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Can I buy a HyCO 2DT unit?

A. Yes, here’s the story
In 1993 I had a friend who challenged me to create a practical fuel saver for trucks.  The deal was that he would sell them and give me a royalty.  I revived a line of experimenting I had started in 1990 and met the challenge. We (together) proved it out on several test trucks.  He then decided not to proceed with marketing (for reasons that had nothing to do with the technology); and the HyCO 2DT technology has sat ‘on my shelf’ until NOW!
During the couple of decades since we proved the HyCO 2DT technology effective and practical but, if anyone wanted one on their turbocharged engine they had to build it themselves from my HyCO 2DT Manual.  Lots of truckers have, around the world.
Over the years several people have approached me asking if they could manufacture, I’ve always said yes and they’ve always NOT followed through; until NOW.  In 2012 two people consulted with me and over the next couple of years (as we’ve had time) we’ve developed TWO manufacturers of the HyCO 2DT canisters.  They incorporate all the technology upgrades we’ve learned over the last couple of decades,  They are ready to sell as of February, 2014 (subject to inventory).
American version 
Columbian version 
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