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How does the HyCO 2DT save fuel?

A. The HyCO 2DT atomizes (using turbo air pressure) a portion of the fuel (diesel or gasoline) that is returning to the fuel tanks and then feeds the atomized fuel into the turbocharger intake (to be homogenized with air).
The net result is adding fuel vapor into the cylinder before the injector squirts.
The fuel vapors promote faster, smoother and more complete combustion.
Fuel can burn only when it is in a vapor state and mixed with oxygen. It takes time for the injected fuel to vaporize, mix with air and combust.  So pre-vaporizing a portion of the fuel and homoginizing it with air decreases the time needed for complete combustion.  More of the fuel combusts AT THE OPTIMUM TIME to convert heat to mechanical power. 
The pre-vaporized diesel fuel (now coming in with thae air charge) is too lean to initiate combustion as the piston compresses the mixture, so it will not pre-ignite too soon.  
When the liquid fuel is sprayed into the cylinder, via the injectors, the mixture becomes rich enough to combust and the whole mixture combusts quicker and more completely at the right time.  
The rapid pressure buildup in the cylinder (during combustion) helps ‘hold back’ some fuel from being injected, which is why dyno operators consistently note that even while the throttle is held at ‘full fuel rail’ the fuel consumption DROPS even as power increases.
Increased combustion efficiency achieves greater power, fuel economy and lower pollution.  Independent tests show 10-15% fuel economy gains in large truck engines (12 to 16 liter), with a 10-15% increase in power at the same time.  Pollution levels drop dramatically.
The HyCO 2DT can also be used (as a separate unit, not integrated into the vehicle fuel system) to add gasoline, alcohol and/or water injection.
Here is a calculator to find out how much money you’ll save.Adjust the percentage to fit whatever technology you are using. 

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