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Dyno test of HyCO 2DT in Boise Idaho (click

USA government study of Class 8 truck efficiencies (click)

One of the advantages of the HyCO 2DT is that it increases horsepower; not enough to void engine warranties but enough to gain a gear or two, saving hours of travel time.  This has become even MORE of an advantage in light of new laws restricting driver hours

New Diesel fuel efficiency standards (click) (click)

Haven’t seen the guy since November, he’s mostly on  the road. From what I know he got the work done out of state. Most of his cost was the removal of the Emissions, and because when he did it, not many people where doing this. Typically costs $1500 – $5000 depending on how radical you want to get. But these shops are popping up all over the place and I’d like to tune my own ECM, like people with cars are doing. Here are some Diesel Performance webesites for you to look at of people doing it already:

I would like to be able to reprogram my own stuff, because I don’t like anyone touching my equipment but me. The draw back i hear is that this isn’t as main stream information to do it yourself as cars yet and mistakes are 10X’s more costly if you screw up. If you figure anything out just keep me in the loop.

New Diesel ‘Super Truck’ doubles fuel mileage… Without using a HyCO 2DT but with very costly modifications. 

When the trucks stop, it’s OVER!  

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