attention…

Another ‘theory’
There is a BIG PUSH to implement AI into the world… Supposedly to stay ahead of China…

What we CAN DO
1.  Don’t Panic.  
2.  When possible, help others NOT Panic.
3.  Be prepared
4.  Pay attention to what is going on around you WAKE UP
5.  Prevention is worth much more than ‘cure’.

I’ve done everything I can to increase my personal immune system functionality and haven’t been sick since 2005 (except 2 times of 1 day of sniffles).  BOTH times were after I hadn’t had my BG sessions for a few days AND had traveled in an airplane for a several hours.
Here is me, literally the next day after one of those two sniffle sessions:

The previous sniffle session was in February of 2017 when I was in vacation in Mexico and being around tourists from every continent, many of them sick with whatever they brought with them.  

Frankly I’m now more concerned about protecting myself from what governments will do from FEAR than any particular virus.  
The viruses my body can handle… Scared people on the other hand…

Here is something YOU CAN DO… Help fund this ‘search for the truth’ video.

CV followup  The Cure is worse than the disease.

No one is controlling the ‘Fear Virus’.

Are you one of the 1%?  
Shane uses language that is offensive to some, but he’s also the most credible medicinal chemist on the planet!
If you are looking for the BEST supplements in the world; he makes them.  (and no, as far as I know, he doesn’t know I exist :)) I get NO kickback from recommending him.  

Watch the HighWire to see facts on CV and to support the REAL vaccine fight. 

Even if the CV is a ‘real thing’ (still debatable because it’s never passed Koch’s Postulates
and they really don’t see an actual virus, just antibodies and exosomes)
and even if it is ‘spreading’; it is definitely being miss-reported…

(Not Politically Correct) It’s the Money Honey

A series of Blogs that looks behind the curtain of fear, to find the truth. 

Here’s a MUST SEE video if you are concerned about viruses in general.  This video was produced by German virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka. The video 1.5 hours long and is in German with English subtitles.
Within the video (@27.5 minute mark) Dr Lanka points out that the concept of pandemics has been used many times to suppress upheavals and to control starvation situations.

Here is a really GOOD overview presentation of what the COVID-19 is:

I do have several comments on the above video:
A. I think he is using data (about 15 minutes into the presentation) supplied by the CDC and WHO, which is skewed because:
1. they are not reporting the 80+% of people who had/have the virus but are not symptomatic.  
2. they are reporting ONLY the ‘suspected cases’ which may or may not (usually not) be COVID-19
3. they are reporting ALL Corona virus (including benign ones), NOT just COVID-19
4. So the mortality rate graph is ‘statistically’ much higher than the flu because the COVID-19 numbers are inaccurate (that’s good news BTW).
B. the spikes attachments (about 17 minutes) attach to the same receptors as Vitamin D.  So lack of vitamin D makes people more susceptible to the pathogen.
C. see (starting at 21 minutes) a really good comparison of symptoms.
D. for supplements, I’d add vitamin D 
E. about 39 minutes, talking about mitigation… He kinda glosses over an important point.  Sooner or later almost EVERYONE WILL GET THE VIRUS!  
Self-quarantine , social distancing and good hygiene only delay the inevitable (flatten the curve but the area of the curve remains the SAME).  
The key reason for the mitigation techniques is to make sure our health system can handle the load and save lives because there are a limited number of ventilators.  
I believe this is one of the reasons that the statistics are being miss reported… So that people will be scared enough to actually DO the mitigation measures…

But now it has been proven (many times) there is NO NEED for ventilators, so there is NO NEED to ‘flatten the curve’; so there is NO NEED for the lockdown.

Note that Brown’s Gas has been making the NEED for ventilation (intubation) unnecessary:
Hydrogen reduces inflammation.
Hydrogen helps with COPD.
Hydrogen reduces damage from Ischemia-Reperfusion.
Hydrogen reduces damage from Sepsis.
Hydrogen has Neuro-protective properties.
Hydrogen reduces the Damage from ventilators.
All these are COVID-19 symptoms!

Further COVID-19 Symptoms 

Friday, March 20, 2020: A FRENCH CLINICAL TRIAL APPEARS TO HAVE IDENTIFIED A CURE for Covid-19 this past Monday, using a combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. See the trial results here, and share this post widely. 
Is the COVID-19 really an exosome and not a virus?  What are exosomes?  
The point is not that the virus doesn’t exist, but that false positives or identification can happen because the exosomes are so similar to corona virus.

The second point being that we ONLY have a little knowledge at this time and need to learn more.

Further, we need to pay attention, because what we are dealing with may not be exactly what we currently think it is… 

Is the hypoxia caused by lung damage or by RBC damage (hemolytic anemia) or both?

And we need to be ready to change to more efficacious treatments as we LEARN. I’m gradually putting together a ‘recommendation list’ of things people can DO.    

After getting heathy, the next step is to survive the Corona Virus Recession
Robert Kiyosaki